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***,**2位/***,**2位 (**5,492 pt) Antarctica
***,*14位/***,*14位 ◎ (**9,572 pt) Yurucamp
***,*41位/***,*36位 (**1,824 pt) Takagi-san
***,*49位/***,*47位 (**1,999 pt) Takagi-san
***,*74位/***,*81位 (***,*88 pt) Persona 5
***,*78位/***,*78位 (**2,960 pt) Violet Evergarden
***,*86位/***,*83位 (**2,031 pt) Loli Shogi
***,127位/***,121位 ○ (***,981 pt) Takagi-san
***,131位/***,129位 (**2,210 pt) Violet Evergarden
***,144位/***,151位 (***,921 pt) Slow Start
***,156位/***,145位 ◎ (**1,680 pt) Overlord II
***,178位/***,169位 ○ (***,734 pt) Antarctica DVD
***,240位/***,230位 (**1,323 pt) Antarctica BD
***,260位/***,275位 ◎ (**1,269 pt) Hakumei no Mikochi
***,262位/***,280位 (***,579 pt) Mitsuboshi Colors
***,392位/***,371位 ◎ (**1,508 pt) Overlord II
***,432位/***,402位 (**1,577 pt) Darling in the Franxx
***,443位/***,419位 (**2,643 pt) Cooking with Emiya
***,455位/***,437位 ◎ (***,377 pt) Yurucamp DVD
***,558位/***,518位 (***,268 pt) Gay Assassin Ramens
***,608位/***,564位 (**1,696 pt) Card Captor Sakura
***,629位/***,601位 ◎ (***,483 pt) Koizumi Ramen Daisuki
***,670位/***,630位 (***,632 pt) Death March
***,707位/***,663位 (***,466 pt) Houshin Engi
***,720位/***,680位 ○ (***,172 pt) Gay Assassin Ramens
***,730位/***,687位 (***,499 pt) Loli Shogi
***,828位/***,778位 ◎ (***,169 pt) Steins:Gate Zero
***,883位/***,819位 ◎ (**1,422 pt) Devilman Crybaby Box
**1,069位/**1,004位 (***,389 pt) Gakuen Babysitters

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***,*78位 (**2,960pt) VEG 1 (a)
***,131位 (**2,210pt) VEG 1
***,219位 (**2,141pt) VEG 2 (a)
***,234位 (**1,998pt) VEG 4 (a)
***,249位 (**2,085pt) VEG 3 (a)
***,277位 (**1,445pt) VEG 2
***,278位 (**1,345pt) VEG 3
***,308位 (**1,338pt) VEG 4
***,432位 (**1,577pt) Franxx 1 (a)
***,663位 (**1,084pt) Franxx 2 (a)
***,800位 (**1,021pt) Franxx 3 (a)
***,942位 (***,983pt) Franxx 4 (a)
**1,051位 (***,738pt) Fate Extra 2 (a)
**1,499位 (***,699pt) Fate Extra 1
**1,733位 (***,406pt) Fate Extra 2
**1,994位 (**1,240pt) Fate Extra 1 (a)
**2,200位 (***,997pt) Franxx 1
**3,730位 (***,561pt) Franxx 4
**4,226位 (***,617pt) Franxx 3
**5,688位 (***,687pt) Franxx 2

based Kokoro is saving darling

001位 Love Live Sunshine!
002位 Antarctica BD2
003位 Violet Evergarden BD1
004位 Antarctica BD1
005位 IDOLiSH7 BD2
006位 Dispicable Me 2
007位 Heavens Feel
008位 Osomatsu-san 2nd season BD4
009位 Kiki's Delivery Service
010位 Darling in the Franxx BD 5

Animate (excluding releases not from this season and movies):
012位 【Blu-ray】Violet Evergarden 1
020位 【DVD】Idolish7
021位 【Blu-ray】Idolish7
022位 【Blu-ray】Violet Evergarden 2
023位 【Blu-ray】Antarctica 1
026位 【Blu-ray】Violet Evergarden 3
027位 【Blu-ray】Violet Evergarden 4
029位 【Blu-ray】Yurucamp △ 3
030位 【Blu-ray】Yurucamp △ 2

Gamers (exclusind releases not from this season and movies):
002位 【Blu-ray】Antarctica 1
003位 【Blu-ray】Antarctica 2
004位 【Blu-ray】Antarctica 3
005位 【Blu-ray】Antarctica 4
012位 【DVD】Antarctica 1
013位 【Blu-ray】Yurucamp 1
016位 【Blu-ray】Violet Evergarden 2
017位 【Blu-ray】Violet Evergarden 4
020位 【Blu-ray】Violet Evergarden 1
021位 【Blu-ray】Violet Evergarden 3
023位 【Blu-ray】Slow Start 2
024位 【Blu-ray】Yurucamp △ 3
025位 【Blu-ray】Yurucamp △ 2
027位 【Blu-ray】Mitsuboshi Colors
028位 【Blu-ray】Slow Start 1
030位 【Blu-ray】Ramen Daisuki

Franxx blown the fuck out, not even with A1 on their side Trigger can beat Kyoani, maybe next time they should call SHAFT and 3Hz and see if they win with that handicap.

Why do people even bring 3Hz into the discussion? I mean they are a pretty small and new studio, and it's not like the people there are very ambitious either.

