Friendly franxx thread

No fat shaming

No calling ichigo shit

No slut shaming

This is a sensible franxx thread.

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no, fuck you

....manlets amirite?

So basically all we can do is post Mikus? Sounds good.

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Ichigo a shit


>Antagonist kisses her hand unprovoked
>101% guarantee you it was not reciprocated
The haters for this show are, honest to God, a thousand times worse than the fans.

What the heck is going on in here? Ichigo is best girl, btw.

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Ichigo is a strong parasite and fantastic leader who will definitely win 016 back from that useless pink demon bitch. It's only a matter of time.

What if it's 02 getting cucked this time? Hiro being forced to pilot the Franxx with someone in that élite group?

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Kokoro is a WHORE, not a slut. Get it right.

Non-possible. The ChadSquad are all stamens. There isn’t a single hint of any curve on a single one of them. And from a show that makes even the robots curvy sex machines, they can’t tell you they’re male any more deliberately. These boys are sent to unruly and underperforming plantations to teach the local stamens how to handle their girls.

This is literally the NTR squad.


I have the vague idea that 02 was forced to ride with one of the 9's, and that threw her over the edge.
We know that there was a good reason why she was with Dr Franxx in episode 1.
They might be related.

There is nothing else to talk about because any semblance of plot was lost in this poorly written growing up romance story that is slmost entirely filler. So all Sup Forums can really discuss is cuck ntr shit and how beta the males are. What else has legit happened that equates to any form of narrative exposition.

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ok but you didn't say no calling the show shit


punished futoshi
a stamen denied his bread

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physical perfection.

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And you just guaranteed that all of it will be posted ITT.

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Zorome better not let us down