Why doesn't Sup Forums like Fairy Tail?

Why doesn't Sup Forums like Fairy Tail?

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Why do you like it? Why do you make template threads? Why are you begging the question?

Because it's not even ironically bad just bad and normie tier

you're doing something wrong when black clover of all things is better than you

Because it's so empty than not even anime fans can stomach it.

awesome waifus desu

It's almost as bland and generic as One Piece.

Because it's literal nakama power. If you're in Fairy Tail, you win. If you're not in Fairy Tail, you lose. Simple as that. It's pathetic.

Only good part about it was the fanservice.

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Name 1 battle shonen worse than Faory Tail.

> you're doing something wrong when BNHA of all things is better than you

Code: Breaker, Area D, Demons Plan. You asked for 1 but i give you 3.

Couldn't even hold my interest past the first chapter.
I think it's the artstyle. I cannot enjoy things whose artstyle rub me the wrong way, regardless of any other factor.

i dropped it because of the excessive fanservice.

if it was hentai i would have love it, but they focused too much on tits that they have no plot anymore and the characters became boring overtime, plus that retarded fire animation.

It has many artistic elements shared with OP that don't please my tastes, and in a visual medium that's a deal breaker. I'd rather read a book

someone post THAT webm

It shit that why but i fucking love the opening and some of the ost

Because I can’t look at it as anything but discount One Piece.

How? I won't deny that One Piece is better in every way except perhaps the fanservice, but the only thing they have in common is their target demographic.

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>Story is fanfiction tier
>Author is a cuck (natsu and lucy aren't together in the end aka no romance end)
>Need fanservice (which is really pathetic)
>Villain is badly written
>Writing for natsu is beyond horrible

>>(natsu and lucy aren't together in the end aka no romance end)
The author has drawn pictures of their kid though.

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No one really /likes/ FT, in the sense that they think it's even one of the better battle shounen. There's a decent amount of anons that stuck through to the end for the girls. Mashima's art is actually pretty great, he just can't write a compelling story because he's far too sentimental.
I enjoyed FT and I would defend viewing it if you just want something fun with cool characters and lots of waifu material.


Make it a hentai

Why would you make a design for a character that doesn't exist?

>disgusting cowtits

>having taste this shit

As some who watch this and hunter x hunter a year go i found that hunter x hunter was trying to hard to be deep and fell on it face as you dont care about the charcters.

Fairy Tail is an ok show for power lvl fights and above basic humor your not watching for the plot.

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One Piece