I’m tired of 02fags ruining every potential thread about the strawberry...

I’m tired of 02fags ruining every potential thread about the strawberry. Can’t we just have a nice Ichigo thread for once?

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Please stop.

Your post literally begs for pictures of bullied Ichigo though.

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Both Ichigo and 02 are shit.

Kokoro is the new hotness.

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So we've got some development for who now? Goro, Kokoro, Ichigo, and Zorome.
Who's going to be next and how long are we going to have to wait to find out what the fuck exactly is wrong with 002?


t. cuck

I just hope they will kill 02 soon enough so that every retarded 02fag drops the show, the quality of these threads would suddenly increase

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>Sup Forums still sleeping on the true best girl
Fucking sad.

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I love that strawberry

Hiro is best boy and best girl

Ichigo will likely get focused episodes soon after Ikuno gets hers. We can then all talk about her like crazy again.

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The beach ep was hers, and she got a ton of time in 9, as well. Stop being so fucking thirsty, Strawberryfags. The fucking main girl hasn't gotten as much screentime in the past few episodes as Ichigo has.


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Bidding our time and staying outside of the NTR shitposting is the smart thing to do until Ichigo has the spotlight to shine again.

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Probably because Miku is immune to the MC's shenanigans, so she isn't shitposted as much.

I don't get it, why is this blatant crossboarding Sup Forums and /r9k/ bait allowed in DINF and DBS threads, but in some other threads it gets deleted on sight? Mods don't care?

The beach episode was everyone's. 02 and Ichigo got more though simply because those two are the major heroines. Granted, Ichigo got a personal scene with Hiro. Giro's episode had a lot of Ichigo because they are partners, but it wasn't her episode.

>anti social brooding guy with the shy fluffy girl that warms his heart
>double tsundere that argue like an old married couple
>stubborn bossy womanlet with the patient and gentle tall guy

This show does a good job of making pairs you want to root for.

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And yet the main pair is boring and obnoxious as hell.

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>mfw 02 has gotten absolutely zero development from her "gotta kill all the dinos" ending line in 06
>we're almost at episode 12, meaning she'll have spent half the fucking series so far in character stasis if it stays the course

Yes, you're right. The episode narrated by Ichigo, ending with a huge Ichigo scene, peppered throughout with minor Ichigo scenes, even having her intrude on other characters' scenes once, was not an Ichigo episode. Just like episode 11 wasn't a Mitsuru episode because Hiro and 02 talked once. You stupid fucking faggot.

I'm kinda glad she's out of the shitstorm. She's the comfiest waifu.

This is now a Miku thread.

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I know right. The whole darling shtick gets really old, Hiro is barely a character.

Did Onifags give you permission to post Miku?

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Hiro is another boring self insert, one of the worst MC's that trigger had to create. Ryoko Matoi is the complete opposite.

Why are you angry? The intro narration for the fanservice beach episode for everyone was given to her because she is the leader and she's basically briefing the audience what they did and why they get to have time off. 02 and Ichigo got the most scenes, Ichigo more for an extra ship tease. 02 gets more ship tease in later episode so it balances out.

>Hiro is barely a character
The blandest self-insert MC ever. And I don't even want to talk about the main heroine, just otaku pandering at the maximum level.

Newsflash: You're the most hated fags in these threads. I won't stop until you're defeated.

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You're in our house, bitch.

Are you okay? I think you need a hug, bro.

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Kokorofags are in here? Where?

Mikufags, Kokorofags, and Onifags will create an alliance to defeat you. You're on a tiny sinking ship.

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Don't you have other threads to ruin you 02fags?
Go away.

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These. I don't hate 02 or Hiro but I like they're focusing on the others more. They're more entertaining to me.

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For once in your life I wish you'd stop larping.

>stubborn bossy womanlet


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It will be nice to see these side characters fag seething when 016/002 get all the focus in the second cour.

This is what true perfection looks like.

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I want to bust the fattest nut inside her ass.

As if the Kokorofags weren't enough, why don't you go and shitpost somewhere else?

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>implying Onifags wouldn't side with us
>wanting Kokorofags on your side ever
And we'll take Ikunofags. You Mikufags are goners.

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Kokoro is a winner. She got her man. Ichigo will always be pathetic and embarassing.

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>Miku least hated
And all is right in the world. Don't know why Mikufags are stirring up shit in this thread, though. The greatest thing about being a Mikufag is the total lack of drama.

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Go away fatass creep.

