Darling in the FranXX

Episode 12 preview:

The Alpha Chad vs The Uncontrolled Wild Bull

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So, 02 gets NTR'd now?

Playtime is over darling

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Honestly this would have been solved if Mitsuru actually attempted to talk to Hiro about it instead of being so angsty about the promise. But then again, teenage boys barely talk to each other about feelings. Just look at any highschool or college. Male friends rarely get that emotional with each other or try to “talk things out”. Besides, zero-2 is kind of keeping Hiro under wraps emotionally. Would not be surprised if she turns out to be the de’facto final boss.

I hope 02 gets her hands cut up punching those mirrors and bleeds some blue blood in front of everyone. It would feed her insecurities.

When it come to kids, breaking (forgetting) a promise is a big thing. It’ll probably hurt more when the one who forgets is someone they idolise. I know someone who remembered a forgotten promise for 50-60 years, that’s more than a lifetime as far as I’m concerned. So, I never make promises to little kids. It is serious business to them.

I can actually empathise with Kokoro, though I think she should’ve just stayed quite instead of making that promise. The reason she did it was because of her weakness, just like what we saw in episode 8. That episode also highlights Futoshi’s problem with Kokoro as I think it pushes him into potential stalker territory. Being in-line with Zerome during the clothes melting event, but isn’t as shameless when confronted. Can’t tell if Kokoro is disgusted with his attitude, or if she just needs some space. Either way, I can understand why she jumped at the chance to switch.

Just a thought: a future with no sex, either for procreation or recreation, doesn’t sound appealing at all. Why bother protecting that?

Yes, i'm going to steal Hiro away from her, and we are going to play piano together.

Goddamnit Not-Kaworu.

If you could kill off one person in this show who would it be?

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I hope Ichigo dies

Well shit, they actually are going to do it. I thought that 2 episodes wouldn't be enough but they are squeezing it all into a single episode after 5 slow episodes. Pacing is all over the place.

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new uniforms are pretty cute

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You mean Kokoro user.

I hope Futoshi learns from the pain, grows out of his idolization of women, becomes /fit/ and makes Ikuno straight.

Yeah, Kokoro. He was being a clingy beta. At least you recognized being a lying coward.

In the end the tsundere couple is the best.

Hiro together with 02. Not because I dislike them, but because I always hate killing side-characters, they already have it bad enough, while killing main character is often a fitting way to end the story.

Punished Futoshi confirmed. Sadly, it seams it'll play a very small part in the episode.

What about Naomi?!

>very small part

Thank god.

Kokoro looks THIRSTY there

>implying that's not how 'play' time actually starts

02 is just an attack dog of the Military.
What a pathetic creature. She's only fit for serving her adult masters.

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Fuck off rostie

She's dead, Jim.

>What about Naomi?!

She's dead Jim. Deader than dead. Six feet under dead.

It’s interesting to see the comments section after this episode. I’ve seen no mention of the possibility of any characters being bisexual. It would be fascinating to see if DARLING goes that route, though I have my doubts since it seems to want to reinforce heteronormative pairings above all else.

Shes alive

Yeah Futoshi and Zorome have many similar behaviors but Zorome clearly actually understand Miku and can read her mood (he became quiet and meek when she became angry in IchigoxGoro chapter for example) Futoshi however couldn't read Kokoro at all.

Why post the YouTube link when most people can't see it?

Stop it Jim. You have to move on, that's the only way.

Nice pasta.
I hope the adults gas Ikuno to upset faggots like you.

Yeah whatever.

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The interpersonal drama is an important part of the story, but I think it seems all those hormones raging are the new and improved fuel to power the Franxx into stampede mode and maybe beyond. Overall, we are looking at a highly advance society that has burned itself out and is in a technological stupor (and dying). It’s going to be replaced/overthrown by “nature” (i.e. the Klaxosaurs). Which side is Squad 13 on? Zero Two?

Did they mind wiped Hiro again or something?

In terms of personal preferences - Mitsuru because I hate his constant self-pity and throwing excuses, but that would break quite a lot of premise. In terms of coherent writing, I see a possibility of writing Futoshi and Ikuno accepting their role of outcasts and doing a suicide move to save the rest of the squad in battle, and I am dreading this possibility a lot, because those two had it the hardest on the team and waded through all this shit with their teeth grit, so I want them to finally have something rewarding happen to them now that they have nobody but each other.

this anime is shit, isn't it?

She looks like she has cuts on her hand when approaching darling, so maybe that's after.

Kill yourself.

Nobody. I want all the Children to survive and live happily. They deserve that.

Look, if she was a one time character, they wouldn't have bothered to have Ami Koshimizu voice her. The VA spoils she'll be back in some capacity.

>Hiro actually showing visible anger for the first time in the show
So what happened aside from Zero Two going nuts?

