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>[Mashin] [180328] TVアニメ「三ツ星カラーズ」キャラクターソングシリーズ02 さっちゃん [320K+BK]
Scatchan's character song is out.
Why's it so average compared to Yui's?

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>an entire song dedicated to how cute and adorable she is

Why is this allowed?

I want to stick it in Sacchan's poop hole.

Hopefully we get a quzilax doujin.

My opinion on the first songs: Sacchan's has the best vocals but the worst instrumentals, Kotoha's has the best instrumentation but is kinda gimmicky, Yui's is all around good.

>Sacchan's voice is nice and clear for both her songs and sounds great, but she's all fucking raspy in the OP and ED solos

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t. Yui

Sorry bub but I'm waiting for the real gold to come out.

With this butt its no wonder she developed unko obsession.

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Mitsuboshi RUMP

oh this is wonderful

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W-what happens after this?

spring came

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and so did I

You spent so much time staringat her butt that you didn't realize her head isn't even properly sitting on her neck.

Sasuga SL

Also her hand. Holy shit this show was maximum quality.

This wasn't necessary

Post more necessary scenes.

she is pretty athletic ofr a child that spends all his free time with a videogame

She has godly dexterity and agility.

Is she godly in bed as well?

But literally incapable of playing video games.

Rude. Give her a light gun or a dance mat and she'll fucking smoke you.