I live again!

>I live again!

For the unenlightened, BLOOD has been remade on PC with full mouselook/widescreen support. I know some of you faggots were looking for a port.


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How has this not been posted on here before? Is it a good conversion that actually feels like the original?

>How has this not been posted on here before?
How do you know it hasn't?

Neato. This is part of the Duke Nukem remake thing, right?

Is this a source port of the game, faithful recreation or one of those TCs in Doom 2 etc.?

It's not a source port as they never released the source code for Blood. From reading the page it seems like this guy ported the assets over to the Duke Nukem 3D engine (which does have source ports) and then basically did what was necessary to make it Blood.

Oh shit they finally finished it?

Thanks user

Time to play the best train level again

Okay but did they make the game fun and tone down the retarded difficulty?

I'll wait for the /vr/fag who got DOOM 64 ported to finish his magic instead


To be fair, Strife did get a source port despite the source code being lost for that game ages back.

Still fucking awesome, glad that Blood has finally been given the treatment it deserves.

Doom64EX's dev is a /vr/fag? Guess I've learned something today pretty amazing that he reverse engineered the ROM to get the .wad out.

I've played through the first Episode, feels just right, there are some minor level differences, but that's it.

It's not quite like the original because it's using a modified version of eduke and re-created levels
there was another remake old remake using a Doom engine and kaiser (doom64EX powerslaveEX and the turok 1 re-release) was remaking it with his own engine too which will probably be more accurate honestly

Get good, I think it's pretty fun so far

wait, kaiser did the turok release too, like as in the one being sold right now on steam and gog? He's gone legitimate businessman?

I've never been able to get past the second level. The complete lack of ammo and overpowered enemies just pisses me off.

>Hit-Scanning: The Game

I want to like Blood, but goddamn. I mean, god fucking damn.

I'm going to play this right now

Thanks OP

yeah he made it but night dive owns it
night dive are also the reason he had to stop powerslave EX though you can still find it if you look hard enough


So, do I need the steam version to install the mod?

You don't need anything, it's all on the moddb page
Turn down the difficulty

It's standalone. Just download from the site and run.

Nice. Time to replay it, then.

Holy fuck this game is hard, Any tips?

Wait for Blood EX instead


It's not an accurate conversion. Wait for the faithful one in the works instead.

>It's not an accurate conversion
What's wrong with it? There's like 5 differences posted on the site by the guy and none of them are really anything. I haven't played it yet but the videos look fine too.

And why is Blood EX going to be better anyway? It's basically doing the same thing since nobody has the source code. I guess the guy's more established than this guy but unless someone can come up with a fairly long list of issues with this version I'm just going to play both.

Blasting fuckers with the TNT is crazy fun, holy shit I love this

The biggest difference is with physics and gibbing. Blood uses a modified Build engine. The EX guy managed to reverse engineer Turok.

So you throw tnt differently?

just lower the difficulty. It spikes pretty sharply between the normal and easy difficulties.

and honestly, it just isn't fun otherwise. the whole thing starts to devolve into just remembering where enemies are at and save-scumming.

It's only strength is the level design and listening to the cultists scream their asses off when set on fire.

git gud
crouching is overpowered as fuck given how fast you move and how little you get hit

Give me your address so i can suck your dick clean off your body.

Fuckin' love blood.

>Blood managed to age with dignity, unlike Douk

>being too casual for normal difficulty

HOW THE SHIT do I get this working it just comes up with random shit not even fullscreen all I did was extract the folder into my Blood folder and click run why does god hate me so

just play blood in dosbox and get the superior experience

Blood 2

I just want to try it you cretin, I've already finished dosbox blood

seriously I've played like every survival horror game ever and all of them had more ammo than this game. Why did they make it like this?

screen looks like this

I have GoG Blood but haven't installed it. Will it work in DOSBOX immediatley or will I have to modify some settings? All I know is that you have to download bmouse.exe in order to get mouselook, but if it's like older FPSes that didn't have vertical aim do you need it or was Blood made with vertical aim in mind?