Well at the very least Franxx can surpass Re:Creator number.

Teen thread

>**2位/**2位 (**5,492 pt) [*,189予約] 18/03/28 宇宙よりも遠い場所 1(イベントチケット優先販売申券) [Blu-ray]
>**5位/**5位 (**4,724 pt) [*,153予約] 18/04/25 宇宙よりも遠い場所 2(イベントチケット優先販売申券) [Blu-ray]

>Triggerniggers setting their standards this low

With twice the budget and the hype. Remember re:creator was sitting at 15k followers at first airing, meanwhile franxx already had 36k going for it. They are getting promotional artwork three days a week and have had more action intensive moments than the other series did in the same time frame.

Now that meme studios like Trigger are falling out of favor with Sup Forums people look towards anyone else producing originals and 3Hz is the one that gets talked about a lot, love them or hate them. And I wouldn't say they lack ambition, Flip Flappers was arguably ambitious but lacked the execution all the way through. PriPri was better off, now whenever new spy shows are made they will be compared to PriPri.

Franxx and Flop Encore are waaaaaay behind VEG.
There's no point of making Stalker threads anymore.

Overlord II 52740
Darling in the Franxx 45429
Violet Evergarden 37817
Death March 36100
Yurucamp 18820
Antarctica 15301
Takagi-san 14062
Colors 8914
Slow start 8404
Hakumei no Mikochi 7418
LoliShogi 6454

Nyaa Raws DLs (japanese to DL them):
Overlord II 34156
Death March 21192
Violet Evergarden 19398
Darling in the Franxx 19048
Yuru Camp 17554
LoliShogi 16835
Takagi-san 12826
Antarctica 10836
Slow Start 9212
Hakumei no Mikochi 6970
Colors 6665

And VEGetable is way behind idolshit and moeshit camp. The 3rd place is still a loser.

>cooking with fateshit even manages to btfo franxx

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Sup Forums has shit on Trigger since halfway through KLK

Is there anything Sup Forums doesn't shit on since the wave of edgy newfaggots who believe that shitting on everything is normal because it's "that website" came crashing down upon this site?

FranXX is already dipping into low 500's

KLK was just Sup Forums occupying for a while and then mostly leaving

I love how the shitposting narrative changes throughout the winter in stalker threads.
VEG is a success and will get movie adaptations while your seasonal meme show is a flop :^).

>***,**2位/***,**2位 (**5,492 pt) Antarctica

we did it

we won

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It is actually doing slightly better, it was below 1000 before. But preorders of BDs without bonuses dropped down very low.

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That's basically at the point that it's almost not selling at all

And people thought anime couldn't be saved.

VEGfags mad that Yurucamp BTFO'd their shitty anime that no one cares about. I can't hear you over the sound of the Franxxcalipse maybe you guys should have more threads. Nevermind there'll be nothing to discuss anyway.

Any one have the manga sales of the based manga of Franxx ? I've lost track of how good is selling instead of the flopping train wreck anime.

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Yuru Camp and Idolish7 is still higher.

>***,**2位/***,**2位 (**5,492 pt) Antarctica
>***,*14位/***,*14位 ◎ (**9,572 pt) Yurucamp
Fucking based.

Idolshit is about to sell 40k on its first volume

vol1 sold 130k don't know if vol 2 is out yet.

This is because shipping date was reached yesterday, so get's massive spike. It still far below Yurucamp and considering HMV etc. sales VEG still can outsell it too.

Projected points for Vol 1.
Antarctica: 6815
VEG: 5796

But you have to consider this , where VEG leaded for weeks and sold out KyoAnishop.

And if you count DVD preorders, Takagi-san beats them both.

Seething Sup Forumstard detected.

>***,**2位/***,**2位 (**5,492 pt) Antarctica
>***,*14位/***,*14位 ◎ (**9,572 pt) Yurucamp
I'm so happy for this.

It's selling because of the author/artist behind it. Might as well advertised the anime being an Yabuki anime original.

I wonder how Gilbert staying dead would affect Violet's sale.

Where the fuck is it?

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Amazon JP ships globally to most places (probably not Antarctica though sorry)

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>newfaggots who believe that shitting on everything is normal
Get with the times gramps, newfags these days only shit on non-Trigger shows.

>***,432位/***,402位 (**1,577 pt) Darling in the Franxx

It's funny because people who like VEG would tend to like those other two as well. The only losers here are Sup Forums faggots.

>Buying trash

>having shit taste

Reminder if your studio is not leading the production commitee for anime it makes (should be in graph C in link related), it sucks

>your studio
sasuga crossboarders

>do i fit in yet?

No, you don't, so fuck off back to Sup Forums.

Tell me more about your studio user

What kinda sales do ongoing series like 3getsu get?

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**2,253位 (**1,171pt) [*,**0予約] 2018年04月25日 3月のライオン 6(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray]
*11,477位 (***,359pt) [*,**0予約] 2018年06月27日 3月のライオン 7(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray]

1,896 BD sales for S1
302 1 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season v1

So basically, none

3-gatsu s2 v1 sells 1171/302, total 1,473.

Based Indianposter.

>cute wins again

Violet is more beautiful, than cute though.

She is beautifulcute.

That might be why she isn't winning.

She is pretty high up, there.