NTR in the FranXX

it's fucking everywhere, almost everyone is cucking everyone and nobody knows when the remaining ones are going to cuck their respective partners, I don't even trust Oni now as who knows when is she going to flip to some other partner's side, possibly to the elite alpha group which was shortly introduced.

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Calm down they're kids.
This is normal teen drama.

Only two incidents that might even be called NTR have happened. In the first time, the girl was completely faithful and the dickhead got BTFO. In the second one, the dude was a spaz so he half-deserved it, but he didn't own her or anything.

Nobodies really even kissed let alone had sex. You're taking this too personally.

>who knows when is she going to flip to some other partner's side, possibly to the elite alpha group which was shortly introduced
>Hiro is the FIRST and ONLY pilot ever to survive after 3 rides
Yeah, your point totally makes sense.

Did she at least cup her hairy crotch before that dismissive muzzling?

Ichigo kissed Hiro and Goro probably knows about it.

>***,432位/***,402位 (**1,577 pt) Darling in the Franxx

The numbers are showing.

Is Darling in the FranXX actually a deep show about the needs of the new society of a family structure outside the boundaries of couples? We've been shown the problems of a couple based activity brings: anger, isolation, jealousy, envy, mistrust, etc. NTR is just a symptom of the real disease: couples.
Will we finally see the coming of an utopia of free love thanks to Darling in the FranXX?

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Nah, its just mechas with drama

It's probably going to be something like "YOU THINK YOU ARE READY FOR THIS DARLING BUT YOU REALLY AREN'T" and Hiro's just gonna be his usual dumbfounded self but still not afraid of her.

I'm more curious about this scene, since it seems to be outside n the snowstorm.

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Look, I want threesome endings as much as the next guy, but I don't think it's that deep

Im just waiting for Hiro to have sex with Ichigo before she flies off to a piano school in europe while 02 stands by him crying her eyes out as they watch the plane leave.... oh wait that was WA2; um nevermind

>Ichigo kissed Hiro and Goro probably knows about it.
Oh nooooooooo, how will they ever recover???

Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?
Is this not why you are here?

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The girls in the back are as fuck.
I bet they don't even treat them like human in that team.

>we're at episode 12
>still no kiss since episode 1
This show has been so lame after episode 5.

>when you take advice about your relationships from cesar millan

but 02 is already a vile cuckoldress, what more can she do?

This is exactly why I'm here.

I swear I saw that word in my post.

I’m not a stalkerfag, what am I looking at?

>This episode is gonna be fucking great
I doubt it.


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Finally a cute shota boy. I hope he's part of the "boku" master race.


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Thanks, Doc.

Holy shit NotHiro might be taller than Goro. IMAGINE

Inb4 blue/red is actually a girl and Nova gets all three clone bitches to himself

Holy shit, she is tearing glass with her bear hands.


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How will Ichigo save 02 from herself?

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Most likely naming (left-to-right):
9´θ, 9´δ, 9´η, 9´γ, 9´ζ, 9´α, 9´β, 9´ε

It could be otherwise, it all depends on strong Green is. We'll see on Saturday if they get a speaking role or the present themselves.

Also, reminder on the muzzles, that while piloting the FranXX, the stamen shares the expression of the mech; the female only moves the mouth.

Fingers crossed for some mechs too.

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awesome headcanon retarded redditor, but 02 was a former nine, and none of them wanted to polot 02's, Papa also doesn't want to lose their precious Nines members.

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Did they just copy and paste the thing in the back 3 times? I mean they're probably something like triplets that are supposed to look the same but they were literally copy pasted in there.

i just want lovey dovey hiro and zero tsu
is that too much to ask for

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>bad parasites are pruned, the good ones are released
>APE approves having an elite team with pistils looking like that
I bet it's one of APE's sick dreams to have mindless pistils.
A world of calmness and uniformity is also bland and lifeless.

Based Papa, too bad the retarded 0ni probably wants to kill him.

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Whoa Nova-kun, is your hand ok?

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True love is made of many ups and downs, highs and lows

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Yeah, green one definitely seems to be a girl. And probably the 3 clones with the masks. So I guess those 8 are pairs.

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>"Oh fuck shes actually crazy"

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predict their VAs

How mad are Futoshi and Ikunofags?

Needs to be updated. Ichigo has clearly moved on from Goro to the chad from the Nines.

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Is 400+ consider good or not?

Wait, I'd thought the order was the exact same as the OP, but Blue and Red are switched around, though Red is behind Blue. 9´θ-9´η and 9´δ-9´γ should be switched around.

Also, the look strangely amicable.

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>delusional normalfags arguing about Mecha

you should correct the OP title

>Mech powered by NTR: I'm growning stronger

400+ is terrible.

>dislike miku at first
>she ends being the only non dysfunctional female

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>Ichigo is clearly embarassed because some rando just kissed her hand

This board just gets worse and worse

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It's okay.
What stalkerfags forget is that ANIPLEX+ has the discs with the extras, which aren't in the stalker statistics.

Clones not triplets dude. This elite squad is Papa's personal pretorian guard. Shit is coming fast between them and P-13 squad. The revolution is near and 02 will have to take sides once and for all.

see left eyebrow and hair above left ear of the middle one, not entirely
kabedon incoming, the anger is just pv bait

Ichigo's embarassed about fucking everything, she's super prickly. The only guy that doesn't make her feel uncomfortable is Goro, sadly enough

>that moment when you finally understand why everyone tells you to never stick it in crazy

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Is this your first Trigger thread?

>Honey, this is why I asked you to talk to me.

Ichigo is a little slut. She'll fuck anyone who's nice to her.

>tfw seeing her losing her shit made me rock hard

>"Oh fuck shes actually crazy"

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So if Hiro tries to kiss berserk Oni, would he die?

Is that why it's the Kiss of Death?

Remember to never stick your dick in Crazy.

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after this scene

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it would be extremely painful



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Imagine putting an Onahole in that

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You have to caress her fangs with your tongue to calm her down or otherwise she's going to bite off your tongue

>biting the shit out of her fingers
>elongated finger nails
There goes our "healing" episode lads.

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>tfw no plantation 26 squad spinoff

The PV obviously didn't show anything, I still expect the kiss as a first part of her healing. Will probably happen when Strelitzia goes berserk

That's after she breaks the mirrors bare handed user.

Vampire sex incoming!

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My bad.

>they are actually bros as fuck

yeah, 02's fingers are cut off, this scne happened after 02 broke the mirror

Will Goro protect our Strawberry from the wicked Oni woman?

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>Oh fuck my dick is rock hard now.
Fixed it for you.

Its too late for him

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Right? There to help train and prepare P13 squad for the mission to the Grand Crevasse

+02 without a stamen makes the complete Nines squad.

Same eye color btw. Along the fact that the triplets walk right behind one of the others, it basically confirm them as partners.

Also, Blue and Red don't have the exact same hair and eye color; Red is orange and Blue is a deeper blue.

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those eyes again

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Question is, how is Green related to Ichigo?

Wild sex incoming?

That purple smug

Probably not at all. Might be a rival character.

Shut the fuck up
Go enjoy your twisted fantasy elsewhere

>Wtf im being cucked again

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I want to say the green Ichigo is Alpha's pistil. The 3 identical girls partnered with the other three in the squad. It makes sense for the leader of the squad to have the more unique partner.

Ichigo clone is Nine Alpha's pistil


>guy kisses girl in the hand


Shit the FUCK up retards