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Spoilers and pics out.
>Leave Germa to us

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Guys, guys

Don't let the actual content of the chapter distract you from the fact that

>chapter 900
>the Ninth

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WCI is only just beginning

Sometimes I wonder if Oda grabs himself a beer and browses the web after cliffhangers like this with break announcement just to harvest all those delicious tears.

Who /oven/ here?

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Who /charlotte/ here?

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Chifon thinks back to Sanji making the cake, and he has this big grin on his face. She reminds him how important this is --that he holds the fate of the kingdom and his own life in his hands --so how can he smile? He's like "I just thought about BIg Mom's expression of happiness when she eats this"

Big Mom *loves* the cake. "It's so delicious, I could die!!" Peros and the others are convinced there's no poison --or if there is it didn't work. He has them report to everyone on the island that it was Pudding who saved them from Big Mom's craving.

Pudding sits alone as everyone celebrates her great work, " wasn't me..."

Meanwhile Jinbe's crew opens a path for the Strawhats to escape through. Oven gets back and he's pissed at Luffy for defeating Katakuri. The Strawhats are already sailing off, and Aladdin tells Luffy to take care of Jinbe.

Oven turns the water into...well, an "oven", lol. By heating it up, using a technique called "Nekkai Jigoku" (The kanji is boiling hot ocean sauna.)

This takes out the entire Sun Pirate crew. Anyway, the "Queen Mama shante" is soon to arrive and Mondor is happy it made it in time. Mama starts to sing about the flavor of the cake as her ship closes in and starts wrecking everything. She's reminded of her birthday party way back when --the last time she saw Caramel.

The Germa are also all wiped out or bleeding.

Judge is apparently surrounded by two new characters --one is a large dude with a spear and another is a smaller dude --they're in shadows though.

"Everyone is happy" Mom sings "It's a peaceful world!" "Species doesn't matter~" "But if anyone tries to leave, I'll kill them~"

"A contract with the devil"

"Peaceful Totland"

"Everyone is family~"

"The gentle queen"

"Big Moooom~"

A canon opens fire on the sunny seemingly obliterating it --the only thing left is the Straw hat flag floating on the sea.

Mama says "Delicious" as the fire engulfs the ship.

Break next week.

>those DSL


pudding looks beautiful

i-it was all just a fake memoryfags BTFO

This is your new mc from now on.
You had a good ride Straw Hat-ya. You can rest now.

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>Strawhats turn Sanji in to the marines to buy Adam wood
The only thing he could be good for at this point


Strawhats should just quit. The Yonko are clearly too much for them.

Pudding implanted a memory into the cake


Cute Pudding

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>Sanji got to kiss those delicious succulent lips
at least he got one win this arc

WCI arc ending: NEVER

>Puddings lips are drawn with more detail now
what did Oda mean by this

>train for 3 years
what did they mean by this?

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next chapter title: A new marriage! Katakuri and Luffy best pirate couple!

oda spent no time on his writing

Another day closer to Monet's return!

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Law and zoro

>nothing happens piece

one piece is on the road to become a yaoi couples tale

>Monet was hiding in the ship
>Dies again

Law's room will be full of intensive training

fuck, I'm jealous of sanji

>germa jobs to literal nobodies
Where are all the "Vinsmokes are stronger than the Charlotte borthers" bandwagoners now?

Law's fruit can produce some extremely perverted situation. He can rob people's dick, swap bodies and much more. Fuck there's souce for YEARS of yaoi shit

That got me thinking
>Caesar was on the ship
>Sunny got shot but he uses a gas to "light" the ship on fire
>The ship is damaged but the flames help them camouflage for a few seconds, ready for their counter attack
I just don't want the Sunny to die.

Strawhats win
Strawhats lose

There's no pleasing you autists.

>people still believe in a rematch arc after all this padding

>Good writing

>Bad writing

Odafags have no sense

the thing i hate in this arc is Oda making Luffy unrealisticly win and the wasted Charlotte potential

I know that was what I was upset by and so was everyone else when the Katakuri fight concluded and now I'm enjoying this actual realistic outcome which suddenly made everyone start hackposting

Not the same guy, but while I agree with you that the might of the Emperor has been greatly underestimated... I just want the Sunny to be okay. Damaged sure, but not sunk. I really want the Sunny to be able to sail back to Franky to be repaired and expanded.


