SFV finally has a character with inputs that even Sup Forums can do

SFV finally has a character with inputs that even Sup Forums can do

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Eh, there been slow strides in making it easier.

That last move seems needlessly complicated

You have got to be actually shitting me.
Fuck this gay earth

Wonder of the next dlc will do this? Or entire next edition is simpilfied inputs.

Couldn't they just made it a mode?

>ruin Eds design
>ruin Ed's potential gameplay

I regret buying the season pass. None of them have been worth it.

Does MAX HOLD means it works like Cody's Zonk Kunckle? cause I fucking suck at actually using Zonk in combos.

Why does Capcom keep releasing all of these anti-grapplers with shit loads of options and gimmicks but they can't give Gief back all the tools they removed back when they were going to simplify the game?

>SFV finally has a character with inputs that even Sup Forums can do
And it's a gay nazi.

because casuals hate grapplers and capcom desperately wants the casual money.

Your fault for not already realizing that Capcom is aiming for the lowest common denominator with SFV.

who is this gay bison? we don't need a dictator clone for fucks sake.

Its not a dictator clone, its dictator mixed with boxer.
He's the kid that Balrog took at the end of his SSF4 story, the one that was pumped full of Psycho power

Theme of Ed.

You're getting a footsie counter, quit crying.

Learn to read opponents

RIP Green Hand

Cause Gief fucking sucks you closet fag

Thanks shitendo for making this generation so retard and braindead that can't even do a QCF+HP anymore.

>You're getting a footsie counter, quit crying.
Yeah and it only works on the most arbitrary attacks
If anything its a lowkey nerf to fuck Giefs up when they try to counter poke with crLP

>Thanks shitendo

>Being at fault for dumbing down games

Have you even played M$ or Sony games?
They're all babby tier games that just look cool, but they're easy as fuck. Their games pretty much play themselves.

I'd like to see kids beat Tropical Freeze as quickly as they could beat The Last of Us

I'm pretty sure it is, you should be fine considering Bison and Balrog's hit stun

t. Cody main

Right now, there is someone pushing punch three times instead of all 3 punch buttons at once. As long as Street Fighter is a 6 button fighter, it will always be too hard for casuals.

Its a Sony funded game.

>Sony funded
They didn't "fund" it, they just threw a lot of money at Capcom so the Xbox didn't get it

And as a result we now have garbage fucking servers and no steam integration,

>They didn't fund it
>they just threw a lot of money at Capcom

Thanks for correcting me user.

>Capcbros spend an eternity shitting on the smash community
>Capcom casualizes the fuck out of their games to the point where motions aren't even there and DPs are down down
>ryu in smash has his motions
>SFV is a disaster
>MvCI looks like a fucking mobile game
>melee going stronger than ever

fucking karma faggots

>They didn't "fund" it, they just threw a lot of money at Capcom

There's a word for that.

Don't forget NetherRealm saving Western fighting games.

now THIS is a funny post

I don't see what the smash community has to do with fighting games.

It doesn't, I just hate capcbros

I've got Rev 2 preordered and playing the superior fighter RN

>People really think that he is going to be easy to play.

See you in 3 days when you're struggling to do basic combos involving 2 or more specials and an ex, which will take an extra button.

Specially if you're a pad player.

Nice. I don't hate you for your taste in games, though, I'm not autistic.
Enjoy GG, it's a fun game.

I am going to take a stab in the dark and guess but is this word for throwing money at stuff actually "fund"?

Do you really think any of these people complaining on Sup Forums know what those inputs mean at all?
People just like to shitpost.

Comparing MKX's 5 million copies sold to SFV's 1.5 million copies sold is rather fucking funny.

>sales indicate quality

go play FIFA

>more sales = better game
Yeah man every new CoD game is GOTY

>Has better reviews
>And made more money
>But somehow its worse

>another literally who DLC character

>reviews matter
>sales matter
You wanna know how I know you're from reddit?

A more brutal realistic game appeals to westerns. Plus killingsz.

USF2, MvCI, or SFV?

better reviews than what?

SFV? no one defends SFV, GG has a higher score than MK and Tekken will too

not that reviews matter for fighters, game journalists are retarded

Dude SFV fans aint even worth replying too. They actually think SFV is good.

You need a Switch to play the first one, so the other two.

I swear to god the movie Wall-E predicted the future perfectly, everyone's going to get turned fucking retarded and so lazy they don't even move

I went Switch/PC this gen.

