Blocks your video game

>blocks your video game

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No one but senile 80 year olds watch this bitch anyways.

I don't play fortnite.
>violent videogames

>that guy "playing" in spectator mode

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This is like when Minecraft became completely overrun with pre-teens. I can't play Fortnite anymore.

where i can apply job for gaming expert?

Disgusting pig

I wish violent video games were being banned from my country instead of sexy video games that we are currently banning.

become a journalist

yeh and tommorow ACA will do a story on some bumfuck queensland neighbour feud and everyone will forget about this stuff

>watching A Current Affair

Trace the Disgrace with the massive manface is at it again with another episode of ACA. I honestly don't know how she maintains any semblance of dignity and self-respect after doing A Current Affair for so many years.

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she's a fat dyke who rides horses, she didn't have any dignity and self-respect in the first place

What's the best cheapest camera for filming people playing video games?

just use twitch vods lmao

I'd blame laura turner, or whoever did the story. Most of ACA is fairly decent, but it's been going bad recently, and airing shit like this is a perfect example.

"violent video games" x10 lol

Notice how she didn't have one of the usual go-to psychologists that they usually get on when they need one? Wonder how many she had to go through until she found one that agreed with her about "violent video gaems."

>Most of ACA is fairly decent

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I hate Frontine but it has basically Looney Tunes level on violence. This is stupid.

>40 yearoldfag confirmed

>most of ACA is decent
Crikey mate, you're as dumb as dogshit if you believe this.

>actually defending aca
when did they start letting middle-aged moms on Sup Forums?