Only listen to game and anime soundtracks

>only listen to game and anime soundtracks
>someone asks me what I listen to

What do?

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those songs didn't appear fully formed out of thin air. they were made by bands and composers. find out the names of those people.

>"Whatever sounds good to me. :)"

If you can't maintain a cover personality don't socialize

It's true.

There are some times in life where you're forced to. Example: Relative you haven't seen in 10 years comes to visit.

What animu soundtracks do you listen to user

Tell them that music is for plebs and that you don't listen to that trash

anime and game soundtracks.

you think they give a single shit? they're probably insecure and only listen to whatever is on the frontpage of youtube.

"Whatever's on the radio."

Congratulations your tastes are now as normal and disgusting as your regular person.

The Parasyte soundtrack is really good.
If you didn't tell someone where it's from before playing it they'd never know.

Always tell the truth. If the other person doesn't understand or mock you, it's not worth your time. Out there is full of people that listen to vidya and anime music but it's too shy to admit it. Being the first one to honestly admit it might help you to find good friends.

>OSTs, you know like the music from a movie.
Because they're going to stop caring about you because you listen to music that was featured in a video game.

Been listening to Accel World's recently:

>that one fag who listens to nightcore

the fuck is nightcore

>have long hair down to my ass
>everyone always assumes I listen to metal
>I don't, I hate metal
>have just decided to go along with it so I don't have to get into my "special snowflake" tiers of taste in music

Say you listen to contemporary classical and hit them up with piano covers, duh. Old timey composers made music for the mass entertainment devices of their ages, operas, masses, mourning ceremonies and ballet. If Mozart was still alive, he'd be making vidya music.

Some of the music in Pump it Up is pretty catchy

Sounds like something AMD would do.

why do you have long hair that goes down to your ass

i'm at least hoping it's some ancient family tradition

Uematsu probably knows more about actual composition and music theory than most mainstream musicians

You know when you're trying to find that one song but all you can find are shitty covers with a generic bass beat, high pitched vocals, and a generic animu girl as the thumbnail? That's nightcore.

You know how when you go and try to find a song on youtube, the uploader sometimes gives the vocalist a high pitched voice to avoid copyright claims? That edit turned into a genre called nightcore.

Because I like long hair, that's it, that's literally the only reason. I can do a lot of different hair styles with it so it's not always the same thing, keeps things interesting.

i think 90% of anime music counts as j pop so you can say that, you can say instrumentals for vidya music

Just tell them the truth you FUCKING faggot. If you are alpha enough in your everyday life then you can get away with it.

OP sure is a faggot

Just some Drake, Taylor Swift, Rihana, Beyonce, Lucas Ghram, Arriana, Bruno Mars, Maroon5, etc.
It's not that hard to list names of famous people. If they ask what song then just say whatever is on the radio.

Fuck I hate when people say that shit.

Nightcore is a genre defined by the speeding up of music alongside adding boring electronic beats to an already existing song. It's basically techno on crack meant for 13-year-old anime fans.

>get asked what music I listen to
>say rock instead of vidya music
>they ask if it's like this
>they play rap music that has "rock n roll" in the lyrics

This happened with two different people I shit you not.

>tfw listen to pretty much everything except rap type stuff and hardcore metal shit

My two big favorites are late romantic music and kpop.

Fuck it, I'll just go with "Instrumental music".

>having autism

Socially acceptable tier
Radio pop, edm/house/trance, surface level world music, classical, surface level hip hop, The Doors and Nirvana

Autism tier
All other rock, video game music, metal, OSTs, everything else I don't feel like listing anymore

>girl asks me what I listen to
>tell her I listen to King Crimson and Discipline is my favourite album
>she stops talking to me

>"I like electronic music"
>"Oh, like techno?"
I don't even listen to that much electronic, I just really like Jelly Tones

Tell the truth. You are autist

good taste

You should try listening to some actual music.

>"I like everything except country and rap"

Actual rap with meaning that feels like poetry is good though.
The crap that's literally just rhyming about money and whores and gangs gives rap a bad name.

>I'm a huge manchild faggot who is obsessed with autistic baby things
That's you OP

What a fucking joke

How can you not at least be neutral towards country music?

Rap is fucking shit though.

I don't mind those genres as a whole but there's no denying the HONKY TONK DRIVE MY TRUCK SHOOT MY GUN and WUMUN N MUNNY, WUMUN N MUNNY, UH YEAH garbage you hear on the radio is total shit.

Dank meme

Nujabes my dude?

