Spring 2018 - Season

Sport shows are back on THE MENU boys!

What will you be watching this SPRING SEASON?

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Is the beach volleyball one in spring? Never liked Tsubasa since it has a bad mash of realball and magickungfuball and snoreball is one of the most boring sports conceived by man.

What? I always thought it played at least realistically, been a while since I watched it as a kid.
The only sports series I can think off that portrays them with lolsuperpowers or just simulated magic effect would be Prince of Tennis, Inazuma Eleven and Kuroko's Basketball.


Shit like this is the reason why winter anime is superior

When I watched an iteration of it both Tsubasa and his opponent striker had trademark named cool super kicks with special effects but it felt like a lot of ACE wankery over teamwork, skills, and strategy so it left a bad impression. Giant Killing is probably peak real football anime/manga.

get out

Man, I don't know about this season. I might just use it to clear some of my backlog instead.

>Having backlog
Commit to the shows you begin user.

>watching sports anime
Literally brainlet tier. Prove me wrong.

Also this. Having a backlog is just silly. If you got time to spend on Sup Forums then you should be able to finish your backlog. Though
>Commit to the shows you begin user.
Shows you are watching aren't on your backlog.

Saki is good faggot.

>Prove me wrong.
3-gatsu is a sport anime.

Is it s3 or ggo:a in spring? Not really interested if no waifu in it.

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SAO this season is fine, it has lolis with guns and explosions.

Both are "game" anime, not sports. But 3-gatsu is trash so I can only assume you're brainlet for watching it.

>not fem kirito
Not even attractive.

>Both are "game" anime, not sports. But 3-gatsu is trash so I can only assume you're brainlet for watching it.
Initial D then.

Nice bait faggot you almost got me.

A classic, but I have already seen/red the originals: i will only watch the good stuff
Ashita no Joe, but with robot punches. No thanks
>New Ina11
I fucking hated GO, I hope this can save the franchise
>Major 2
Mc is a faggot, no Goro and baseball staff is pretty bad (at least for the materials scanlated so far). pass

you will never understand then

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What about Gurazeni?

What about Gurazeni?

I haven't red the manga, I will check it out later but about the anime


I don't have much hope for it

Looking good, other than Shotacon soccer the rest looks like regular sportshit. Megalo is alt "sport" I guess.

Okay mom.

I have found chapter 1, it seems to be a short

Ippo vs JD

What about it?

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Understand what? Why did you post ugly art to accompany your post? Are you a broken AI?

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This and Uma musume.

How so?

I swear the Captain Tsuabasa is going to end up being an elaborate ruse and their going to start airing Vento Aureo

Amanchu, Lupin, and WIXOSS.

Lupin, no doubt. Fuck sports shit. If it's not cute girls playing sport I don't care. Anime is for fantastic concepts that wouldn't be done better in 3d. Boys playing sport is a waste of effort in this regard. Give them guns or something.

Give me the full chart faggot