If she survived she got pruned anyway

Thats "dinner time" for dinos

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If the clones theory turns out to be true, then she will return. Otherwise, she's deader than dead.

It gets better every episode desu

>Which side is Squad 13 on? Zero Two?
Both the squad and 02 are undoubtedly on the natural side.

These kiddos really reminded me of AnoHana when they were little. If theyre using the same character formula, then i cannot help but to see them as Jinta=Hiro, Anaru=Ichigo, Yukiatsu=Mitsuru, Popo=Futoshi, Tsuruko=Ikuno, Menma=Kokoro

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She dragged him along like a dog chasing after a bone attached to its head.

She’s a HUGE bitch for enabling him and not being honest.

Is that what they call it now?

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Kokoro is a pure virgin

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So the Nines have the same type of eyes as the adults. Interesting.

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I can't wait for Hiro to man up and rebel against APE and create Outer Heaven for parasites

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But I love this military attack dog.

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What a fucking slut.

Futoshi is a cuck. Not only is he no longer her partner, he said “loved”. Past tense, so he’s literally given the fuck up.

And the miserable beta asshole (Mitsuru) is pretty much confirmed gay for Hiro, because he wanted Hiro to pilot his ass and salving the bruises inflicted and suffered by both parties.

And Ikuno is pretty much confirmed lesbian because she for no fucking reason said she wished the separation from the boys would last forever and her “I was serious!” comment to Ichigo.

This is becoming a real shitshow.

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Yeah, but she will end up snapping and raping the Mitsuru if he doesn't take the hint soon.

Looks like Hiro is feeling the crazy in the robot
When is he going to tame her

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>there are people in this thread whose boner doesn't get harder when 02's horns grow bigger
What are you, gay?

It's just shit Trigger animation. 9'alpha at least has complex eyes.

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She's going to enjoy his lollipop.

Just how much of a fucking brailet do you have to be to think that Mitsuru's plot arc was because he's gay? Why does a fucking retard like you even exist?

02 is in H E A T.

She's a fucking animal, a beast.

So 02 takes medication that makes her look human. I thought it was merely suppressant of more bestial nature, but it seems it might just be cosmetic and she hates seeing herself like this

Oh no the NTR squad is here.

10 bucks he'll avoid kissing her again, that fucking faggot. At the rate this shitshow is going, Hiro will kiss 02 again only in the last episode.

I know, she's now a solid 15/10.

02 is going to behave like an uncontrolled wild bull who doesn't care about anything but your Muh ''I want to kill Klaxosaurs'', just as in the last episode where they whave almost been trampled by a klaxxosaur, If it wasn't for Hiro by pulling the FranXX out, From this point onwards, Hiro piloted the FranXX alone without allowing 02 to control the FranXX for the rest of the battle, Hiro salved Kokoro and Mitsuru, while 02 has become quiet for the rest of the battle, she didn't even scream during the final blow. This time, however, 02 isn't accepting this and how the stamen takes priority over the controls of the FranXX, 02 went berserk and she's using all her strength to take control of the FranXX.

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Wait did he lose weight in the span in one episode?

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Ikuno only got lesbian tendencies because the only man she experiences was terrible in sex/robot and only kept blaming her for his own inadequacy. A quality dick/driver will heal her gay. This is a Japanese story after all, homosexuality is curable there.

Did you forget about the kiss in episode 1?

He is getting juiced up and the results are instantaneously

>homosexuality is curable there.

Homosexuality is curable everywhere, user.

That's hot

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Aren't her horns bigger as well.

When was the last time he avoided kissing her? What makes you think that he will do it again?

I'm pretty sure that's the standard proportion he was drawn when naked. He's not as fat as memes would let you believe.

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I'm not sure if his looks is worried or angry.


This. Ikuno just need some love

>The VA spoils she'll be back in some capacity.

Yeah we will see her brain in a jar somewhere in the garden.

Doesnt she also voice shota Hiro?

The next time Hiro is fucked up and tripping balls of course

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Hiro because things would get two times more interesting that way.

>This time, however, 02 isn't accepting this and how the stamen takes priority over the controls of the FranXX, 02 went berserk and she's using all her strength to take control of the FranXX.

This is probably happening, and Hiro actually showing visible anger for the first time in the show

Thanks for posting the PV dude that's accessible to non-japs.

Looks worried and he's not fighting for control. Something probably is keeping Strelitzia from moving.

Those are man boobs, he's not getting fit.

What are they doing to my wife? If she gets totaled next episode I'm gonna lose it.

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Youtube one is accessible to non-burgers.

>She goes completely berserk and hurts Hiro in the process

Nah, he would actually be straining against the controls then.

They don't magically disappear just from getting fit. You develop them once - you don't get rid of them without plastic surgery, no matter how much bulk you gain, because it's not fat.

Replace youtube with hooktube in the URL