Boku no Hero Academia

Why is shoto so /fit/?

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Because he read the sticky

I know someone who's even more /fit/

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Everyone is fit

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I wonder how the boys could control their boners during Midnight's lessons.

everyday until canon

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Yonkou already gave spoilers for OP. He gave us spoilers for chapter 173 iirc. Maybe we'll have early spoilers.

I’m not holding my breath. I think he’s having too much fun watching OP fans sperg out right now anyway.

I hope not, he was wrong last time anyway.

I'm having fun too even though I'm a sanjifag

what's wrong with the OP crowd now?

they're having a meltdown because spoilers dropped saying exactly the opposite of what most of them wanted and expected to happen. It is pretty fun to watch desu.

You poor masochistic

>dbs ended
>HXH is on hiatus
>s3 starts soon
I fear what kind of shitposters we'll attract. Believe it or not, these threads are pretty comfy compared to others here con Sup Forums.

We are in for massive amounts of shitposting. The Franxx and incoming FMP threads will help somewhat, but if Season 2 is any indication, Season 3 will be all out war. Especially considering DBS is done.

>please don't leave me with this weirdo
Poor Eri. I bet she has to listen to his shitty comedy act all the time.

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She could have stayed with the Yakuza, they would take care of her

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>staying alone with Mirio
lucky loli bitch


I hope 2nd cour of Franxx have a lot of head rolling on the floor so it dampens the shitposting here by attracting it there

its gun be good
i love shitstorms

Perfect size

Too bad author is a disgusting SJW.
>tranny characters
>disgusting coalburners
>implying women are ever capable at anything
Truly a normie show.

Yeah one died the other is practically irrelevant
Don't know what you mean by this
>Capable woman
Kek you know this isn't true

Not even that guy, the trannies were one thing but the coal burner (Lock Rocks wife) was a total SJW move. It made me laugh but it felt pretty out of place.

Lock Rock wife is a white woman.
There is a scene where he has aflashback with her where she holds the ugly mutt kid and says "he got all of your genes".

>white woman
She's obviously a nip man.

>Sup Forums is here
Good night

Bait so shit, it doesn’t even deserve a reply.
I don’t get why people are bothered about interracial relationships.

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>I don't get why people are bothered about interracial relationships

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9 out of 10 times we are the last ones getting them, so in later experience don't expect them earlier than 24 hours.

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Because he has to impress Mina.

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why is aizawa such a fucking hot piece of hero-meat? god plus jinuchi suwabes porn voice, hes just 10/10 husbando material

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don't even reply mate

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he smells

Because he's getting ready for the great mutant purge.

Nice whiteknighting dude.

>Wobbly smile so slight you only see it zoomed in
Goddammit Hori you gotta stop being so subtle, especially with this audience

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Who would fem!Overhaul be shipped with?

imagine how his breath smells

Should I watch this show?


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>and unfortunately for Shoto, he realized far too late that his father had been right
Well, at least Tsuyu doesn't seem to hate her terrifying mutant offspring. Hopefully that'll stop the mutie from going rampant.

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A female LeMillion of course. (or a female Nighteye.)

Would you?

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Poor Monoma. Always the victim of Yaoi Hands violence.

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She's half Japanese right? That's the reason the American has a japanese name.

Why are they all crying?


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why is frogger such a hypocritical slut

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>Yaoi Hands violence.

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(relativly) SOON

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I can't fucking wait. Also, that's a pretty intimidating Muscular. I'd love to see him come back sometime in the future.

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its gun b good lads

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They’re teenagers
Those are pimples

Would Deku have even beaten Muscular if he hadn't been momentarily distracted by Kouta? I mean he'd already tanked two 100% with relatively little damage taken. If Deku had lost would anyone on sight at the camp be able to stop Muscular? (Would Aizawa's quirk work on him?)

I notice muscular is not as strong as we think he is because I notice he got one of his eyes destroyed by 2 heroes with water quirks

Keeping my expectations low since those muscle fibers is animator’s nightmare

He probably didn't have that part of his face covered. The dude was absolutely a monster though. He was destroying cliff faces with those punches.

M8, water is powerful as fuck. I'd much rather be Hydroman than have Todo's powers.

>he doesn't think water is a powerful quirk

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Jets of pressurized water are no joke. Can cut through metal.

>have the power to pressurize the water
Holy hell that'd be a heck of a quirk.

