What is the appeal of feet and footwear?

What is the appeal of feet and footwear?

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glitch in the brain that makes one associate them with erogenous zones

better view of pussy and ass

There's literally nothing sexual about feet whatsoever, but since footfags are in general humble I have no problem with 'em.

Less so glitch, moreso evolutionary quirk. The respective parts of our brain for our feet and genitalia are right next to each other, moreso amongst some, meaning that early association with stimulus to the feet and pleasure, leads to the prerequisites for a foot fetish.

Its literally just some peoples brains have gotten their wiring crossed.

While I can rationalize people getting pleasure out of their own feet due to this, it still confuses me why people then fawn over and crave others feet. That part personally disturbs me. Thankfully the drawn form hardly disgusts me at all.

Why do people fawn over others ass, tits and pussy? It's just not logical.

Hips(in turn needed for childbirth) and a measurement of body fat
Milk and a measurement of body fat
Baby leaves here, meaning it is a point of fascination and desire... for those who became our ancestors. For those whom it wasn't, they didn't have kids, or at least as many.

You tell me user. If this doesn't give you an erection, I question your sexuality.

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The sole of the foot is rarely seen and therefore erotic due to its almost taboo nature. Some people like armpits, napes, collarbones, navels, vagina bones etc for the same reason.

I fucking love feet

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>Some people like armpits, napes, collarbones, navels, vagina bones
All me

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I like socked feet more than barefeet am I still considered a footfag?
I also like legs and thighs.

a subset of Footimus Faggirtrus more colloquially known as Socksus Bestus
The real question is, clean or dirty socks?

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Feet are normally hidden or covered just like genitals, so seeing them bare and exposed is exciting. Same goes for armpits.

As for smell, I don’t know. Pheromones?

yume please

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feet are great

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They have irresistible and intoxicating smell after a long day.

Why is it so good when feet are prominent in anime instead of the fanart?

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foot bros unite

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Sweaty toes

my nigel

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>don't like feet at all
>like socked and pantyhose feet very much

Socks and pantyhose are aesthetic as fuck though. They have universal appeal.

no the og poster
but C L E A N is best

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POV shots are nice but better when bigger

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As clean as possible. I don't understand the appeal of dirty or smelly socks/feet.
I really like all types of socks, hell I'll even leg warmers a chance.

It's the webm age baby

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>As clean as possible. I don't understand the appeal of dirty or smelly socks/feet.
Good taste
i'm not really into the Giantess fetish desu

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She's so lewd.

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I want to steal those socks. For research purposes.

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Of feet? Dunno. It’s one of those fetishes where it just makes no sense to those who don’t have it, and for those who do have it, it just is what it is.

As for footwear... hosiery at least, particularly stockings or pantyhose, it’s the principle of showing but leaving something to the imagination; you can see the shape, but the actual skin is hidden.

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They have a strong smell, it's the essence of your waifu's body smell. It's the same reason people like licking ass, it's like concentrated waifu.

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Wish we got more of the loli's feet.

here you go senpai

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I like the visual aesthetic of feet, but I'm not a smellfag


then again I don't fap to footporn either, I just find them nice looking- a character being barefoot is pleasing, but if there's too much focus on the foot, it just gets kinda silly.

what's this from?

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Feet are fucking gross. Legwear is amazing

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>this retarded rationale
Some animals comapre horns, songs, feather colours, plume length and so on. All non-sexual characteristics - many not even correlated with success in the wild. It's arbitrary in its entirety. So long as there is a distinguishing factor for couples to judge a pairing by the system works. It has NOTHING to do with outcomes. Pheremones and other genetic signals are how such outcomes are gagued.

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I should still add the of all areas of the body feet are statistically seen as the most grotesque and least attractive testifying to just how fucked and degenerate footfags are.
t. superior legfag

>not liking all body parts and wanting to give tongue baths

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Only sophiticated folks can understand.

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God that one is so fucking good.

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>not superior legs, thighs and pantyhose

I'd say I like soles the best and sometimes I'll indulge in the smell. I just like it slightly smelly from casual walking around the house, but not after some crazy workout or something. Sucking on toes is pretty top tier too.

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I'm a footfag and I don't get it either. But it started because of anime.


Oh look, an underage.

she most certainly is.

>I just like it slightly smelly from casual walking around the house

Feet don't smell from just walking around the house. Unless you're literally using shoes indoors.

Not only that, it's also a sign of both familiarity (most of the time, people don't go barefoot outside of their homes) and vulnerability. But most of the time, the most powerful of all, in my opinion, is contrast.

Imagine, for instance, an empress or otherwise lordly woman who's barefoot, but otherwise fully clothed. The contrast in this situation is fascinating. Her whole body and clothing say "I am supreme, powerful, protected, unapproachable" while her bare feet say "I am vulnerable, naked, cute, the girl next door".

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