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Hazuki's show ends today!

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thought it ended ep 2 when they ran outta budget

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Hazuklub will wait patiently for the final 2 episodes.

Will we see more of Hino(?) this episode? What's this episode going to be about anyways?

>final 2 episodes
ain't happening

Never give up hope. H├Ązuki will make it.

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lets hope it won't be another train wreck. it was funny one time but if it continues like that I don't want to finish it

Already confirmed by the staff that they're happening and being broadcast on TV, and there's an unverified post saying they're going to air in May.


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It wasn't funny. I just felt bad for the poor faggots. Will Kantoku ever get a good anime?

One Room, Henneko, Prism Nana if we ever see more of it than just one episode from the middle.

Don't know if it was any good, but Garakowa also had Kantoku's design, if I recall correctly.

I guess the studio had to rewrite the story like Haduki

>air in May
What year?

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This is what peak animation looks like. Kyoani absolutely btfo.

Year two thousand whenever the novel is translated

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Hazuki is my good friend

50 more minutes.

Four hours until HS though.

Where are you watching AT-X? I'm using Fuji TV but the quality could be better.

Preview pic

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Is she going to sodomize someone with that?

Getting banned by nippon tv for quality.

It actually looks decent, though perhaps not ep. 1-5 decent

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See for further info
That released prism nana episode was not an episode from the middle, it was one of those other OVAs in the series with each independent settings and independent plots with only character setting in common. The released episode can be treat as a stand-alone oneshot with basically zero relevance with other episodes as confirmed by others who attended those screening events.

This new dork is very cute.

Apparently they have found staffs from 3Hz to help?

What's the source on that? I know they have a production assistance/desk guy formerly from 3hz in the staff, but not much else.

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The blue one is mine.

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I expected more discussion here during the live, but feels like not as many people were watching it as I've assumed.

Anyway, last end card, instead of the preview they showed all previous end cards.

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And an extra one, and also the hazuki_sorrymasen.jpg. The text says "broadcast ends with this episode, thanks for watching".

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RIP production. Inb4 Hoods Entertainment will also have more production issues on Real Girl next season.

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How is the "quality"?

So... Hazuki's story will remain uncompleted?

Animation quality was on about the level of episode 8, serviceable. There were some QUALITY shots here and there and there wasn't that much actual animation, but it was absolutely watchable and even the battle looked okay.

Also, America jobbed hard.

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Also, the show outdid Gundam.

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Yes, because now we have a new protagonist, who even got, wait for this...

...a proper transformation scene.

I mean Hazuki got one, too, but that was still of the "special effects + instant change" sort.

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>Interview after the episode recording
>Ariko seiyuu spend lots of money on gacha games like Ariko
>One day she watch youtube while bathing and the phone drop into water, then all the data being lost including the game

>not binding your account
What a retard.
I thought cellphones were all waterproof in Japan?

Here's a webm of the henshin, since I mentioned it.

Some games only let you bind for a very limited time to transfer accounts.

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What's her birthday and blood type

Henshin scene with sound

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Makeshift club, the most effective weapon for a magical girl fighting against an army of zombies.

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