Why is Haiku or whatever its called outselling MHA?

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Its a volleyball series ffs, it shouldn't be the no2 seller every year

Keep'em comin.

Stick to One Piece faggot, MHA >>>One Piss

Please read Kimetsu no Yaiba

Because MHA is fucking trash. Simple as that.

Because it's like 37 times better?

No MHA >>>>>Push no Yaiba

Haiku isnt even better than Dr. Stronk, dont ever compare it to the greatness that is MHA

Take your shitty bait to r*ddit where you belong.

Black Clover > Haikyuu and Hero Academia

Fite me

BC can't even outsell TPN, comeback when you have a decent series BCfag

Because Reddit Academy is an absolute garbage manga

Salty AOT fan, MHA gonna blow your shitty season away

Because unlike MHA, Haikyuu is consistent. This isn't necessarily a slam on MHA, since it's more difficult to maintain consistency in reader interest in a shounen/SOL series like MHA than it is a sports-driven series like Haikyuu, but it's simply the way things are. Haikyuu has the ability to stand alone with nothing but its characters on a volleyball court doing volleyball things; MHA has to not only provide varying shades of gravitas to its every arc, but do so in such a way that readers care about every character and what they do, and the outcomes have to be satisfying enough that the arc is considered worthwhile time spent to read. In all honesty, though, Hori honestly has too many characters to extend that level of detail on.

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Not a MHAfag, but while Haikyuu anime is awesome, manga is slow as fuck

Haikyuu success is in its anime

>can't even outsell TPN
Because it's a really good manga? Remember to sage the thread lads.

but that shitty thing hasnt had an anime in years, yet its volumes still outsell ours

Because japs are tired of Naruto. They have shit taste in manga/anime, yes, but they are not as stupid as dumb weeaboos

People still compare MHA to Naruto while Orochimaru killed the third Hokage in the last chapter of Black Clover?

The anime draws in the fans, then they stick with it, if an anime had to be on for people to keep buying a manga then people who liked anime wouldn't buy any manga since it would mean they have no interest in it

Anime alerts people to the existence of a series but it doesn't make them keep buying it, that's just retarded

but MHA is more popular, we should have the numbers not them

It's pretty damn popular here in France m8, the numbers will show outside of Japan.

Yaoi bait

This bait but sure I'm going to answer. Both MHA and HQ have fujo fanbase but HQ have a bigger fujo fanbase than MHA.

no one gives af about, France and yall weird shaped boners