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I'd tap a Tapris.

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I want Raphi to step on me

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This is the kind of show that I'd like a season 2 for. Was there even enough material for one?

There is now

My wife, Vigne, is so cute.

>Cursed image.

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Great! I've been waiting for this thread since yesterday.

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Really need to rewatch it. I miss them.

Only good character.

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>Only good character.
>voiced by HanaKana
Clearly wrong.

Angels = CUM

Devils = HOT CUM

I wonder how many times she's been drugged and raped by her maid.

But every girl is best girl in GabOut

I want Ralph to step outside and never come back.

Who would win?

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I wanna stuff Gabu’s belly with Ice cream,potato chip and Bread and fxxk her of course.

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I want to be Gab and have Vigne take care of me.

And bloat their belly with 2 quarts of cola.

I wish I had a cute girlfriend like Satania. Satania.

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And then asking Vigne to help me lose weight by having sweaty sex, right?

Is Gabu still a virgin? How about Satania?

Gabu is, Satania pleases old men AND dogs for melonpan.

Is Gabu's sister still a virgin?

(((serves you coffee)))

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I want to stuff all their bellies with my babies. Including Gab's sisters. But not Raphie, because she's a mean poopy pants.

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Started rewatching. I missed them so much

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Does Gab really enjoy her job at the cafe?

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She got used to it. Also this job is perfect: almost no customers, drink elite coffee all day, punch Satania

Not as much as she loves her job at the love hotel.

More like Gabriel DROPPED Out

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