They did it

They did it.

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overwatch is all about appealing to as wide an audience as a multiplayer shooter possibly can
that doesn't make it bad, though it does dilute it

Yeah, having aimbot and wallhack as a "ultimate" is helping in that.

Zarya actually looks somewhat normal unlike the inbred fuck on the left.

>overwatch is all about appealing to as wide an audience as a multiplayer shooter possibly can
Which makes it shit, because it fails to achieve anything that other games dont already do

literally me

these people are so obsesses with themselves

This game was made for tumblr trannies

You didn't get mad when they had a skinny little gay white dude as Scout in TF2

That pink haired bitch in Overwatch is literally a man with tits. That body type and face is nothing like a woman's.

>Looks nothing like Zarya

Scout isnt gay

>half-assed dye job
>disgusting eye shadow shit
>probably a lot more makeup everywhere else
>nasty face piercing


it's a shit version of TF2 but $40

>rainbows make him cry

Fuck the haters. I'd totally snu-snu with Zarya.

Zarya would never be caught with a septum piercing like some degenerate. Winters in russia are too cold, something inevitably awful would happen.

You'd snu snu with a greased up hole in a wall, faggot.

He is in a relationship with a woman.

They did what? That chick has been all about crazy colors for years so I'm not sure what the issue is.

>Implying you wouldn't

Most Gay people are

I have to admit, I was completely wrong. I thought pandering to the tumblrfags like that was so obvious that even they could see through it and not fall for it.

Never underestimate their ignorance and vanity.

disgusting hair
attached the fixed version



This looks so much better it's criminal that it's not the design

I imagine Zarya to be of the same stock of that one video showing some old ass grandma lifting logs like they're nothing

>literally nothing in common except for having a short haircut

>look at me i'm a special snowflake and dyed my hair

Fucking dykes.


She was actually based on a real Blizzard employee. I'll try and find the picture.

hory shet

Well, Blizzard must get the money somehow from the non-snowflake crowd

Tamara Bakhlycheva, she's a Blizzard artist apparently.


I always liked her artstyle. Has that blast from the past cartoony vibe without going too furry sometimes. Thanks for reminding me to buy her shirts.


I like that Sup Forums isn't even against her being a beefcake, just her haircut.

Should we be against her being a beefcake?

Absolutely not


>he doesn't like musclegirls

Then why bring it up?

>widowmaker goes ARA ARA when set to japanese


super qt

You can change voices? How?

not diggin the scars with that cut but it is better

click options before launching the game from battlenet, download japanese voices

I thought it was obvious it was a tranny.

The last one is in Japanese? I can't tell which is which.

I hope the voice acting is good


git gud

they're audible ults, just hunker down until they expire baddie

oh god


Fucking hate this one and the Hot Topic-tier Tracer one as well.

feels good knowing these pieces of shit that dye their hair crazy colors will commit suicide at 30

>all the normies praised the skin when it released

There's nothing wrong with making characters that look like real people.

I forgot that was even a character since she's not in any SFM porn I've seen.

Especially if the SFM models are good.

I recognize Kaceytron, but who's the other girl on the left?



Yes. Not sure, I only keep up with people for the art. She seems well off considering what happened back then.


That haircut has always looked like shit.

Graphics and character designs straight out of 2005.

Buckley is that you?

Going with one of those when the game releases.

Mei's voice actor I think.

This artist needs to draw more


The funny thing is Zarya is the most intolerant of all the heroes.

>not reaper

Hahahahaahahahaha wow, that is funny hahaha

me on the left

Me on the right.

>Not recognizing "Internet Super Star" Dodger Leigh, host of such smash hits as "Press Heart to Continue" and "Dexterity Bonus"


looks like zoey from SSX

>I look for reasons to make myself upset

Literally who?

Pistol Slamfire.

great she went from feminist to this:

>generic pink haired dyke looks like other generic pink haired dyke

Yes, and?

overwatch is basically a safe space shooter

it has no jokes no banter or anything that could be offensive to anything

and tickbox for every single race etc soon in some lore shit will we find out one of the males was gay

>not wanting to fuck Lady ULTIMATE WARRIOOORRR

ok.. so where are the huge bewbs and body you got?

>see upcoming videogame character
>"I could look like it if i dye my hair and lose weight"
>spend hours trying to look like it
>finally achieve it

>no scar
>different nose
>different lips
>different eyes
>not even same hairstyle
if they were joking with friends sure but they look the kind of bot that's delusional as fuck over shit things

Lose the nose ring and ridiculous eye-shadow and she'd be pretty cute.

top left is a cunt who isn't even native. Also I hate how she's always posted

Inuitinua idk what the fuck those other people are talking about


is she single? she's really cute

I didinèt think anything could make the image of the right hot but it just did

Don't delude yourself user, even if she is there's nothing you can do about it.

I can try

I can't fucking unsee Joseph Joestar on the right.