Darling in the FranXX is just a mediocre show. How does it get so many threads on Sup Forums?

Darling in the FranXX is just a mediocre show. How does it get so many threads on Sup Forums?

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because of (you)

it's the waifu shonen anime mecha flavor of the month

Because Sup Forums has become a mediocre board.

actually it's just pure waifufaggotry

Easy. It has a ton of romantic polygon drama to shitpost about. How new are you?

It's crossboarders, making another thread isn't helping

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Anime original 2 cour. Even if it's bad, it's fun to discuss. Adaptions are just meh whatever in terms of generating discussion, regardless of quality. Only secondaries or plebs haven't already checked out the source material.

Dragon ball is pure trash and look at how many threads that gets. Something can be shit and people can still gobble it up

yeah or naruto/boruto

Lots of shows are pure waifufaggotry. But they're all forgettable.

you mean a thread like this?

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>Darling in the FranXX is just a mediocre show. How does it get so many threads on Sup Forums?

It gets lots of threads precisely because it is not a mediocre show. Contrary to Evergardenshit. Now that is what is called a mediocre show at its best and a total shitfest at its worst.

It has Trigger's name on it and people want to fuck 02.

FranXX is a trainwreck dumpster fire sure, but it's so much fun to watch

And one piece

>all these retards talking about Charlemagne in the Franxx when they can't see the real similarities

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It's Evangelion light with a focus on the teen drama and it has Hiroyuki Imaishi involved on yet another mecha anime. It's gonna be a hit no matter what.

>..t-this is...
>Futoshi's shirt
>He must worn it running his daily 5 miles today
>he really has become almost a new person
>But he should know better than to just throw it on the floor
>[picks up the shirt]
>It's still wet
>[the musky scent wafts to her nose]
>so gross!
>[she takes another sniff of it]
>UGH is this?...[sniff]
>how all men smell? [deeper sniff]
>it smells so bad but
>I kind of like how it stinks...
What are you doing?
>[throws the shirt immediately and it wraps around Futoshis face]

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>You want me to what?
>I helped you lose all that weight and you still need me to hold your hand?
Please Ikuno-chan, just for a bit.
>I suppose, just for a little while...
>but don't blame me if me pretending to be your girlfriend blows up in your face, Futoshi
R-REALLY? Thanks Ikuno! You really do have a big heart you, know?
>nan demonai ...baka...
>[goes back to reading]

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Not even close

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>It's Evangelion

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its a massive government social engineering Op that is designed to attract retards

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>trainwreck dumpster fire
Not even a little. Nothing bad enough or crazy enough or out there enough happens to be considered any kind of trainwreck. At most it's just a bad show. Trainwreck means more than "bad show that draws a lot of shitposts." The most "exciting" thing to happen in FranXX recently is the partner switching, and it's not even that much of a shake up in the show. There's no twists, no turns, no going off the rails. No horror that forces you to watch just to see what's going to happen next. It's boring, from that perspective. Trainwrecks have to be exciting, one way or another.

FranXX is weird to see discussed on because it's not a complicated show at all yet somehow Sup Forums is completely baffled by it. In retrospect, it has always been what it is from week to week. A sedate progression of relationships and world building with some mecha fights. Yet somehow there's this weird air of Sup Forums simply not being able to get it. There's shitposts about how it's aping Evangelion, about how it's some terrible trainwreck, about how all this shit is going on that if you just watched a single episode you'd see is completely wrong. It's a straight forward show about teen relationships and growing up with a bunch of sex metaphors, fanservice, and robots laden over it. There's nothing terribly deep about it. "People are imperfect and need to lean on each other, sometimes literally, to survive" is the most the show has to say and it's not at all subtle about it.

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it's a teamwork between Stamen and piltil.

Not a Futoshi-fag as much as I am someone who really likes the idea of characters getting development

A stuck up lesbo dyke helping a blubbery blubbering manbaby lose weight and get fit to have a redemption arc and in the process she loosens up and gets her gay cured, then she gets hurt because she helps him try to make kokoro jealous and she doesn't even know why she is upset and is disgusted at herself for liking him but very very turned on since he got fit so she but also in helping him lose weight they bonded and she learned about him and actually likes who he is as a person. And Futoshi talking to Kokoro and realize that he doesn't feel the same way about her at all before and what he feels for Ikuno is far deeper that it makes what he felt for Kokoro before seem completely insignificant.

is just really good writing potential to make these characters go from "literally who?"s to "best couple of the show".

