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>Post references and keep them in a single post
>Keep it vidya
>No bumping
>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.
>No OC requests. You can, however, request the creation of vidya characters
>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.
>Please post a sample of your art with your "taking requests" requests
>Everyone posting "LOOMIS" without explanations and proper criticism is just spam, which should be ignored and reported.
>Fuck you

Post your art to the booru for anons to find later in case they miss a delivery or if it is NSFW:

Also, to those uploading, if you know who the subjects of the picture are, please tag them!
NSFW Deliveries should also be posted in
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Requesting Morgan in front of a birthday cake with Robin, Tharja,(her parents) and Noire(her older sister) telling her happy birthday please. Or anything happy like that.

requesting Sigourney Weaver as Samus

Shit, that aint the last thread. This is Oh, and, uh, anchor post. Right? yeah.

What do you feel like drawing today?

Requesting Female Corrin and Azura sharing a passionate kiss together.

how goes it?

A dodongo!

Requesting Isako Toriumi having BIG AMERICAN TITTIES and being embarrassed with how heavy they are and not having a top big enough to hold them.

Requesting Raven laying naked on a bed of hearts or rose petals.

requesting a collaboration of varies characters from games & some (anime)

Have Kino from Kino no Tabi with a pet wartortle standing upon a dungeon entrance along with Ginko Quote,Reimu stumbling along the same trail looking at each other confused

A feeling of adventure should be a focal point or dread if that's more symbolic of strangers coming together

Angel tittyfuck or sex in cowgirl doing the same hand signs

List some characters you want to see as robot masters/mavericks.

Requesting Chun-Li comparing her underwear with Mai Shiranui, Chun-Li making a smug face and Mai with a confused face because Chun-Li has a bigger underwear than her, if it's possible those 2 sprites in a Speech balloon for each character focusing in the underwear.


Requesting Angel, Ramon, Tizoc, Pepe, Gato Amigo, and Cormano taking a siesta (nap) or passed out drunk from partying.
If I'm asking for too much then one or two of them would be fine.

Requesting Armored Knight Kirari fighting an orc.

titties & ass

Requesting Cassie and Leatherface getting marry with Shinnok as the priest.

Requesting Asuka and Homura in a sweaty heap, one on top of the other, connected by a double ended dildo traveling from Asuka's pussy to Homura's.

Morrigan from Darkstalkers.

/r/ing a demonic Ashiya, or just a Dark Sister of Chaos.

Has anybody seen the drawfag of pic?

Asking for Helena Douglas ( Dead or Alive, Lien Neville ( King of Fighters MI ) and Elisabeth Blanctorche ( King of Fighters ) having fun in a High Class Tea Party with those outfits.

What kinda titties

There is no time

Requesting Duke Nukem and/or N. Cortex on jetpacks shooting lasers at people.

Requesting Corrin and Robin surrounded and loved by tons of people while Kris, on the left, being left in the dust behind and all alone, sad he's forgotten.

big titties

this big at the smallest

Requesting Female constructor from Fortnite doing some sexy poses meanwhile she's repairing something with the Fallout 4 skinsuit or whit her original outfit.

Requesting Pieri destroying a model version of Hoshido as a "giant" and having fun while Corrin's off at the side giggling like an idiot.

Laughing Octopus.


... How about a sword?

Requesting a male inkling dressed like a really trashy prostitute

Requesting Gold Demon giving a belly rub to Cerberus.
Both are from Mutants: Genetic Gladiators.

who is behind this post

Duo Lon

Tifa wearing various tight fitting clothes that vary by saying "FUCK THIS!" "FUCK THESE!" "FUCK HERE!" "FUCK THAT!" and "CUM IN HERE!"

The Dark Knight from Fates.

How about Miriam giving a nice blowjob

Possibly in her panties!
or masturbating with one of the buildings! She might be a goofball but she is a sadistic blood knight who likes hurting people all the same after all.

CC2 and Moru doing cute girl things, maybe dressing up like someone/thing from their series (.hack, solatorobo for CC2; Monster Hunter for Moru)?


Requesting Reactor please

Requesting the schoolgirl doing a Jojo pose with the succubus acting as her 「Stand」, to celebrate Rondo Duo's English translation patch.


Karis from Elsword with some cute or lewd PoV stuff please

Or with this guy, could be hugging her too

Requesting Cuphead with a dick inside his straw

Requesting lewds of Dalla here, please!

Q-Bee from Darkstalkers

Dangerously inappropriate things, even for me

This b*tch with back breaking bazongas cockteasing ash ketchum

Such as?

Isolated Island Oni

>censoring yourself
C'mon faggot
Who's gonna get you in trouble for saying bitch on the Internet?

Yowane Haku in either the wedding kimono or a wedding dress, or wearing Iris Heart's HDD suit.
Please and thank you.

MODS!!!!!! This guy said the b word!!!!!


Requesting some Noah art, something focusing on her plump thighs.

Requesting Shantae cosplaying as Meloetta.

The cuteness that can be achieved from this is immeasurable.

Requesting an older version of Xianghua.

Piros' armour as a VOTOMs Scopedog Red Shoulder, with gun-polearm.

Draw her mouth

Requesting Ayra from Fire Emblem dressed like in this image without the maid ribbon.

Bonus points if you also make a NSFW version.

video games


Draw fanart of any of these fine looking young ladies

She is video games.
She's a Japanese Wii


Requesting just being fit or without her white top on.

Dressed in dark mage clothes!

Did she always have such a nice body? Also she was super cute.

Requesting any sister character saying this, anyone with a sister older or younger even twin.

Aren't they all Japanese? Even the black ones?

S M f*ckin' H man lighten up

Sarly dressed like an average Atelier heroine (a cute fantasy-like outfit) bright colours and frills probably working a cauldron. Thank you.

see you in 2 days


Nepgear playing with a chao (the ones from Sonic Adventure) or a few

cute boys in girly outfits

Requesting Gwyndolin receiving a happy ending, he deserves one.

busty nep actually looks good!

Requesting her face while she gets it up the ass

Are you taking requests now?

Pretty nice

Requesting Trucy dressed as the dark magician girl.

yeah sure hit me with one

Lilith sitting on Morrigan's chest or face, with her butt being squeezed against Morrigan's breasts.

Requesting Saizo removing his mask to suck on some Orochi or Kagero titties.

Cosplaying (Crossplaying?) as Gene from Godhand.

Ness and Lucas wearing cheerleader outfits?

>inb4 more fucking battlecats

using a Thompson machine gun
or just anything you want of her
why is the concept art so much better than the in-game stuff

Requesting this witch Naneko

Something simple and vague.

say my name

Stuck in the same sweater together, breasts squishing together or wearing white/black cat keyhole underwear

different artists

Requesting Ezio posing with Assassin Emiya while holding the Apple of Eden while Emiya holds Avalon.