Japanese Family Guy

I guess it's play when Japan does it.

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Ending out yet?

you mean the final episode?
yes, it's out.

You already made this thread on Sup Forums

go back there

Fuck off, phoneposter.

I wondered how I changed "okay" to "play" but then I looked at the keyboard.
I didn't, I stole it.

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where's franxx?

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I've never agreed more before. Though I found OPM enjoyable.

This scene and one's like it aren't just references for reference sake, it's a joke about how hard it is to start a series like this because it has no real plot. That's why they had segments built around the toast-in-mouth cliche, and the Guadians of the Galaxy opening credits, and all that. The quick scenes like this and the pokemon beginning that are just there to push the theme of the episode. The joke isn't "remember this?" it's "wouldn't it be weird if the show started like this?"

Nothing wrong with enjoying anything listed in that picture. Letting that stuff define how you act is the problem.

No the joke is the reference.

It's a mix of okay and plain bad that shouldn't be anything more than a guilty pleasure. The general theme is that normalfags and failed normalfags obsess over them because they haven't experienced the truckloads of better anime, etc out there.

no don't act superior for being a weeb who's consumed 500 anime, there's plenty of 500 anime weebs out there who are generic waifufaggots and it makes sense too, if you're willing to watch 500 shows of which 450 are total shit, you're bound to be a bit fucked in the mind


It's ok if they do it only one episode.

yeah, by the way lol, it's the gay robot from undertale!!

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I'm even more elitist than that. I read manga.

Neptunia is healing

But the joke has a purpose beyond just referencing a popular game. It starts out with one famous model for a video game that everybody can recognize but ends up turning into a completely different game which is about as far away from what you'd expect as you can get.
The joke is as simple as setting up your expectations for one thing, giving you something out of left field, and acting like that's how it's supposed to be.
You might not find it funny but there is a joke. It's not complicated

Yeah the joke is that it's the gay robot from undertale.

>rip off one of the umptillion time loop VNs that exist because it's the easiest plot device that can tie one route per girl together
>but be a pretentious prick about it and act like you're doing something new and bold

>normalfags with absolutely no standards think this is a new and cool thing
>epic xd low quality watermarked memes ensue

References by themselves aren't jokes.The absurd number of references, that's the joke.
Ironically the only way to learn this is by getting a few references and understanding that you weren't missing anything.

OST when?

>Japanese Family Guy
Not even Family Guy deserves that comparision.

yeah it's family guy

why did mods delete this though?