Literal Trigger employees have been confirmed posting on Sup Forums since LWA if not earlier. What do you think?

Because NTR always upsets people.

Bait threads, shitposting, and crossboarders/plebbiters.

It attracts all the underages and crossborders.

Been awhile since I've seen such a hypocrite post.

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It's a shitposting thread.

Their favorite celeb tweeted about it.

Name a good show that had/has a lot of threads on Sup Forums.

Code Geass

Kill la Kill

>last year in April we found out that Sup Forums is mostly underage spics
>ntr underage show is popular

Color me suprised.

This is hot and I need more.

>a lot watched for action, stayed for the waifus
>cuck infestation on all boards
>not many shows this season besides moe stuff and that's a board minority


1. Crossboarders seeing a shitposting opportunity
2. Fatasses butthurt that real life still and always will find them replusive

Because it’s babies first FLCL, people are only now realizing what a metaphor is or what non archetype characters are thanks to this show. They still idolize waifus and pretend the left over archetype characters are good when the young just suck, but give them credit, they’re learning.

You clearly don't know what pure waifu faggotry is.

And Sup Forumsnons complained about those just the same way they do now about Franxx.
So now it's either newfags or faggots who cry about the same shit every time.

People expected it to be good cause trigger made it.

Because the "janitors" are actually trash depositories and not janitors, so they delete the "general" thread instead of the 6 garbage threads just because it has "previous thread" link in it.

Because that's how logic works. Obviously.

Retards spamming the same threads trying to imply that FranXX is worthy of multiple thread status when its all just "buhh mugi character sucks waah why did she ditch the burger"

>Crossboarders seeing a shitposting opportunity
With VEG and DBS ending, this will only get worse. Aren't there any show in spring that can soak up the shitposting a little bit?

Plenty. New SAO anime, LoGH remake, new BNHA season, S;G0, Tokyo Ghoul, FLCL 2, Shokugeki no Souma.

I honesty think I may be too old for this show.
If I am 10 years younger I can probably appreciate all the cliches in this show that has been done to death.

Mods are fags. Who knew?

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Cause it’s actually one of the greatest anime of all time.

Lwa is exactly as you described but it was a pure trigger work, didn’t pop off like franxx has.

SnK was an anime adaptation and it rules the board when it was coming out.

Dragon ball is a 30 year old cult classic and mainstream hit. Franxx is just another seasonal

The same reason every single one of these stupid teenage hormones shows gets countless threads full of people 'debating' absolutely inane developments. Because Sup Forums wishes it was still in highschool.

>How does it get so many threads on Sup Forums?
Way too many violations of GR2, that's how.

Chilches have been done to death period, that’s a redundant non critism, you just said a whole lot of nothing.

Especially since this show puts a twist on all of these things

doggy style sex, ntr, pregnancy, bullying, fatties, thots

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Cause it's actually unironcally the best anime released in years.

(You)'re part of the problem

What shows? You can't even name them because none of those shows ever actually pop off on Sup Forums, they aren't remotely interesting enough.

It's a well written and constructed show which leaves you with something to question while feeding hints. It gets talked about because it gives you something to talk about.

> It's almost as though his homosexuality rejected your body

Vocal NTRfags feeling the need to shit up Sup Forums on every opportunity

And then Futoshi sends a card to Kokoro telling her about his new baby with Ikuno.

Because even mediocre shows can be a lot of fun.

SnK's peak is nothing compared to a trainwreck anime like guilty crown or vulvarape.

I never said it was, I was just implying that there is no real consistency or formula for a hit show on Sup Forums

LWA didn't have sex analogies and NTR everywhere

the threads themselves are fun, I made a few bait threads and posted pacific rim/nge but stayed for the shitposting
also this is my wife, say hello

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Because this is a underage spic board.

>there is no real consistency or formula for a hit show on Sup Forums
LWA lacked a lot of the elements needed to become Sup ForumsOTS, one of them being the lack of a male MC

>makes another thread

Same reason why Guilty Crown, Aldnoah Zero and Valvrave got a lot of threads back when they were airing.

It pulled in a lot of people right off the bat by being mecha and trigger, and having good character design. A lot of those people have been watching for long enough to not want to drop it whether it's mediocre at this point or not. Personally I'm still withholding judgement, as I though the first 6 episodes were pretty good. If it regains it's footing soon it could be an alright complete package.