Now that the dust has settled, can we make it official?

Now that the dust has settled, can we make it official?

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Even as a KyoAni fag myself I have to say it was Disappointment of the Season.

Already off to a wrong start

Sorry, but no. Yorimoi and Yuru Camp are at the top, but VE is nowhere near.

I agree, but this not the only one AOTS this season.

Umm no i prefer moeblob show #452332

YoriMoi is AOTS

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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This is going to be the show that holds up the best. A few years down the line VEG will still be well known and nobody will give a shit about literally anything else this season except maybe Franxx if it pulls it's act together before long.

Yuru Camp is nice, but it's not memorable.

Wait until the finale.

This has not been a great season, but I would rather nominate After the Rain than Violetto.

Meme in the Franxx will last longer, I'm sure of it. But for different reasons.

This. The best way I could compare it is when MGS3 came out when it did. People might have thought it was ok but remember it for years to come.

No one recognise violet, because being violet is suffering.

Oh, pls, go back to Sup Forums and take your overrated shit with you.

How does KyoAni keep making memorable shows?

Consider the following: This is the moeblob show.

Please, we all know Sup Forums does 90% of the shitposting in VEG threads

Yorimoi was way better executed, all the cast was likeble and had proper development instead of just episodic tear jerking like violet. Yorimoi is the AOTS

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I’m from Sup Forums. Kill yourself. It’s the best way I could describe it. If you can’t understand a simile you’re probably an edgy teen still in high school.

They make plenty of mediocre stuff too.

Phantom World, Amagi, Chunibyo, Kyoukai no Kanata are all ok at best.

No, kill yourself. When the only parallel you can draw is a videogame which is only circlejerked by the saga diehard fans it means you are completely absorved by Sup Forums culture.

Try using a different image so you can sound believable. Doesn’t even look like you watched the show.

The only memorable show people will still talk about is PTE.

Amagi is their best series this decade, followed by Maid Dragon and Nichijou. I'm not counting Tamako because I consider it a movie.

Am I the only one who thought SoraYori's characters were annoyingly archetypal?

Kokkoku was alright, Ito Junji was fun seeing animated
Over all this season was extremely forgettable

K-On S2 > Hyouka > Nichijou > Hibike > Maidragon > Tamako Market > Amagi > Free > Chunibyo > Kyoukai no Kanata > Phantom World

Violet Evergarden is proof that Kyoani needs to go back to adapting source material they aren't affiliated with.

A silent Voice was 100% better then this beyond the boundary and trash evergarden shit.

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This looks about right to me, though I'd have K-ON lower and Maid-Dragon higher.

>KyoAni should go back to being Kadokawa's lapdog
How much does Kadokawa pay you?

I'd put Nichijou at the top
I had a blast watching every episode

When VEG is talked about in a few years, I predict it will mostly be in terms of "that show was kinda overrated, wasn't it?"

Definitely the most beautiful protagonist in the last few years.

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Amagi > Maid Dragon > Nichijou > Tamako Love Story > Silent Voice > K-On S2/Movie > Tamako Market > Hibike > Free > Hyouka

I dropped Chunibyo and haven't seen KnK, Phantom World nor Free S2.

Your pathetic falseflagging attempt does not belong here, you shitty KyoAni hater.

They don't have to be Kadokawa's lapdog to buy outside IP.

Butthurt kemononigger detected

Saber is really cute.

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Saber is not even protagonist.

Shows in those "Sup Forums's official and objective, the realest, honestly believe me it's not bait" lists are always, 100% of the time, flavours of the month that no one outside of the small circlejerk cults even is aware of. VEG being put on one already dooms it to being "oh, I guess that happened"-tier at best, but that's mostly because of Netflix exposure.

I stated this in the last thread: Yuyushiki is on there. It’s not flavor of the month. It’s a legitimate list.


I know this is bait, but at least try to make it subtle.
Killing Bites is the AOTS, no other show comes close.

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Yuru Camp was easily AOTS

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Considering literally every thread made about it now is descended upon by rabid shitposting manchildren, no. I think the general opinion of it will be much better once the seasonal faggots move on to the next meme.

>there are people who unironically believe this

Yuru Camp is AOTS

At this rate I can't even tell is this bait or for real. VE-fags are just that stupid.

Real AOTS contenders:
>Yuru Camp
>Mitsuboshi Colors
>Toji no Miko
>Killing Bites

Decent but nothing special contenders:

Satania still have threads, sometimes, so who knows what happend with them.

Previous years for reference.

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Having silly competitions instead of discussing the actual shows weaknesses and strenghts. Sasuga Sup Forums.

>>Toji no Miko
Is this sequel bait?

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>meme of the season chart

So these really are worthless bait charts

Stop trying to push this. VEG sucks.

>>Mitsuboshi Colors
>>Toji no Miko
>>Killing Bites

for you.

I really hate how these obvious fucking bait threads haven't become autobans after all these years. You can fuck off.

Anal hurt Franxxfag detected.

Going by trends. Why isn't Yuru Camp the AOTS instead?

Because that's a faker.

Yuru Camp is immortalized in /out/ for better or worse(better).

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