Darling in the Franxx

Alright fags, get in here.
Episode 12 PV in 2 hours.

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>It's a surprise recap episode.

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Oh god no.

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Kokoro a best. A BEST.

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within where I want


Please no more NTR shit

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Let's forget the slut and start off with Strawberry, otherwise known as Best Girl.

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Ur mom

I mean you guys are competing for second best.

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>It's a wholesome Futoshi-Ikuno bonding episode

Stay fat.

Please no. I even like Ikuno but it's the fucking last episode of the cour don't let it end like that.

so do you fags think that this is a great show are you just in it for the waifushit?

every episode so far is more disappointing than the previous

They can move the cour end to ep 13 so that everyone than have their episodes down before the mid-climax

Lol that's funny. Second to worst at best.

Stop. That's embarrassing. You're making the kokorofags look good in comparison.

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I only want to know if Gobro has a happy ending

we need a edit of this

During breakfast Aftermath from the previous episode partner switch up:
>Fatoshi stil miserable, but finds recluse in gorging on food
>Ichigo being a bitch and shaming Kokoro for spoiling the teram spirit
>Miku stating that she is the one to talk, considering how she treats Goro and her obsession with Hiro
>Ikuno backs Miku up, which surprises Ichigo
>Ichigo appeals to her authority as a leader to end these nonsensical exchange
>Kokoro calls shenanigans and calls her a shit leader
Hiro and 02 still having issues:
>02 calling herself a monster and accusing Hiro of still not accepting it and trying to help her like with the hug in ep 6
>they cannot start up the mecha
>02 calls it quits and wants to go back
>APE doesn't approve, wants her at the Grand Crevasse
>02 escapes P13 and goes there alone

so far they're setting up this show to be one of those without a conclusion

I'm only watching it for shipping.

02 backstory ep, calling it

Y*nko "spoiled" some of the ep in Sakuga Discord. He said it's "wild", twisty and action-packed.

>he thinks they will give a fuck about the swap.

Futoshi 100% confirmed

So i havnt seen much of this show, any reason Kokoro didn't want to be with Fatoshi or was it just for drama sake?

>imblying we won't get the FANTA ending

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No one on their right mind would want to be with Futoshi.

More like she cared more about the other guy and he was in danger of being "pruned". Though Fatty leered on her near naked body without her knowing in one ep and complimented her body in front of everyone in an embarrassing way.

She just fell for Mitsuru.
Nishigori just likes NTR it seems, episode 3 and this one were deliberately made to look like a cheap NTR manga plot.
>muh passion project

I believe Futoshi will, for at least an episode or as long as someone won't confront him about it and won't order him to shut the fuck up, but for that to happen he needs to by annoying and disturbing others.

Are we just here to suffer?

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>hiro-naomi failed in ep 1
>fuck them, no shuffle
>gay-lesbo failed
>wew kids we need to try shuffle
What do you think?

We don't know her reason

Is this going to be a straight up 2-cour show or is it having a break?

of their own volition. They'll probably want to be with him only to not to get send to the glue factory.

Leave Episode 12 to me.

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I think whatever the algorithm is that chooses the pairs (or if they are breed into the pairs in the first place) it's faulty and the overall message will be that you cannot create an ideal society using raw numbers.

Hiro could stay, they only send off Naomi.

Dude was completely supportive of Ikuno during their first deployment apart.
What are you on?

So if he is able to guide the chick he is piloting a robot with, that means he is totally over the other chick? So why did he collapsed in tears after after Mitsuru agreed to protect Kokoro's smile and said she loved her?
You give him to much credit, and expect him to change his ways on a moment's notice.

ikuno matata

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I'm saying he isn't going to argue to pilot with Kokoro if that's not what she wants.

I didn't said he will. I only said he will be miserable and probably loud about it.

It's pretty obvious its going to be a Futoshi episode

I hope it's an 02 episode.

what a wonderful phrase

>only thing it recaps is last week's clusterfuck

I think you killed me.

man i feel the same
i was really excited at the start, very interested in zero two and what was going to happen and its just devolved into garbage for me, worse and worse each episode

I hope it's an 02 episode but the PV makes it look like a Futoshi episode

>..t-this is...
>Futoshi's shirt
>He must have worn it today while running his daily 5 miles
>he really has become almost a new person
>But he should know better than to just throw it on the floor!
>[picks up the shirt]
>It's still wet with sweat
>[the musky scent wafts to her nose]
>so gross!
>[she takes another sniff of it]
>UGH! is this?...[sniff]
>h-how all men smell? [deeper sniff]
>it smells so bad but...
>I kind of... [sniff] like how it stinks...
What are you doing?
>[throws the shirt immediately and it wraps around Futoshis face]

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>You want me to what?
>I helped you lose all that weight and you still need me to hold your hand?
Please Ikuno-chan, just for a bit.
>I suppose, just for a little while...
>but don't blame me if me pretending to be your girlfriend blows up in your face, Futoshi
R-REALLY? Thanks Ikuno! You really do have a big heart you, know?
>nan demonai ...baka...
>[goes back to reading]

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1 hour lads

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Yeah, Strawberry is not at that stage yet (or ever really).