Two high pressure water blasts in the face would do some damage

hey I just realized Kouta is probably part of the new generation of quirk users so there's a chance his quirk is going to be 10 times stronger than his parents

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he couldnt have empowered himself further, but he was a muscular beast to begin with, so i guess aizawa would´ve had a hard time against him.

Muscular vs Blood King would've been a cool fight

MHA 177: Construction Site.

An old dude sees Gentle go flying into a building but La Brava tells him not to worry as they're filming a movie --she's worried about Gentle though. Meanwhile Deku thanks Hatsume for the gloves giving him directional influence, and Ashido for the dance practice that got him the moves to get this far.

Gentle is fine but he's hanging by his jacket from a girder. Gentle introduces himself, and Deku asks what he wants with U.A. La Brava is trying to get there in time, begging Gentle not to lose.

Gentle says he's not with the Villain alliance, but he does want to sneak into their student festival so he asks Deku very nicely to let him do so. Deku of course says no, and tries to convince Gentle to give up.

Besides if he's caught here his whole plan goes up in smoke. And Gentle agrees.

The fight continues and gentle uses the surroundings by making them elastic and bouncing out of Deku's way. Making it impossible for him to get a clear shot on him, and not only that, Gentle is able to land glancing blows on Deku.

He reveals that he can't undo his quirk on his own --the things he turns flexible slowly revert on their own. He says this as the things he turned elastic on the building revert, but the bolts holding the building up come loose. And the old dude below is in danger if everything collapses.

A girder falls, but Deku manages to grab it before it hits the guy and he runs. Gentle isn't done yet though...He bends a fork lift in order to escape while deku is busy with the girder. Meanwhile it's 8:45 am and the rest are getting ready for the show.

15 minutes until they're on.

Gentle is escaping as Deku watches helplessly, but then he uses all of his strength to hold up the girder with one hand and fire wind pressure with the other.

He misses Gentle completely but La Brava is annoyed with how persistent he is and says "I'll have to use my quirk"


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pls be fake. First hiatus then one piece now this? The fuck is going on at jump.

easter is a holiday in japan too

What's that got to do with it?


>I don’t get why people are bothered about interracial relationships.
I see why this place is called cuckchan.

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If Deku gets Shrek'd by someone of Gentles level he has had no real growth to show since the provisional exam. Overhole doesn't count because of the rewind. Plus, there's a shitload of stuff to do at the festival already. Who gives a shit about Gentle discovering why he shouldn't end their party prematurely? Should of just had Deku put a beating on him and hurry up to show he's actually improving but instead his new move does fuck all and he gets fucked in the end.

Fuck that's actually pretty tense.
Also in line with Hori's usual fight length.

I like there’s civvies involved in this

fake and gay

>gentle's level
If he can fight Deku he is pretty fucking high level. You are just trying to make retarded assumption to dismiss everything again like every week.

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He's not getting shrekt though.
He's having trouble because Gentle is pulling a Green Goblin.
Meaning: Deku is going to unlock a new power.

Wait until tomorrow to see full extent of shitposting. I can already smell the “JOOOOOB” bullshit

>teenagers having consensual sex
>recording two people having sex without their consent or even knowledge

decide what is more against the rules Froppy

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>but he does want to sneak into their student festival so he asks Deku very nicely to let him do so
Lmao gentles great

Gentle is not high level and we both know it. He's just got a quirk that's annoying to fight against and apparently Deku is still too scrub for a failed youtube star.

>He's just got a quirk that's annoying to fight against
Well there’s your answer, einstein

Not even once.

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Joleyne's power is fucking string and she makes it work. A lot of powers can work really well even if it isn't "destroy shit really hard'.
Gentle could turn Deku into a pudding man if he wanted, he is way stronger than you give him credit for.

Did the eugenics subplot ever to anywhere beyond Shoto or is MHA bad?

>hate each other's guts

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>we could have had any member of 1A go get the fucking rope, fight gentle and get some character development
>instead we get another boring deku fight
I normally don't give a shit about jirou but this would have been the perfect opportunity

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Not been paying much attention, have we?

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>because you are a hose

faggots deserve death

>story focuses on the main character
>"W-what is this blasphemy?"
every time

Does Sup Forums like Pony?

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Gentle’s quirk is strong as hell and he has mastered it really well judging by the way he uses it. Just because he’s a comedic villain doesn’t mean he’s weak.
You’re just asshurt.

So did Gentle just sign his death warrant?

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