>"I like listening to soundtracks"
Every single person I've told this to would automatically assume I meant movie soundtracks or something like that and reply with "Oh, cool, I kinda like that song from [movie name]"

And if you really don't feel like continuing the conversation after that, you just change the topic, simple as that

You serious? This is like Minecraft playing kid tier shit.

We call that classic rap and classic hip-hop, user

Don't explain sources, list names and genres instead, make them shut up and ignore you, not the opposite.
>Right now - Frank Klepacki's latest album, sure it's similar to his previous works but it's interesting how he added a bit of chiptune flavour to his usual rock marches. But overall my favourites are Yuki Kajiura's neo-classical takes on ethnic music.

Best barometer for grading rap/hip hop:

1. Lyrical content
2. Vocal delivery (regardless of lyrical content)
3. beat Production

A lot of emcees are really good in 2 & 3, but it's something hard to find lyrical content if you're picky about that sort of thing.

I've grown to like some rap, but I still have to be stockholmed into liking just about any country song


So instead you just sound autistic going on a rant. Fucking loser

If the object was to be autistic and not have people want to talk with you, you could just say "anime and video game music" you know.

>tfw listening to Eurobeat when I drive

I unironically like vaporwave
I can't help liking slow edits of old music god damn it

i feel like im the only one who still listens to dubstep/brostep

I only listen to folk punk and 80s action movie soundtracks

I was just memeing though.
I can't believe people like that crap.


>game and anime soundtracks
thats some taste you have there, friendo.

>tfw you're a faggot loser when you drive
le eurobeat XD

You only sound autistic if you sweat and stutter, otherwise you sound like an enthusiastic hipster faggot or some kind of salesman.

R&B is alright. Country is shit though.

inb4 loads of drones respond with le epic reaction images

>get a ride from someone
>the radio is set to the country station
Is there a worse mainstream genre? 99% of it is about making love to trucks and shit.

Pick one

Anyone that is socially adjusted doesn't need to splerg out a whole list of all their interests because they have had more than one conversation with a person (due to their autism)

>not superior Eurodance


>am a complete autist like the rest of the faggots on this imageboard
>when a creepy trench coat guy asks me what music I listen to I can still say Megadeth and Metallica
>when a nigger asks me I can still say Snoop Dogg and Tech N9ne
>when a woman asks me I can just say the Beatles and their brains turn off
>when an old person asks me I can say Yes and KC and the Sunshine Band
Like seriously guys just meme it the fuck up it works.

all genres have good music, you just won't hear it on the radio

That old man's got pretty good taste, would discuss waifu with.

>Not loving trucks
lmao faggot

Russian chanson

The only reason to own a truck is if you need to carry something very heavy/large
Like your mother

It belongs to his daughter.

Why not just listen to real music? That's easily the best solution to this problem. You can start with this:

>you just won't hear it on the radio
Because Beach Boys, Bjork, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Talking Heads don't ever play on the radio right?

Because alternative radio stations don't play a range of genres

Dumb faggot

>not exclusively listening to the Nier OST and The Talking Heads
I really need to expand my musical tastes

Just say you listen to music

haha fag

Im not listening to anything, I just like having headphones on.

>tfw you buy a new expensive figurines and the head shrinks in the wash

>liking nier
Your taste in everything needs a kick up the ass

What a fucking abortion of a videogame

>"hey what are you listening to?"
>"a videogame soundtrack"
>"ah ok XD a bit nerd lol, I know [shitty mario theme song] lol let me listen"
>it was xenoblade's field theme

I love to dash expectations, when they think it's some kind of 8 bit shit

Say you listen to Musical Concrete. That gets all the ladies panties wet.

suck their dick to distract them from the question

My plan is saying
>I don't listen to specific bands or artists, I listen to individual songs, so I don't pay attention to band names

It's Musique Concrete you fucking pleb moron

>listen to a lot of classical music
>whenever someone asks me what I like/listen to I feel really pretentious

>implying a burger needs to say it in coward

>user you said you listen to video game music right
>is this from a game too

I fucking love the Anarchy Reigns OST

broad you horizons and try to listen to some non-pleb music

>rock and metal are not socially acceptable
Sup Forums please decide if rock and metal are pleb shit that everyone listens to, niche shit for autists, or "dadrock" that only old people listen to.

It can't be all of those at the same time.

>"Yo user, whatcha listening?"
>It's that one and only anime song on the list
Why does it keep happening?

I like japanese people rapping in engrish though
because it's funny