The anime fairy grants you one wish!

The anime fairy grants you one wish!

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togashi feel better pls

please change my gender

Abe wants a glorious Nippon Empire, please

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I wanna sniff Brat ass

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Please isekai me as a 2d loli

Let me start my life over with a child hood friend

Give me a 24 episode Madoka spinoff that'd a slice of life with nothing but cooking and tea with Mami.

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Same famalam

I want 3 more wishes

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Bring back 80s speed metal.

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I want my dog to come back to life.

I wanna be an anime fairy!

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I want to be that one faceless fat old man who always goes first.

bring back aniki

10 inch penor

I wish to die.

I wish I didn't have the flu and/or what I'm worried might be developing pnuemonia.

infinite wishes

Glorious non-existence, please