Maids in Abyss

Was this anime just Tsukushi trying to point out to the society the flaws and rampant maid abuse in Japan in his own subtle ways?

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A delver's job is never finished.

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post cute Rikos

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As the last thread said: this is the lewd moff thread
Post moff, cute moff, lewd moff

Fuck what do I do

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All the above.

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White Whistles dont obey to the rules.

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This is Ozen, the insatiable, she's pretty sexually frustrated.

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You are allowed one 1:1 plushie recreation of a character from the series. Who do you pick?

Hard Mode: No Reg, Riko, Nanachi, Mitty, or Faputa

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The chef

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Meinya. not even a contest

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Easy, Meinya

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Not even a question. Always Fluffzen.

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Just finished season 1.

Holy fuck this show was not what I expected but it was great regardless.


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leave now to go read the manga, its a wild ride.

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Back off, buddy. Those roasted balls are mine.

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Meinya or Hermit-rat

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They haven't animated arguably the best parts yet, user. Go read the manga right now

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CP is banned on Sup Forums

What's she going to do with that hand?

I wonder if narehate form families or things like that.

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Use as back scratcher.

Would a Nanachi plush come with realistic scent?

Maybe if certain values compliment eachother.
>Nare A values stepping on things.
>Nare B values being stepped on.
There can be no truer love.

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With realistic hobo scent, sure.

No, you need to buy some Febreze fabric softener for that.

So I can savagely beat the stuffing out of him.

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>Smell of a wild animal eating shit food for years

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Every time someone on Sup Forums asks for a new chapter, they delay it by one day.

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It's been 39 days since chapter 45.

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I hope the next chapter never comes out.

Yes! So we’re getting a new chapter “soon”*™, right?

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>delicious brown
>slit pupils
>soft and smooth skin
>never grows old
Why is Reg the best shota?

Maa-kun, nothing like grabbing that nice butt.

Does the Maa-kun plushie comes with a coin filled Maa-kun's plushie for you to rip apart?

Well that would certainly be fun, could also function like a sort of a piggybank if you so wished of course you insert money via the ass
Regarding Maa-kun I'm starting to get nervous about his well being, I feel Maa will just sacrifice or stay behind holding back something while the Village goes to shit in an attempt to save Riko and co.

Maa will sacrifice himself to save Meinya

Ozen is the ideal woman in so many standards...

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Watching Nanachi enjoy good food is my fetish.

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So how the fuck do you copy a Mitty?

>Next chapter
>Riko prepares to answer Belafu only to be interrupted by a crackle of static as a familiar voice begins to speak out from a hidden transmitter inside of Meinya
>"My my my my my my my."

how many years we need to wait for season 2? i just want to see more animated bonedad ;_;

a little bit more than one. Probably around next summer.

he's dead user, let it go

They won't take longer than spring 2019 or the hype will die out. The first episodes should start airing within a couple months after the recap movies.

She's out of the party, right?

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Step aside, stink rat. The better party member is here.

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I want 1:1 bondrewd in my room.
I would attach raspberrypi to it and make him shout tsubarashi every now and then. That would be wonderful.

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Srajo... soon.

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Riko's basically a pokemon trainer at this point.

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1 down 1 to go and mof will have regu

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Just as it should be.

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I hope that sketchy smoke anesthetic caused irreversible brain damage to Nanachi and now on she will only be able to say Naaaa

He/she/it will become more cute that way. Nnaa?

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I need a new house for my Belafu bed

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>literal pussy slayer

Easy choice.

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Less than 36 hours to the next chapter.

You know that word "srają" mean "they are shitting" in polish?

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>Adult-looking Rico with red whistle

Some artists will literally never ever not draw an adult character.

Fuck you then.


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Would you a moth?

The image you're talking about doesn't even look like an adult. She doesn't have breasts or hips, she's got big eyes and a large cranium. She looks like a lanky twelve-year-old. Tsukushi's art-style is excessively cutesy and young (even for adult characters) but that doesn't make this an adult Riko.

Depends on the moth

12y olds are practically adults
None of the tsukushis characters look the age they claim to be.


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After returning to the surface without Reg, it turned out she was actually a shit delver and her white whistle was confiscated. Rumors say it was returned to the abyss to be used in scientific research.

I would a granny,

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I want to cuddle and spoil Nanachi!