>Blood 2

It wasn't a worthy sequel in terms of creative progress, but at least it was made within a decade of the original

Is Blood 2 fun?


You don't need bmouse.exe for mouselook. Bmouse just lets you move both the x and y axis at the same time with mouselook. It's completely playable without it but a bit jarring at first.

Just downloaded bloodcm, how the fuck do you alt fire in this port?

how do you get it to work

Just play Shogo and NOLF instead. Blood 2 was clearly rushed.

Extracted, then double clicked on BloodCM Launcher.exe

look for secrets famalam

Literally double click the only exe in the folder

Blood CM sucks though. It's not a proper port of the original and feels janky.

If you think that's bad play Blood 2

>muh nostalgia

Just played the first level. It feels the same to me, though I probably haven't played the original as much as some people have.

You're not going to get a proper port because nobody has the source code. The guy doing Blood EX is doing more or less the same thing this guy did, which is using the assets in a different engine and then getting the game to play as close as possible to the original.

Where can I find more videos like this?

I've literally never had a problem with this or other FPS games with hitscanning? Why do people think they should be able to outrun bullets?

I understand that, but the original can still be played in a pretty high resolution, I think up to 1280x1024 and at least it's the proper game. If you spent any serious time playing Blood you'll notice how off CM is almost instantly.

And as close as it gets, it's still not right.

It's a Duke 3D TC that looks faithful at a surface level but screws with a lot of things on a mechanical one. If you make a thread on /vr/ NESfag will pop up and sperg out like crazy for 100+ posts about it.

>implying visuals are important

Afrer playing 320x200 and 640x480 games long enough, you'll take any higher res you can get.

Is night dive even going to release Powerslave? It's been awhile since they demanded EX to be taken down and I haven't heard anything about it since. Hell when are they gonna release Turok 2 as well?

That's exactly my point. I was trying to imply how that webm reminded me of playing the game in such a low resolution and still enjoying myself. Don't sperg out over nothing, user.

I don't give a shit about the resolution, but I've never been able to get the original on DOSBox to play at 60 fps and it feels like shit the way it works by default.

If EX will be better then that's cool but I'm not going to not play it without getting some specific examples of what things are different, because it feels more or less the same to me and actually plays smoothly.

I"d love to hear some specifics

>For those who are unaware, I have been swamped with other projects (one of them being Turok2 EX) and has left me with little to no time to update Doom64EX.

I wonder if Nightdive is trying to get ahold of blood and pay him for that too

I think they're doing a remaster of the PC version for Powerslave, not the Saturn/PS1 version. I didn't even know they're working on Turok 2, but that's a horrible game anyway so nothing lost if they don't re-release it.

>but that's a horrible game anyway so nothing lost if they don't re-release it.

>Robin TGG
Back in September last year Stephen Kick (Founder and CEO of Night Dive Studios) mentioned that he would love to work on a new “Blood” game (Monoliths classic FPS series) during a Twitch Stream hosted by GOG.

So, is that something which you could elaborate a bit more about now? And “if” you get the rights for Blood, would it be a remake of the original game (a reboot). Or would you make a brand-new Blood game that´s based in the Blood universe?

Kick – Night Dive Studios
Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior are phenomenal Build Engine games but I think you could argue that Blood was the best. So it’s strange that it would be the last game to get a proper remaster. The rights situation is muddy but it’s definitely on Night Dive’s wishlist – I imagine that if we ever did get the opportunity Blood would get a lot of love from our team. A new entry in the series would be an exciting project, I know Jace Hall has expressed interest in making a new Blood and having some of the original Monolith crew involved would be even more exciting.

the plot thickens

Turok 2 aged like dog shit

Holy shit thanks user

How? The game has way better weapon variety and death animations than most shooters today. Hell even the levels aren't even that big of a labyrinth outside of one very specific one.

Just want for BloodEX, made by the same guy who made Doom64EX, TurokEX, and others.


