Should dragon ball be ban on Sup Forums or what should we do about dragon ball ?

Should dragon ball be ban on Sup Forums or what should we do about dragon ball ?

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Yes. There's a reason why everyone skips right to Z, and that's because Dragon Ball is boring garbage.

>spic wants DragonBalls banned
This is weird..

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I'm not a spic.

If you're going to ban DB and all its sequels, then you need to ban One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and all their spinoffs and sequels too. Personally I'd welcome that


I was talking about dragon ball sequels should be ban too.

This is the reason why 80 threads up at the same time.

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>b-b-b-b-but we can't spam the catalog!

Suck my dick. We'll spam the catalog as much as we want because /dbs/ are the chads of Sup Forums and they can sit by and watch our threads move 3x as fast as their shitty buyfag and seasonal garbage.

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This is another reason why Dragon Ball should be ban on Sup Forums .

Make a new board called /db/ that allows only Dragon Ball-related content and ban Dragon Ball related stuff from all other boards.

We might have to do that .

word. if DB is banned, the other shonenshit should be as well, with the exception of Hiatus X Hiatus since it's a deconstruction of the shonenshit genre and the threads usually have deep and meaningful posts. the ability system is also quite complex unlike ALL shonenshits, so there's always a lot of discussion around that subject.

yes user let's ban the most popular anime from the anime board, great idea

>To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Hunter X Hunter

I think we should think about what to do about filthy ESLs like you first.

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/db/ when?

Do you want all the threads be about dragon ball.

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like you faggits have any power there's no reason any shonen or other anime not be discussed here just cuz you have shit all to add to the threads just stay the fuck out of them then

>let's ban all the shit
>except shit I like

Gr8 b8, m8, I r8 it an 8/8.


Ban dragonball, then ban waifu threads
Ban SAO threads, ban harem threads, ban shipper threads.

there is only 4 threads out of 150 right now and one of them is this bait about banning them

also, related
obsessed anti-shonen fags need to be banned for purposefully ruining every shonen thread by starting shitposting wars

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this will just have the opposite effect.

I can only dream, user. But seriously, Dragon Ball has become too much of a problem for Sup Forums.

It's just a Sup Forums raid.

Should Sup Forums be ban on Sup Forums or what should we do about Sup Forums ?

Don't forget about Isekais, flavor of the month garbage, and threads about studios we don't like. It's gonna be fantastic not to be able to discuss anything.

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shonen is ok just dragon ball needs to be ban.

if he was a spic, he'd have requested DBS to be stickied on the spot.

No shounen have threads worse then dragonball
It's basically Sup Forums masquerading to be Sup Forums, kek they even try to perpetuate that we're "like them" and that we don't actually enjoy anime.

We should ban all the anti-DB cry babies.

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You faggots probably weren't here, but it's because of uninformed morons like OP, who think they own the place that we had that Naruto trolling about four years ago. Listening to the english opening and seeing Samuel Naruto Jackson everytime was a slap on the face of autists like OP. Based Moot.

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This board can't handle everytime some big news about dragon ball come out.

For a few days and it will die out.

I would very much prefer if FranXX thread were purged, at least Dragon Ball will stay being relevant in the future unlike seasontrash

Well since it isnt underground people like op already assume its shit. They can fuck off to gaia for all I care.

Lets just ban everything OP doensn't like, that way everyone is happy.

why this sudden rise in popularity for Dragonball? I thought super is garbage.

It attracts super faggots.

spics don't care about how bad it is

The thread

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They actually do like it they just act tsunadere towards it.


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At least dragonballfags are capable of using catalog and sticking to their containment thread. When """""people""""" keep making 20+ of the same DitF thread they should be banned, but that would require mods to actually do their job instead of jerking off to the pointless trap thread number 7 of the day.

One Piece threads are worse.

On that note, shipping needs to be globally banned.

Yes. You have to be at least 18 to post on this site after all.

>One Piece threads are worse.
No. No amount of shipping wars (which are a staple on Sup Forums, regardless of series) is worse than all the shit and spicposting DBS threads have.

Don't Ban DB but Mexicans IPS.


Franxx threads are even worse. The problem with DB threads is trying to break the containment chain, like they tried to do some months ago and ended up with +20 threads open.

They don't spam 80 threads.

Show is over and the threads will eventually die out into an occasional thing. No gateway anime can hold it's traffic after finishing for an extended period of time.

I wish GT wasn't duller than a plastic butter knife. Super is fanfiction tier but at least it's not boring.

you know soy isnt the problem, but mercury?
Soy in fact increases testosterone, which is not recommended for people with prostate cancer.

What will be the next colossal meme anime to hold Sup Forums hostage?

I hope that is the case.

Griffith dindu nuffin wrong, yet again.

Next season seems safe. Persona and S;G will certainly attract some undesirables, but on a smaller scale and divided between two series.
The time between next Rebuild's theatrical and physical releases will be very special for sure.

I'm surprised Pokemon has its own board yet Dragonball doesn't despite both being huge franchises, well known to normies.