What the fuck are you talking about? The PV clearly implies that this is going to be a Hachi episode.

yeah the girl with who is talked about almost as much as 02 and has the second most fanart and merch is competing for second best, lmao, fucking blow your brains out dumbshit onifag

>Ep 12 is a Futoshi/Ikuno focus.
>They go on hiatus.
how much would Sup Forums rage?

I expect that, although a one week hiatus.

02's horns in this key visual are way longer than they are right now. When is she going full oni?

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Could just be the distance or an art mistake. We'll see.

If that's true then why are strawberryfags the most angry and bitter of everyone?

Only the unripe ones

>character designer doesn't know what his character is supposed to look like

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youre thinking of Futoshifags

No one is unironically a Futoshifag. They might get triggered by NTR, but nobody gives a fuck about him as an individual.

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What did Futoshi do wrong besides be overbearing?
I don't know about how other anons reacted, but Futoshi himself was sensible in the show.

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I really think this isn't going by cours and it just being treated as one long story. There are still 3 of the main kids, Futoshi, Ikuno and Kokoro who haven't gotten their episodes. I fully expect these to go on until 14. Oh, and I don't think the OP is changing ever.


Does anyone have the "Oni lemmie ride" pic?

Not a Futoshi-fag as much as I am someone who really likes the idea of characters getting development

A stuck up lesbo dyke helping a blubbery blubbering manbaby lose weight and get fit to have a redemption arc and in the process she loosens up and gets her gay cured, then she gets hurt because she helps him try to make kokoro jealous and she doesn't even know why she is upset and is disgusted at herself for liking him but very very turned on since he got fit so she but also in helping him lose weight they bonded and she learned about him and actually likes who he is as a person. And Futoshi talking to Kokoro and realize that he doesn't feel the same way about her at all before and what he feels for Ikuno is far deeper that it makes what he felt for kokoro before seem completely insignificant.

is just really good writing potential to make these characters go from "literally who?"s to "best couple of the show"

I'm watching it for the cute girls and art style

>What did Futoshi do wrong besides be overbearing?

-Be a fat fuck
-Eats all the time
-Sleeps and eats with bread
-Crybaby bitch
-Cant land a punch
-Cant protect his waifu

What show are you watching?

nothing really. he never got a chance to fix his flaws because no one (but Zorome who talks shit about everyone) pointed them out.
people just love shitting on him because they hope to trigger some actual fatfag via proxy with that

I'd be okay with that desu, fat fuck needs somr development after how pathetic he was last episode

Where is the Pv lying slut?

Wow so superficial.
Also incorrect.
That's Mitsuru.
>Can't land a punch.
So we aren't even watching the same show.

Also do you know what the word besides means? Honestly, if you kokorofags only have this for ammo it's no wonder you're getting jobbed in every argument.

>So we aren't even watching the same show.
He only landed a punch when Mitsuru went out of his way to let Mitsuru punch him, doesn't count

Glad you outed yourself as a speedwatcher

Where the pw?

I want to ride Ikuno!

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40 minutes.

Not for another 40 minutes

the fact that he labeled him useless should have already told you it's nothing but bait. fatty is one of their best pilots.

I want to ride Ichigo!

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that's actually pretty cute.

>He only landed a punch when Mitsuru went out of his way to let Mitsuru punch him, doesn't count

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Trigger here.

Next episode is a flashback episode with loli Zero Two and shota Hiro


why did he cuck himself?

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do the other girls have one of these?

I don't believe you tattun.

>fatty is one of their best pilots.
Look at that last battle
Fatty doing acrobatics, wushu guns a blazing, spinning junk kicks

meanwhile team sleazeball could barely keep their mech from going berserk. And when they did finally pull it together there "action scene" was
>Thrusters forward
>pull trigger

Only best girls get them

Nishigori here.

That guy right there is clearly lying, don't trust him.

Abe here

The next episode Ikuno and Futoshi will commit suicide together to rid the gene pool of fatties and gays

Please enjoy

>90% of Futoshi posts refer to his weight as it eas the reason he got ntr'd
Really makes you think about the state of Sup Forums, huh?

30 fucking minutes milkbros

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