All I want is the original source code so we can get a proper sourceport instead of an eduke32 mod.

Here's my list of noticed 'minute' differences between my version of Blood (v1.21) and Blood CM (v08): 1) Blood's physics caused Caleb to be quite slippery as compared to Duke when running around. 2) Physics allowed for dynamite/explosive aided jumping. 3) The player could hard-bind their items such as boots of jumping instead of simply scrolling. 4) The cultist's TNT travels much faster and detonates sooner than (v1.21). 5) Vertical auto-aim is completely inaccessible. 6) Tommy-gun's fire rate is much faster. 7) Enemies don't seem to have weakness and resilience to certain weapons (ex. Bloated Butcher used to be particularly flammable, Gargoyle's were weak to explosives but strong against hitscan.) 8) I couldn't throw the spray can. 9) Bone Fish are much more effective now. 10) You wear and remove the diving suit to replenish breath (exploitative.) 11) Strange falling damage with boots of jumping if disabled before landing. 12) Mice can rapidly attack. 13) Pushing into horizontal moving doors can cause death (Clipping and getting squashed.) 14) Explosive damage is now instant instead of draining. 15) Voodoo doll has a limited range and damage nerf. 16) Jumping lacks momentum. 17) Caleb only seems to have one laugh, which he spams. 18) Duke 3D run speed allows for some trap skips. 19) Jump-crouch-jump clipping is now prevalent. 20) Occasionally, I notice the tell-tale missing texture (game glitch, not mapping problem) 21) Orange spiders don't cause nausea. 22) Level Statistics are concealed when using full HUD. 23) Certain breakable props no longer contain life essence. 24) Cheogh is now a push-over. 25) Gill Beast travel much slower under water. 26) No way to hard-bind proxy and time bombs to separate keys. 27) Cultists fire in bursts even when you hide behind something (Supression fire?) 28) Takes longer to drop TNT en masse. 29) Macros are Duke's lines, not Caleb's. 30) Enemies seem to be more aware of Caleb through sound.

>Shadow Warrior got a modern remake and is getting a sequel.

Will we ever get a modern Blood Sup Forums?

A part of me wants it bad, but another part is scared of it being pretty damn bad.

there was a remastered version of Powerslafe / Exhumed available
until it got shut down


That is some weapons grade autism

>Wanting any modern devs to remake/sequel blood
Do you really?

Hopefully no. Shadow Warrior reboot was just a shitty Serious Sam clone and I do not wanna see Blood get the same treatment.

shut down by who?

Just make DOOM, but with cultist and horror movie tropes instead of demons.

And TNT. Don't forget the TNT.

Nightdive, who bought out the rights, despite agreement between rightsholder and Kaiser.

Fair point.


Looks lame as fuck, I'd rather be playing Battlefield 1

The first Turok is honestly a shitpiece. Not 2.

2 holds it own against PC games of the era, especially in terms of it's enemy design / execution

It honestly was not until the first Halo and it's Elites did I see an enemy in FPS act as cool as those dinosaur-predator dudes in Turok 2.

Even in the first Half Life...I remember everyone talking about how cool the soldiers were in that game, but really they way they run around looks awkward as fuck and is predicable.

>Shitting on Turok.

I hate you all.

A modern Blood game would be nice, but what I REALLY want is a modern Heretic.

Fuck yes, I fucking love Blood. You just made my night. You're a true hero OP, thanks for posting this

Also Blood is a harder game to remake because of its atmosphere. I doubt modern devs would be able to replicate its creepy weirdness. Not a single one of such remakes was worth shit, except Doom, but that's only because Doom is a simple game with no atmosphere.

It actually works thanks OP

only thing is the text doesnt scale properly on 1080p res

>but that's only because Doom is a simple game with no atmosphere.

Doom perfectly nailed the atmosphere of walking into some 15 year old's room in 1991.


>but that's only because Doom is a simple game with no atmosphere.

>Never ever, mortal

>Apr 1

>tfw everyone sucks off Hexen but not Heretic