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That's Kokorofags though. Where have you been all week? What's with this sudden Mikuposting that smells like falseflagging? Des like something Kokorofags would do to take some heat of them.

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Why would onifags ever side with you?

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Please don't blame the Mikuposters, they're just programmed to do what Onifags tell them to like the good slave they are.

>548 votes

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>sense of connection through rivalry because of liking the same boy
>enemy of my enemy is my friend

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I wouldn't be too sure that it isn't just Onifags. Mikufags love the lack of drama. It's what makes ZoroMiku undeniable best pairing. Plus the "Mikufag" here is just posting a bunch of the most commonly posted Miku pics. I doubt he has any true Miku love.

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Kokoro just had her spotlight so the heat is still on her but it will blow over. Ichigo being worst girl is a constant.

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You're an avatarfag, your opinion is worthless.

For she can wear bikini unlike Zero two,who cannot wear bikini at all.

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fucking this
everytime i see a 02fag i see a beta, submissive, virgin faggot and i end up with pic as mfw

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I simply love Miku too much to not post with a picture of her. Gotta spread the love of best girl.

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Where the pw?

Ichigofags are the most vocal and annoying.

You'll only get the yurifags which are a minority. Onifags will always hate you delusional ichigofags more than anyone else.

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I doubt you would still continue to post her after the show is over. She is just another seasonal waifu after all.

Zero two is a sxxt who cannot wear bikini at all lololo topless is ok but no bikini??lol

You fucked up user, with that OP you literally brought a waifuwar here.

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Ichigofags can't even speak proper english.

>he doesn't know
Miku is love, and I will remind them every day.

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>thinly-veiled Kokorofag
Ichigo is best girl. Enjoy your worst girl.

No, that was 02fags objectively so. Right now it's Kokorofags.

Ichigo will forever live in 02's shadow and there's nothing you can do about it

This is the shitposting thread. Search for the better thread for PV discussion.

Until Hiro regrets his choices and goes back to what is better for him.

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I need more solo Kokoro fanart. Can you help me out Kokobros?

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You really don't want to go down that path, trust me.

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Not really. Most 02fags stop caring to hate and toss down in shipping war because Ichigo x Goro is being pushed in the show. Some still ship Hiro x Ichigo, but that ship is holding together by hope and not realistic chances.

Except that every thread is just pure cancerous shitposting. The last episode was a mistake.

>Mikufag shitposting in a Strawberry thread
What went wrong? Thought Mikufags pride themselves of being low-key and out of the crossfire.

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Oh fug. I don't know if I could live with myself becoming Shinkafag.

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It's falseflaggotry. Onifags are trying to stir up shit.

They are good slaves that are following their masters, that's it.

I'm not a Mikufag. I love and appreciate every girl except Ichigo.

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This is what happens when you combine 02 and 015.

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because Ichigo is a cuck lol

I love and appreciate every girl except your favorite girl who is surely worst girl.

So you're a shitposter. Got it

The ways that Onifags are trying to take down Ichigo now are ridiculous.

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Does there need to be a deeper reason? Of all the characters she is the only one that has failed to endear herself to me in any way compared to the other female characters that I actually want to root for.

Do you even pay attention to the show? Ichigo is a "cuck" for a positive reason. She was resistant and wholly against Hiro riding with 02 because she would kill him. But that has changed, and she's a leader on top of it. Until something happened to Hiro, she will be like Goro and stick with the status quo. But that won't mean she won't warn 02 if it's necessary.

Of all the ichigofags, you're that keeps my hatred alive the most.

Well, I'm sorry that you feel that way.

Explain Ikuno and Kokoro.

I doubt he's wrong.

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>12 more minutes until Onifags get assblassted because it's an Ikuno episode
Cannot wait.

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Don't lie. Everyone is bias and has preference because of it. I like Miku and 02 a lot, but Ichigo is my favorite and she usmy first priority. I'm pretty sure I've seen you often in FranXX threads and you were a 02fag who jumped ship to Kokoro.

Admits she's a bad person and that she has hurt someone but is taking initiative for her own happiness. Looks wise, I find her the most appealing. Soft, fluffy, and motherly.
The most brutally honest of all the female characters. I feel sorry for her dealing with shitlord Mitsuru for as long as she did. I also love stoic megane girls.

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is my*

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No, my favorite has always been a tie between Ikuno and Miku because they are not attached to any shitstorm. I like 02 for her personality and Kokoro for aesthetic reasons.

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Explain 02, Miku, and Ichigo with the same logic.