Who's your favorite loli from anime and manga?

Who's your favorite loli from anime and manga?

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Good bait OP. Somebody'll fall for it.

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that smell of crossboarding piece of shit

She's not a loli.

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But in anime,episode of waterpark date was cut,so She cannot wear such stuff while Mina with mediocre look can wear it.

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>not a loli

Delete yourself, newshit fucking scum.

Dumb crossboarder.

*has been

Please provide at least three points as to why she isn't a loli.

Takagi is indeed a loli you fucking ignorant ironic weeb newfag

I honestly don't know what part of the sentence that *has been is supposed to replace.

Best loli here, you're free to disagree but you'll just be wrong.

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No she's not, retard.

Say hi to the mods

>tits too big
>acts like a hag
>dumb forehead
I gave you four. You happy now, dumb crossboarder?
No she isn't, you fucking falseflagger.

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Why was this deleted.

>tend to lean towards average to big boob girls for waifu material
>every time i fap i go straight for loli and traps

Why do I do this?

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Cursed image, be careful.

Butthurt newfag who thinks Takagi is a loli is report spamming.

Cause is hentai and those anons were retards

Posting an image from a hentai is not against the rules newfag.
Also learn fucking English.

Say that to the mods who deleted you pedofaggot

You really are a newfaggot aren't you.

As a true loli connoisseur all lolis are my favorites.
I could never pick just one of these tiny goddesses.

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Mod, jany, who cares? You are dead now. Stay dead

OP is in maximum damage control, it's quite sad to watch.

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Being a loli has nothing to with breast size, age or behavior. Hestia is a loli, but she has huge breasts. Shinobu is a loli, but she is old and mature. Having childlike face and being low is enough to be considered loli.

JCs can be lolis, and they also cannot not be lolis on a case by case basis. She is still youthful and very petite, partially because of her age still lingering in the loli territory, partially because of a particular artstyle.
>tits too big
Although I myself am a devout disciple of DFC, lolis dont always ought to be perflat.
>acts like a hag
>dumb forehead
Kissable foreheads with an adequate amount of surface area for smooches are good.
>calls OP a crossboarder
>posts an SMT reaction image
It appears you have cornered yourself here, dear user.

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Oups sorry

that webm is just brutal


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You STILL can't speak English you 11 year old mongoloid.

Yeah my english is a little bad, so what?

Oh look what got deleted?

Reminder that the fujo loli hater is projecting her trauma over her papa using her as an onahole

Your mind may lie to you, but your boner can't.

Duh I was deleted cause I admited that I reported you. Big deal

I'll never understand how anyone could think someone with huge foreheads are attractive, it's ugly as fuck

Fuck off chimplet

So long lolis count?

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She's not a loli.

Just let it die, 7am Sup Forums is full of 3rd word foreign retards.

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Too many for me to fairly consider an all-time best.
For the current/recently concluded season, probably this one.

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Calm down, it's just a drawing.

its rika

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She is a loli

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Hard not to agree

I want to glaze Mia's cute face!

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Koume is precious.

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>t. fujo begging for daddy’s cock

Blue > Red

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>calls somebody a crossboarder
>posts Sup Forumsermin reaction image
Nice irony.

But in anime,for the episode of waterpark date has been cut,so She cannot wear such stuff while Mina can wear it despite her mediocre look.

This one.

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Hestisa isn't a loli just a midget.

How do you know it's a Sup Forumsermin reaction image? Checkmate, you dumb crossboarder.

It doesn't look like an anime and I looked up in the archive. Your move newshit.

>get out of muh seekret chinese doodles forum.

Years of crossboarding Sup Forums faggots have made it easy to spot them and their shitty non-anime reaction images. It's not rocket science. Now leave.

She was called loli in her anime.

Lol yeah these are just edgy retarded fags pretending to be cutting edge and all

I'll fight with all my power, LETS GO!

You are 10 years old.
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why are you faggots still giving him (you)s? just ignore the newfag and sage this shitty thread

Because I have nothing better to do than make fun of a 10 year old.

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>She was called loli in her anime.
As an insult, you retard.

when newfriends outnumber oldfriends they like to rewrite history to suit themselves


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Out of the way, newfag fucking shits.

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Koneko Best Waifu fight me

>Hestia is a loli
are you a drooling retard?

I find it funny that the only people who call us pedos are kids themselves.

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Dude you blind? She's definitely a loli, look at that flat chest