Moments that made you cry

“I want to see him...”

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First time a manga made me cry in 10 years. I had the Bonfire of Dreams playing in the background too, fuck me. It took a while, but we're finally here. This is probably one of my favorite chapters just from the emotional weight alone, never mind the awesome panels.

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She means Griffith

Why did Guts do this?

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100% and its somehow griffiths fault

is this naruto for tryhards?

No, this is naruto for men of culture.

When’s the next chapter come out? I’m going to rewatch the 97 Berserk show this weekend.

There’s a decent edit of the series on jewtube, worth checking out. I believe it’s editted to match the movies.

>mfw Farnese asked if she remembered Guts and Caska made that face

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That's probably how Farnese felt too, but not for the same reasons.

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I don’t like the movies. The cgi isn’t my taste. I have a box set of the original show that I watch every now and then. Love the music and gritty visuals. The eclipse in the 97 show looks so much better. The movie just looks too bright and Guts’ face looks way too Asian compared to 97.

That's fair. Everyone can have different opinions and this is fine. Both have pros and cons,and which you prefer is subjectivepls I dont want another movies vs 97 thread anything but that I beg youLets shit on the 2017 anime instead

I do admit that by the third movie they got really good at mixing cgi with the anime. The new show is really shit. I’d much rather them continue releasing the movies then the garbage we have now.

Yeah, most of the awkward CGI moments were in the first movie as I recall. And that soundtrack! I'm a sucker for Shiro Sagisu. He was allegedly on the roll for 2017, but I feel like that's just because most of the tracks are subpar remixes of tracks from the movie and they needed the rights.

I personally like the 97 version, and the edits are made from the 97 version, not sure if I was unclear in the first reply. Honestly I’ll consume just about anything berserk. Although the newer series is a one time watch, only. Hate what they’ve done and I’m upset with idol master for allowing it. Seriously was there ever an explanation from Miura about this shit?

Learn how to read nigga.

Why is guts so much of an edgelord that he goes to greet casca wearing his complete battle loadout.

The "Till' next time!" at the end of the same chapter.

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he probably doesn't even know she's back, the elf kind just told her where she would run into him