Darling in the FranXX

We are finally going to see Kaworu and his squad lads

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IF you thought Sup Forums was assblasted when Mitsuru went for the Oni or Kokoro went for the Edge. You’re in for a real treat. When the NTR squad rolls up in here and takes over piloting the p13 Franxx, all the fandoms will voltron into the MegagigaShitstorm 9000 only septs will defeat it.

I'd normally ask when a good time is to actually discuss this show instead of encounter pathetic shitposter after pathetic shitposter, but I think the best answer is to just not go on Sup Forums after a PV or episode drops, or at all while this episode's airing. I don't remember the last time the board was this cancer. 2014 I think.

>or at all while this episode's airing
Strike that, this show*

You misspelled funny

Fuck off. All of you complain about Sup Forums being cancer yet you do nothing but contribute to it.

>Futoshi and goro get shitted on because they are nice guys
Does the director hate nice guys

Ichigofag buttmad?

No, just somebody who wants to discuss the show without seeing the word c--k or n-r every two seconds.

So since there five guys on the ntr squad who do we match them up with in the current squad

How will Ichigo punish 002 for destroying the bathroom?

>Does the director hate nice guys
Who doesn't hate nice guys? The universe itself hates you faggots. Nice guys always finish last.

Can't be helped since the show keeps doing cuck shit. Maybe if they slowed down it would lessen the shitposting associated with it.

>Can't be helped since the show keeps doing cuck shit
The main antagonist kissed her hand without her permission and she obviously doesn't like it. That isn't "cuck shit". I'm sorry you're so retarded that you can't see that, but it is what it is.

>The main antagonist kissed her hand without her permission and she obviously doesn't like it.
How naive.

Can i have recent 4komas please?

Damn, I just want to say despite all the shit posting the first 11 episode of Franxx have been the absolute best time I’ve had with an anime in forever, it’s genuinely comfy and a good time but as it stands it’s just AOTS tier.

After seeing this pv it’s clear they are in the transition to making AOTY but there is a chance it all goes to shit here and I just want to say for the record that no matter what these first 12 have been the absolute best, now let’s get fucking ready.

>That isn't "cuck shit"

That isn't what Sup Forums told me.

People were doing it by their hair color plus the girls parasite suits color, but who knows.

Sup Forums is full of dumbasses who have no idea what they're talking about. It might not even be Sup Forums, it's probably Sup Forums or Sup Forums or some other crossboarder.


Goro will win in the long run. Don't give up, lads.

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Imagine being so fat AND desperate that your girl leaves you for a manlet...

>Fatoshi NTR'd by Kokoro NTR'd by Hiro NTR'd by mitsuru once and who's NTRing Goro and Ichigo NTR'd by Zero Two who's about to be NTR'd by Alpha
Good God we're reaching Tachibana levels of NTR here

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>Imagine being so fat AND desperate that your girl leaves you for a gay, uninterested manlet...

>Nine Alpha steals Ichigoi
>Goro and Ikuno teaming up to save her and kick Ninealpha's ass

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>nice guys

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It's a cute angelical manlet though

Just kill yourselves.

Teach viewers a lesson. Nice doesn't mean fawning over someone, it means understanding them and what they really want.

Also lose weight.

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Goro and Ikuno definitely need to form an alliance before this gets out of hand.

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Behold the other three daughters of Desiderius - Anselperga, Adelperga, and Liutperga, where 002 is Desiderata.

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keep talking shit milkfags
punished /fit/oshi is now canon and he is coming to steal ur girl

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he just hate himself

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Pure autism

Which one's Analpegga?

Asking for a friend.

>yellow hair takes 02
>purple hair takes ichigo
>green hair takes miku
>red hair takes kokoro
>blue takes ikuno

Leave NTR to us!

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New uniforms look nice, I guess those are just their winter versions though.

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Is it Saturday yet?

why would they be paired up with a bunch of incompetent pilot.
is shitposter this dumb now?

