One Piece 900


Chifon thinks back to Sanji making the cake, and he has this big grin on his face. She reminds him how important this is --that he holds the fate of the kingdom and his own life in his hands --so how can he smile? He's like "I just thought about BIg Mom's expression of happiness when she eats this"

Big Mom *loves* the cake. "It's so delicious, I could die!!" Peros and the others are convinced there's no poison --or if there is it didn't work. He has them report to everyone on the island that it was Pudding who saved them from Big Mom's craving.

Pudding sits alone as everyone celebrates her great work, " wasn't me..."

Meanwhile Jinbe's crew opens a path for the Strawhats to escape through. Oven gets back and he's pissed at Luffy for defeating Katakuri. The Strawhats are already sailing off, and Aladdin tells Luffy to take care of Jinbe.

Oven turns the water into...well, an "oven", lol. By heating it up, using a technique called "Nekkai Jigoku" (The kanji is boiling hot ocean sauna.)

This takes out the entire Sun Pirate crew. Anyway, the "Queen Mama shante" is soon to arrive and Mondor is happy it made it in time. Mama starts to sing about the flavor of the cake as her ship closes in and starts wrecking everything. She's reminded of her birthday party way back when --the last time she saw Caramel.

The Germa are also all wiped out or bleeding.

Judge is apparently surrounded by two new characters --one is a large dude with a spear and another is a smaller dude --they're in shadows though.

"Everyone is happy" Mom sings "It's a peaceful world!" "Species doesn't matter~" "But if anyone tries to leave, I'll kill them~"

"A contract with the devil"

"Peaceful Totland"

"Everyone is family~"

"The gentle queen"

"Big Moooom~"

A canon opens fire on the sunny seemingly obliterating it --the only thing left is the Straw hat flag floating on the sea.

Mama says "Delicious" as the fire engulfs the ship.

Break next week.

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Sanji........................... You have some explaining to do....................

Thanks shithead

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Okay. How does Oda write his way out of this corner. Predictions time.

All you whiny Soyji/ Jobji and Luffyfags all exposed yourselves as baby bitches. Zorofags are the true chads and is confirmed to have the maturest fanbase in the whole fandom. Truly pathetic, Ls to all you whiny fags and you should feel embarrassed. Now lets enjoy Big Meme's wild ride out of WCI. How will Goda deliver?

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Thanks for nothing Sanji.

>break next week
FUCK, atleast the anime is now in a cool part

what a fucking dumbass

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The chapter is 900
There are no unironic Sanjifags left

And that's the fucking cliffhanger holy shit.

I can't believe one piece is over.

>"when you wake up the cage will be gone heh nothin personnel kid"
>*wakes up*

SHs getting captured and thrown into the Totland dungeons soon. Pudding will probably have to stage a rescue with Katakuri to bust Luffy and crew out. If BM is tearing shit up even after eating the cake then there's no fucking way the SHs can escape now.

Why Sanji only? Luffy was also the one that decided to have 1 vs 1 fight when the crew was surviving Big Mom

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>Rescue arc turned into a even bigger rescue arc

It's all just a memory that pudding implanted on everyone.

Colour spread in 2 hours.

>another break
Why do we give Oda a pass again?

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Now that's what call and explosive appetite!

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definitely one of the best arc, strawhat losing is some of the greatest plotpoint (mihawk, aokiji, Iceburg's apartment, kuma, timeskip and now this)

Press F for Sunny's demise

Screencap this.
This is some Pudding hack skill where she is altering everyone's memory or something. Lmao at the idiots who think Strawhats are going to suffer a defeat this bad.

>SH spend years inside BM's dungeons
I wouldn't be mad, New World should be this dangerous and have consequences

based oda

>Sunny is burning and everyone's about to die
>"Hahaha! Mamama! Come meet your doom, Strawhat!"

Reminder that Luffy is stupid for fighting against the yonko crew head on without brining his full crew or at least brought based Zoro for added muscle Jobji isn't going to cut it.

Big meme they said.
The Yonko are a joke they said.
The Strawhats won with half their crew they said.
Hahaha. Get rekt.

Shiet those eyes.

I'm kinda sad that Sunny got rektd but SH getting their ass handed to them is a breath of fresh air.

So obvious Big Mom is imagining this.

So in other words, we will restart this entire arc from the pre-wedding?

If only Zoro was in this arc we'd be out of WCI without any casualties.

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>Sanji smiling as he cooks the very downfall of the Strawhat crew

>no Reverie

Big Mom? More like Beautiful Mom.


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They've been getting their asses handed to them this entire arc.

wadatsumi ate the ship

Luffy as a prisoner in WCI would be cool, I unironically likes Luffy when be is not with his crew that much

>He honestly thinking SH are going to lose the fucking Thousand Sunny
A better cliffhanger would be the SH defeated but Oda showing Thousand Sunny getting wreck means we are getting an asspull next chapter. Most likely via Pudding memories.

The cake made her faint, it is all a dream.



Usually I would be mad about the arc not ending yet but seeing the straw hats finally btfo is satisfying

W-why, Oda? WHY?!

