Legend of the Galactic Heroes 2018 - new PV

Die Neue These - PV 2 is out

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The older character's designs look alright but they kinda look out of place alongside the basugay ones.

Was the basketball there originally?

Ok, I chanded my mind. It looks ok.

The CG battleships look good so far.

No, I just don't have this poster saved without the ball.

Looks fine to me.

Looks worse than Berserk 2016 but at least Yang sounds okay.


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>side characters look normal
>MCs look fucking retarded except Yang

>Yang sounds too young
>Reinhard sounds too old

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Fahrenheit. Surprisingly, unlike others, they made him look too old (he is supposed to be slightly older than 30)

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Lao. He is ok.

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I'm guessing Wahlen?


No, he is one of unimportant admirals from earlier episodes. Stagen probasbly

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>Looks worse than Berserk 2016
You can't be serious

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looks younger

I think the problem is most of the characters look too young. Farenheit is looking closer to correct than a character like Yang.

What the fuck have they done to Paeta.
Shinn sounds all right as Yang, though.

Who is Fahrenheit's VA? It's gonna be strange not hearing Sho Hayami.

Ryouta Takeuchi

So, we went from Charles Bronson to Gary Oldman?

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Are you not entertained ?

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I don't like this shit at all but this is no where near as bad as Berserk 2k 16/17

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What's wrong with Paeta? He looks like he is supposed to - a boring middle-aged man

Why did they have to ruin Kircheis so badly. Of all characters, he suffered the most.

fuck, i actually like it.

Fahrenheit looks like the original Schenkopp, even more so than the new Schenkopp

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Lapp is so far the most handsome character introduced. He probably wasn't designed by Kikuchi

Did they not recast him? That hurts.

Kircheis isn't anywhere near as bad as Cazzelnu.

>Looks worse than Berserk 2016

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Was Reinhard always so much smaller than Kircheis? I thought they were about the same size.

It's too boring. Beyond mob character levels of forgettable, but "erodoujin faceless oyaji" generic. OVA Paeta at least had a reasonably memorable face.

After the new PV, I think characters look better when animated than in concept art. There is a chance he is going to be allright

That tends to be the case

Yes, in the books. Reinhard liked to joke about it

I'm worried. What if they make Oberstein do something wrong?

The supporting characters look much better than the mains.

Eh, maybe just a bit more memorable

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Oberstein's biggest crime will be not changing his hairstyle.

At what point in the series are the translated novels up too so far?

Every time I see more it looks worse. What did we do to deserve this?

Kircheis is fucking huge dude

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Yeah, maybe I was exaggerating it a bit. Old Paeta could at least be picked out from a lineup, probably. New Paeta looks like they just dressed an old guy from an A-1 anime in an FPA uniform.

「銀河英雄伝説 Die Neue These」の、打ち入りがありました!
Was the preparatory meeting for “The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis”!
It was a place full of respect for the “Galactic Heroes”.
It’s a really…really…amazing work.
To enchant people, this much…
To love people, this much…
The cast, the staff, combining our emotions,
In order to make the best work,
Is what we pledged that night.

Please trust Mamo-chan.

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The weird thing is that besides the designs for the important characters everything else seems fine. The minor characters no one gives a shit about seem fine, some of the effects are cool, the ships look a bit too CGI-ish but are otherwise fine. It's really just the atrocious character designs that are dragging this thing down so badly.

Are you ready for Lao to reclaim his rightful place in the canon?

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Reinhard's invasion on FPA territory

After he lands on Phezzan or was that earlier? I'm thinking around episode 40-50 I could be wrong though.

which one?

He'll get a few lines and will be forgotten till he'll reemerge as, guess what, a Dusty's assistant

But muh foppery and whim...

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>tfw you're going to watch anyway regardless of how good it may be

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delet this

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After he "annexes" Phezzan and Yang starts a partisan war against him. I don't remember which episodes are these.

Also, the book 6 will be released in April. Buy it, plebs, to support Tanaka.

I think this happened towards the end of season 2
I imagine Vermillion is close

So who here is ready for the Funimation simuldub?


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Fuckers better go all out on the FPA Anthem.

Reinhard really looks out of place in his own show

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Are they going to say Kaiser or Emperor?
>LoGH is going to be dubbed

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Book 5 ends with Vermillion and Balaat treaty

So it's season 3 stuff?

There's too many other shows I'm looking forward to this season to torture myself with this. I'll pick it up later if it turns out not to be flaming garbage.

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>all the imperial characters speak with German accents
I would forgive many things if this came to pass.
>all the imperial characters speak only in German
I would forgive everything.

That would be a great shitpost but not gonna happen.

I imagine they'll use a few common german terms tho.

Maybe. 10 books can't be equally divided on 4 parts.

Any predictions for VAs?

How do I go back to 1993?

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Yang's semi-circles

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Bittenfeld, what the hell?

Despite the character design. This looks a lot better than something like Kino (2017).
It looks like someone actually put effort into it. Especially the space battle. Though it could still be complete shit.

You hunt down the cels and mount them on your wall.

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Start spinning the Earth backwards

>caring about the dub

They should get the guy who designed the older character to redesign the mains.

At least he didn't give his plan to Paeta on paper, like it was in original. Sometimes modern changes are for better.

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He is gonna change at least once.

desu the new designs are better at conveying what the book wanted. The old OVA didn't really make me think "space france vs space prussia"


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Were they describe in the book as looking like twinks from a certain basketball anime?

>desu the new designs are better at conveying what the book wanted
I agree with this
>space france vs space prussia
You lost me here.Galactic Empire and FPA seems to have much more inspirations.

Angry delinquent with a giant white pompadour

>If you only knew how bad things really were

It's not the first time.

>the CG looks good
How do you type despite being blind?

They say this kind of garbage shit every fucking show. It won't change the fact that they raped the series as hard as they could. What they did is the furthest thing from respect possible.



Honestly the only complaint I have so far are the character designs. Everything else looks okay I guess. Voice acting sounds decent enough. I fear that they are going to fuck up the pacing though with what amounts to basically 24 episodes over 2 seasons.


>I fear that they are going to fuck up the pacing though with what amounts to basically 24 episodes over 2 seasons.
What's wrong with that? Season #1 of the old series had only 26 episodes, and 2 of them were Gaiden filler.

Yang is ok

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