Imagine if Oda directly go to the Wano arc just after this next chapter

I just don't want this to be an outcome of
>lol it was just a memory/Big Mom thought the cake was so good she hallucinated and the strawhats are fine and dandy and just humiliated a Yonkou's entire army :^)

This is probably what going to happen. And people will be butthurt by it regardless.

Man one piece just keeps shitting the pants.
This is such a crappy payoff for literally 200 chapters of running and cake baking.

There's no redeeming for Sanji after this. He had one fucking job.

I don't think that's gonna happen, but I don't know how the Sunny may be saved.
Maybe the Sun Pirates will be like "no, this is nothing" or something and pull the Sunny under the sea to save it; at this point I'm willing to accept a Caesar out of nowhere theory.

well historically he is known for providing his enemy the means to harm him/his friends

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Goint into this arc I was rather hyped, especially because the furry island arc was so short, now I think it's up there as one of the worst arcs with it's dragging pace and repeating elements.

this chapter just ruined my day.


The spoilers were real, Sanji confirmed to be the Yamcha of One Piece.

I hope Oda leaves it as a cliffhanger and jumps straight to the Reverie with no Straw Hats appearing whatsoever

Sunny was always impractical for the new world.

Just check out how much precious space is wasted for luxury like that unnecessarily large bath much less the library.

Only Nami and Robin have proper bedrooms as well while the males get crammed together.

The crow's nest isn't even a real crow's nest. It's Zoro's fucking gym with no telescope anywhere to be seen.

Face it, the Sunny is more like a small cruise ship rather than an actual pirate ship.

people who complained this arc was just.
well, your argument is invalid now.

>people complained because SHs defeating BMP was unrealistic
>SHs get rekt
>People complain even harder

What is wrong with you

Who will save strawhats

Much more than one

Where is Sanji? This is his arc so it makes sense he'll be the savior.

I'm still mad about Katakuri but SHs getting rekt is restoring my faith in Oda.

Mostly because oda drags things out. The SHs could have get rekt at the beginning without wasting so much time. Well I personally don't mind the dragging. Oda can do whatever he wants with his manga.

The only one who deserves to get shit on is Sanji.
Maybe the Vinsmokes too but anyone with a brain knew they were going to job anyway.

What if this is Aprils Fool chapter from Oda and that is a fake memory by Pudding?

Now I'm considering all the scenarios that may happen so that the Sunny is not destroyed, and I've been thinking about every StrawHat and what can they do, if I strech their abilities to wherever needed and came up with a few headcanons. Wich would you say is more probable?
>Everybody gets a second wind and counter attacks, Germa preventing Oven from continue the attack on the Sun Pirates, Sun Pirates helping the Sunny preventing it from sinking
>Nami uses the mirage tempo
>Brook uses something against the ship homie
>Caesar out of nowhere with something to extinguish the flames
>Sanji using his own fire to trick the fleet
>Pudding did something
>It was a dream all along

But on this day let us not forget the lives lost in this arc

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They're dead, Jim.

inb4 someone like fucking Blackbeard or the Minks come to the rescue and people will pretend it's not an asspull

>not The Kaidou

The MC doesn't die?? what an asspull!

Case in point

germa btfo by none sweet commander
does big mom have a secret heavy hitters

I wanna agree with that but I wanted the Sunny to be reconstructed. I want it to return to Franky, with only the useless parts destroyed. The Sunny still has the orange trees, Usopp's trees, the shark submarine, the mini-merry, the horse watercycle, the Braquiotank and the Rihnocycle. Not to mention the escape mechanism and the frontal cannon.

*Le Kaido

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The germas are just pathetic jobbers

Sanji clearly fcuked up

>sunny destroyed wtf!!!

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Why didn't Pudding just implant memory of eating wedding cake? Then Big Mom will calm down.

Because she was in love with Jobji, who promised her that the cake would be enough

Leave Whole Cake Island to me.
He'd hate Germa too.

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I can't believe YOJD user was right...

>Year Of Jobji's Death

Mirage Tempo actually sounds believable and even acceptable. Caesar making a fake fire is also possible but too memey to believe.

Blackbeard killed Dragon

Is this a fusion of the decuplets or the father of them?