Are you ready for Kawamori's new show later today?

Are you ready for Kawamori's new show later today?

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hell yes. loving the bump of chicken song as well

Why do all the male characters have stupid hair styles but the females have normal hair styles?

its gonna be AOTY, makr my words.

I see it already has a page on Netflix with the name Last Hope. Does this mean that there's still a chance that they'll release it weekly instead of their usual retardation where they release it all at then of the season?

Be honest with me Sup I getting too old for anime? Or are things just getting worse?

Things are getting worse.

has nothing to do with age, but the amount of stuff youve seen. i started watching japanese cartoons at the age of 26 and i am only getting tired of them because theres barely anything visually impressive anymore. i am just so incredibly bored of most years "highlight" being kyoanis insanely generic visual directions and art.

But I can watch old KyoAni stuff just fine...

I'm a simple man
It will be AOTY

Name one good Kawamori show.

Macross 7


>Kawamori's new show
What do you mean? What's his involvement in this?
This key art looks so bad and generic. What is this even about

AKB0048 is one of the best shows of this decade.


Macross Frontier
Macross Plus

It has a Shiena Nishizawa insert song right? Wonder how it's gonna be like.

Will there be ever anything that will top Macross F?


this >guy already posted the only good show. Arjuna is a 6/10 but it's alright.

dude in the back looks like a bizarre jet and spike hybrid