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then why was he so scared of big mom that he failed to show up?

Hey, here me out. What if Pudding can implant memory by any means, like a memory frame inside the cake?

Sanji is a traitor

How can one man be this much of a cuck? He kicked his captain in the face when he came to save him. Sobbed like a true cuck when Pudding revealed her true colors to Reiju and cooked the cake that ended his and his entire crew's dreams. Luffy should've left Sanji to his fate. At least he'd still be on the path to PK then.

>Actually stopped BM
>Has some explaining to do

>Ship gets destroyed
>same time that the Fishmen pirates come back
>arc after Luffy gets a huge pseudo crew like the Yonkou's
>The initial ship is made from Adam Tree
>The Eve tree's wood comes from Fishman island

Are we about to see the ship rebuilt from a mixture of Adam and Eve wood into a Yonko sized ship?

>Most likely via Pudding memories
I want Pudding memories to be used in an evil way
>Zoro and the others arrive because Luffy never came
>Zoro finds Luffy working with BM
>"Oi Luffy!"
>"who are you?"

Honestly if you just look at it like Sanji's running gag in the series is that he's useless and constantly loses purposely by Oda as a joke it becomes a lot more bearable and less painful

Maybe it's everything a dream of BM, this outcome is really strage. How can the SH survive this? Aside from the logic "escape from a yonkou is impossible hurr durr"They're the protagonists..

How much you anons want to bet, Pedro is behind this and set off an explosion?
Pedro must be alive because he knew "killing the straw hats" would be the only way to get away.

Pudding's power doesn't work like that, retards

By the time we see him again he'll already have beaten Kaido with one sword, and Blackbeard with the other you pussy retard faggot

Wait, if Sanji had actually allowed Bege poison the cake, BM wouldn't be able to control her ship, and thus the ship wouldn't have destroyed Franky's dream, holy shit, not only jobji is a complete jobber, he jobs so much he makes the rest of the straw hats job with him even without being in the arc, Oda is truly a genius.

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It wasn't that he was scared, he's bad at directions, remember. Zoro could've arrived at WCI by himself and solo everyone to help his mates escape but sadly he couldn't find the way.

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Does Pudding even know the Sun Pirates did something? So people that keep claiming a Pudding memory implant, you have to take that into consideration.

hahahahahahahahahahaha, COPE

>people blaming sanji
You wont be laughing when the ass pull happens and it shows BM in a dream or some shit because of Sanji's food

>Actually stopped BM
>Thousand Sunny is in flames and the Mugiwara flag is in tatters
>Sun Pirates are being cooked alive and Germa got absolutely destroyed
No. At least BM was slowly being whittled away by hunger before, now she's replenished no thanks to his goddamn cake and ready to carve the SHs up even if they somehow survive the sinking of their ship.

Sanji’s cake jobbed too. He has managed to accomplish absolutely nothing.

The only way for the strawhats to survive this is if big mom forgives them

>Sanji singlehandedly destroyed Franky's dream

iirc this is the first major lost in new world, Luffy getting captured by the enraged army and the KX launcher failing is just the same mid-arc lost like Luffy losing his shadow or defeated by caesar

Maybe the submarine and the merry rowboat survived

Unfortunately we just dont have enough information to guess. It depends what happened to the Sunny.

>Queen Mama shante

It's "chante" which is French for sing, not "shante".



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Bitch, how would she know about the Sun Pirates being in the water and how would she know about Germa?

This. If only they went with Beges plan to poison the cake and kill Big Meme none of this would've happened. It's all Lanji's fault.

Yeah, but I want to shitpost now so shut up

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next chapter is going to be about zolo

A man's dream never dies, just mean's Franky's ship fucking sucked LOL

>Pudding made BM believe Sunny and SH were destroyed
That would be fucking boring , I want consequences for the SH

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Most boring arc ever. Big Mom is a Kid Cartoon villains. Even Berge and Katakuri couldn't save this arc

LITERALLY nothing happens AGAIN.

How does Oda do it?

Because you could infer that Kuma could literally teleport people after seeing him remove pain right? She could easily have more than what was shown.


p-press f

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>implying the cake isnt so delicious that big mom dies

Actually, yes. The cakes wasn't supposed to stop the whole BM crew wrecking SH's shit.

The absolute state of Jojjifags


Oda what the fuck are you doing just go back to Zoro

>Big Mom is a Kid Cartoon villains
Yes, it is one piece after all?

BASED. We won again, fellow Zorobros.

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im tired of you french fags

Sanji vs Daifuku incoming? P-please?

It's pudding editing everyone's memory via big mom soul control bullshit or something. Cap this.

>Will do anything to have a reason to hate Sanji
Is your life that meaningless?

Holy fuck zorokids never shut up do they

Can you just leave, nobody cares about your edgy shit character

They must have sunk the Sunny before the explosion, pulled it underwater or some shit
There's no way the Sunny is fully rekt

Sanji that is SUPEEEEEEEER BAD, why do you do this to me jobji?

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Literally Nothing Happens: The Chapter + BREAK NEXT WEEK!!!


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