Darling in the FranXX

So how do you like the new uniforms?

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Kokoro looks really cute in it

>Serious 02 x 015 development

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If you could kill off one person in this show who would it be?

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SoL episodes are DEAD now.

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Fatass or NTR whore. One of them has to go.


What if she's going to be the one who will push both Hiro and 02 closer? Like, she finally realizes that Hiro truly cares about Oni who still doesn't understand that. Really looking forward for this development.

I like them all

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This actually would be nice.

Or make herself even more of an insufferable cunt and try to wedge her way between them again.

>Ichigo giving 02 girltalk about Hiro so they can make up
I hope.

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it fits her black heart

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The writer.


Will something actually happen in the next episode or will it just be more teenage drama?

We need action



the writer

Looks like something is finally gonna happen after cock teasing us for episodes on end.

Also will there be a new OP?

Nah, I don't think that will happen. Ichigo is not that stupid.
>02 is going to breakdown in front of Ichigo
m-my heart

I just want Zero Tsuu to rape Ichigo.


>Will something actually happen in the next episode
Watch the PV.

I miss this.

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is kokoro wife material like would you marry her if you had a chance?

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>Hiro actually showing visible anger for the first time in the show
So what happened aside from Zero Two going nuts?

It's a tie between Ichigo and Fatoshi.

Yes, I’d marry her in a heart beat.


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She's most definitely not wife material, but I'd fuck her.

>wife material

I'm not a fat fuck, so I imagine the marriage would work out.

Yes and yes.

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She's the perfect girl to make into a single mother.

It might be something unrelated to 02's state, like some kids escaping and the nines hunt them down ruthlessly, since he's not looking down at her

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02 AIDS.

unironically yes

Fuck no. But I'll rape her and make her a single mother.


t. Mitsuru

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Not even if you paid me. My penis is allergic to lying and cheating whores.

No,I'm a filthy shipperfag. She has to marry Mitsuru.

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>mitsuru loses his pretty boy flop
Not even a fujo but they fucked up


Based Dorothy laying on the heat

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Of course, she is perfect wife since I'm not fat

traitors belong on the cross


Maybe they'll do it again with her in Oni form.
Or maybe they don't even need to now. Were the upgraded passes they got in episode 10 permanent?

I want to fuck Dorotits!

Thoughts on the new PV?


Yes to both

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>NTR whore
Which one?

He will just keep ir for _____sex

I want the episode now
I can't wait 50 hours.

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Watch something else.

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The dino episode I've wanted for ages. I hope they shout lots at each other and then have extremely rough make up sex.

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I'd fuck her but not marry her.

>mfw there is an earthquake in Japan and the episode gets delayed

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>The emperor of Japan is cuckolded so the episode is delayed

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Name my band

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Cucking! At the Disco

Alpha and the eNTRors


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Is the green-haired one a cute short-haired girl or a faggot trap?

Cuckstreet Boys

The fuccbois.

Soy Division

Bitches and Whores.

Pastel Pilots

Kokoro still looks like a bitch

good work

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Yes. Yes.


I would not even impregnate her.

No because I'm a faggot

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what's the difference?

every time I see this picture

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This is true

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>Kill off Hiro
>02 rejoins the Nines

They're still a special, experimental team whose performance is increasing beyond original estimates with unique personalities in an otherwise dead civilization. You can do a lot of shit with that.

>***,432位/***,402位 (**1,577 pt) Darling in the Franxx

I hope the NTR was worth it :^)

>episode results in making up with Daahlin and begins a friendship with the strawberry

wew your photoshop skills suck balls user

can't marry who can't give birth

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>Also will there be a new OP?
This is the end of the cour, so probably not. Maybe from 13 onwards.


Why arent the mecha powered by vibrating dildos built into the female pilot chair?

Calm down, Mitsuru.