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>Pistils in Ichigo's group are so good that they will be paired with the chads group, cucking every current guy.

Just imagine Sup Forums state if that happens.

Oh god Cant you appreciate the fact that this dude is being a gentleman,kissing a girls hand and all,nothing less nothing more
I mean this show is decent and has no NTR or any other shitty fetish right?

There would be a shitstorm the biggest since Ragyo diddled Satsuki

I thought this week was bad. That would be five times worse.

He called alpha 9 because he his harem includes 3 triplet ichigo, ikuno, kokoro, miku, 02 and nana

Fucking hell the mad man must be stopped he worser then milkman

Milkman was the beta subject to see how we handle ntr

Well..if that happens for real(and it seems to be)this show cant get any more worse
I mean i can handle a few ntr moments here and there just for the fun and character development but they are taking it too far if this happens

>This turns Ikuno straight

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>5 girls
>5 fuccbois
Pretty obvious. Sup Forums has been on a roll with correctly guessing this shit.


>when the APE brainwashing hits u just right

It's a side effect from snatching too many cute Pistils away.
t. Nishigori

>cuter than Goro
I don't blame her.

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>Basically looks like Hiro

He better do it soon. People can't seem to keep their hands off the strawberry,

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Either something happened between the episodes, or it's just trigger being QUALITY as usual.

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If this happened, then maybe, just maybe the shitstorm will reach a quarter of R2's level of spam and funposting.

Can aomeone translate the PV?

>>cuter than Goro

>FAToshi loses weight, works out, and gets BUFFED
>Steals back his girl and puts Milkman in place

Fucking slut.
How many has she been with now?
I'm counting Hiro, Goro and Ikuno now.
Ichigo will ride with anyone, the fucking whore! I bet she can't resist elite 9s action. Everyone will probably have a turn with her.
Worst Girl!

Ichigo is a fucking slut!

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>the nines are just a squad of 4 Strelizias

good, her being pair up with someone else and getting passed up all over the place just fit ichigo right.

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On a serious note, 02's emo and brooding has reached its critical point. Now it's up to Ichigo to help her out.

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Nice headcanon.

Have a (You).

So just Trigger then.

>tfw it's going to be Ichigo who will reassure 02
That's nice.

Fatfags not now.
Save those posts for the mid-season SoL filler episodes, this is plot and suffering week.


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Oh man, he's actually got a chin now.

Will everyone get a slice of the Strawberry tart by the end of the show?

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I think you replied to the wrong person.



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user you haven't been around when Oreimo aired so you haven't seen anything yet. Same goes for Valvrave

>i want to form relationship with other people
Kokohoe will abondone milk man once she finds someone with a bigger dick, more fertile and isn't gay

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WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE. That's not Ichigo's arm. It can't be since the sleeve outfit is different from her uniform.


Meant for

Homo incoming

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>squad leader
>lowest number
>ever growing harem
Ichigo is a harem MC isn't she?

They're wearing the new Winter uniform in the preview, check the buttons in the PV.

They've never had pupils. 9´α has a white glow in his eyes that's only visible from close like Zero Two's red eye glow.

they got new uniforms lad

They got new uniforms

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Meant for

Oh. Carry on.

Why she unhappy Sup Forums

Look how Kokoro sticks to Mitsuru.

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She finally finds out that Milkman is gay

Wait, can anyone check if 02 and Hiro are wearing these new uniforms in the cherry blossom scene in episode 1?

>some people think Kaworu is kissing Ichigo when he's actually kissing Hiro (Shinji)
Homos don't like girls remember.

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ntr status
Mitsuru - check, attempted to ntr hiro
Kokoro - check, successful ntr of Mitsuru
Futsohi - check, victim of Kokoro
Ikuno - check, ntr'd by life
Hiro - check, attempted ntr by Mitsuru
Miku - innocent
Zorome - innocent
Goro - check, had to watch Ichigo pine after Hiro
Ichigo - please stand by
02 - please stand by

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Darling is about to get HORNED

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>They've never had pupils.

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