WSJ bracket tournament - 50 years edition

I've picked the most 32 relevant titles I thought, then randomized all.

Let's go Sup Forums

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Just make a chart with all of them in it. Is that really so fucking hard to do? These charts will always be shit otherwise.

My version.

Nobody can beat the king.

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Fuck off


>One Piece of shit being better than Slam Dunk
I won't say you have dogshit taste, because you probably hear it every day.

Where's Eyeshield?

Do your own version then

Thinking in create a version with 64 brackets. That would be absolute madness

No thanks, the whole idea is retarded and I don't really care about WSJ garbage (save Slam Dunk and Kenshin).




Kill yourself.


That's not the king, this is the king.

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Too bad publishing mecha manga in WSJ would get you expulsed. Already happened with this and happened again with Hiroyuki Takei and his work on Jumbor. So not holding much hope.

But I already do

It really should have been expanded to at least 64 but even then, I think my winner would have been the same

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>thinking that had anything to do with mecha and not the authors
Nagai left Jump, they didn't kick him out and Takei moved Jumbor to a seinen mag

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What is it then?

Can WSJ publishes at least a mecha manga that will not get axed soon? It seems the mecha trend is slowly reviving.

>It will never ever get an anime adaptation


>No thanks I preffer to be a bitch since I hate WSJ garbage series except those I don't hate because of my very selective, superior taste, also you have shit taste for liking actual quality instead of being a snowflake

Mazingerbro aren't you doing chart results?

I'm rooting for them.

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Seems like way too much of a clusterfuck this time desu

>Death Note
I thought it was the perfect match-up with Dr. Slump because both were manga with very high highs but just a lot of weak chapters despite being short manga

The fear of kids imitating delinquent behavior is ridiculous when you consider what actually is animated

Dat Haikyuu vs Slam Dunk

True finale was taking place on the left side entirely. Kinda disappointed by myself how good Naruto placed

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>Black Clover not one of them

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Really? I found the pacing to be way too rushed. Only about 4 volumes in/wherever the black knights got introduced, then it got kind of interesting but I ultimately dropped it.

Most based poster in this thread.

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>sin titulo

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that's a serious case of casual you got there mate, not that I complain about the end result though

Should swap Video Girl Ai or Dragon Quest for Hoshin Engi?

Please make Kimetsu the winner

I am super pushing Kimetsu no Yaiba

Goes to show you the quality of these shitty threads

>Nobody is making Dragon Ball the winner

I love this

On the left side we have Slam Dunk, One Piece, Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, Jojo and FoMS. All these are better than DB.

>comparing turds


Why should I kiss my sister?

But Dragon Ball is the anime/manga most popular, relevant and with biggest fanbase ever!!!