SFV because it's less than $20, MvCI is already going full jew and USF2 looks cool but not $40 for a twenty year old game with two new recolors cool.

None of them. Just emulate Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters (SNES version)


They clearly want bank on that and mvci.

>what is commercial fiction vs literary fiction

You make money by working trends, not by making an meaningful/quality product.

Did you just advise someone to buy SFV.

ill live in an era where fighting games will become acessible to everyone and ditch needless inputs altogether
>MvC is already doing
>SF too
>Fantasy Strike perfecting simple gameplay but still deep
hold me.

And that lowest common denominator does not give a single fuck about the game.

My point is that the game would have been made with or without Sonys money

Capcom just got a nice bonus for not releasing it on the other console

>Dial-a-combos and stage hazards

Why doesn't he have any target combos?
Are they just not listed?
How can you have a boxing character without target combos?

They said right from the start that every character after Akuma would be brand new, as in, no more returning characters, just completely new ones

>implying that SF5 was an meaningful/quality product.
Capcom rushed the fucking game 6 months early because of EVO and they wanted to hop on the gravy train like MKX, and for that, they failed miserably

I thought he was supposed to look like Eminem. Fuck is this?

I take it you where googling Cammy porn as it took you like an hour to reply. DO NOT masturbate while typing its creepy and makes your keyboard all sticky.

That is still funding something BTW.

>Anything Neatherealm makes
>Worth playing past storymode.

Kek you fags saying injustice 2 saving fighting games is like saying the Last of US saved Videogames.

It didn't
it made it worse.

How will I ever do supers? Double QSF is impossible.

Scrub here, can confirm

I wasn't even aware that there was a Street Fighter 3 when Street Fighter 4 came out

This seems unnecessarily complicated. Fighting games are dumb.

>le SFV is terrible meme
It's still one of the weaker mainline SFs but it's a perfectly enjoyable game now that it's no longer a $60 beta.

Since when was circle spelled with an S?

Accelerated aging into a literal M. Bison clone.

I didn't really give too much of a crap about him, but yeah. His "boxer sidekick" look was simple, smooth, and effective.

Now he looks an overdesigned cambodian manwhore.

It did it sold lots of copies.

BUSINESS FOR FAGGOTS: Stuff selling means more of the same stuff will be made and IP will continue.

You better be lying. I need my Q.

Thats his alt costume

>character literally ZERO command inputs
>in a game already dismissed BY THOSE PAID TO PLAY IT, as being too simple to not be a nintenbro exclusive with Wiimote functionality

really mashes one lenient inputs...

Nah, looks like Gief's HP and not a negative edge (would have been Hold and release if that was the case)

Gay stripper.

Looking like Bisons fucktoy there, Ed

Yeah. Probably lack of old characters is why sales are down.

its just for S2
We'll be getting more returning characters in the next season
Also Q sucks, I swear everyone that wants him back never actually played him and just thinks he's cool looking. If anything I hope we get Oro back or Dan trained by Oro

people are still gonna bitch though, I don't care personally, I'm not good with mash inputs so I think he'll be a fresh change of pace and nice to learn. I think he looks fun as fuck, can't wait to play him

It's literal shitposting/autism.
Save your (You)s.

because a 360' motion is considered to have too many numbers for the SFV target market (autistic toddlers) to bother reading from a move list

Or lack of you know an actual fucking game.


I can't do a quarter sircle forward. You expect me to spell circol right?

What kind of special retard gets a dp out of mashing cr.lp?

Dan was my boy in Alpha and SF4, I really hope he shows up.

SFV defence force out in full (all 6 of them). (YOU) want a shitpost thats actually also true. This game is better than SFV

At least we get his hoodie as a costume instead of his leatherfag getup.
>tfw only play this because its the only fightan my friends play

Love the SS look

keep choking down that capcom semen fags.

GGXrdRev2, KOFXIV has higher scores than SFV and its not clearly an accomplishment

I like everything about his default except the stupid hat, besides that the bison/balrog motif is on point

rev 2 isn't even out


Good one.

Mvci only has shortened inputs plus auto combos.

What the fuck am I looking at?
Please tell me this isn't an excuse to extend the Shadaloo story.
It fucking is, isn't it?

Those mechanics will unironically make him more difficult than the average sfv character.

Tran-sexual Cammy.