How does Arma 3 play compared to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (ARMA: Cold War Assault)?

How does Arma 3 play compared to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (ARMA: Cold War Assault)?

I remember the latter being very clunky with the vehicle handling.

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Its pretty similar honestly. The missions are a bit worse I guess. The thing that triggers me is that they don't use real life weapons but some sort of meme weapons in the campaign. Also the story and setting are infinitely worse for me. I liked the whole renegade Rusky vs NATO thing.

So basically, Operation Flashpoint in ARMA 3 engine WHEN!?

I fucking loved this and Resistance. I have all the ARMA content after it on steam too but are the campaigns as good?

I liked the original Cold War Crisis campaigns best. Holy shit some of those black ops missions were so comfy and hard. I remember one, it was ages ago, you have to destroy some enemy hinds with C4 in a Russian base. Shit was cash.


>The thing that triggers me is that they don't use real life weapons but some sort of meme weapons in the campaign.
I think the reason for that is they'd have to license those weapons.

Who is licensing weapons? The manufacturers?

Yes, you need to license to use brand names and I believe model them exactly 1:1.


I wonder if it was easier/cheaper so they did it for Operation Flashpoint. Maybe the process is different for older weapon systems.

I could never get into ARMA 3. ARMA 2 was a struggle for me.

I'm too adjusted to OPF

I just saw there is a whole remake of all OPF campaigns in ARMA 3 engine on the workshop. Guess I'll have to buy it then

I played it. It's not bad desu. It's the most fun I had with ARMA 3. They have all the cinematics, voices, music in sync surprisingly well.

Maybe the biggest weakness after OPF was the shitty campaigns? ARMA 2s was forgettable, I hate future war in ARMA 3.

Exactly. I think the Cold War is a better setting for these kind of games anyway. I mean fuck "future undefined war" if would've been better if they took something like Chechenia and made a OPF Resistance like campaign. But Cold War is the only relatively modern setting where you can pit two modern armies with all gear against each other. Everything else is warfare on a smaller scale. Although Arma WW2 would be interesting as well. The Eastern Front would work.

>So basically, Operation Flashpoint in ARMA 3 engine WHEN!?
Maybe not arma 3, but there is ofp campaign for arma 2 with updated models.

It's less janky for sure, but I wish they'd make campaigns like in OFP/Resistance again. Those James Gastovski missions were so goddamn fun and I preferred movie-ish villains like General Guba to faceless terrorists as the main antagonist like now. Imo they've become too realistic for their own good.

There is a OFP/Resistance remake for ArmA 2 btw, it's called Cold War Rearmed 2 and very fun.

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James "Takes out your Shilka" Gastovski was the best guy in all of OP Flashpoint

Tbh, all I want to see is more 1970s/80s cold war gone hot.

I want to take out T72 tank columns in North German forest in a desperate attempt.
I want combined arms in the Netherlands plains as Harriers fly overhead with Challenger 1 and M1A1 tanks roll by.
I want sketchy radio contact with command as they try and confirm tactical nuclear devices over Poland and France.

The only time I have ever had my heart in my chest is taking out the shilkas as Gastovski in about 2003.

It's just using military designated names rather than AR-15 for the M16. From there you can make some model differences to have it not be the exact same appearance wise. Some are probably much cheaper like the MP5 (I think this name might be generic enough that you'd have to outright say it's HK to be in any real legal trouble though)

Squad might scratch your itch. The game is good, but gameplay is only as good as your Squad leader. So playing with randoms is trash for the most part.






Damn. I think there was one mission where you play that tank commander nigger (Hammer). And after killing some Ruskies Squad lead says something along the lines of:

"Papa Bear, everything red is dead or running back home crying to mama"


I've tried a few. I was in an ARMA group from ARMA 2 into 3 and we'd play cold war scenarios.

The settings were never quite right.
We had a weird mix of people though. You had purists who wanted to do it all military style (which I could do as I'm ex Army) and people wanting less realistic gameplay.

I've tried BF which is too close to COD

Insurgency is a weird hybrid.

I may give squad a go.

That moment when everyone but you is dead and the radio is silent. Sometimes I just let my squad die so I can be in peace.

I mean I was in some units too. You have people that really want the hierarchy with trainings and calling higher ranks SIR. Pure autism. I can't get into that anymore. I'd like some milsim but not total autism. I play Squad here and there but mostly with randoms, I'm waiting for Post Scriptum and I might try to get into a unit in there from the start.

Did you ever get the feels in Operation Flashpoint? I had them in that mission where you patrol the forest with 3 other guys. I was always immensely sad when we would lose a guy and his seat would be empty in the jeep when we drive back. I'd look back at the forest and think what a lonely grave that must be. Autism I know.

AR-15 and M16 are two different guns. You suck.

Yeah you had autismo people wanting to call them sir, because they're ex-army and got their full screw.

OPF was full of feels. The feeling of reaching the resistance for example after running from spetz natz was unreal.

Speaking of feels, the sense of immersion this game gave me when it came out was UNREAL. I was truly able to suspend disbelief when I played it, everything from the score, the weather effects, being able to look at your watch, navigating by stars, and of course the revolutionary for its time tactical gameplay blew my fucking mind away. It's real shame that the FPS genre didn't slide more towards the tactical leanings that OFP and its successors have...instead ARMA 1,2 and 3 are all considered niche titles now. Imagine a world where the call of duty MW campaign was played with a realistic tactical approach.

The difference between Colt's AR-15 and the M16 is extremely minor.

Is it true that the US Army used OP Flashpoint for some time for "training". I heard that somewhere

very true.

I remember there was one mission where you had to retreat fast and looking back I could see other retreating soldiers getting blown to bits by tanks, followed by a cutscenes with makeshift graves

And of course the Resistance campaign was full
of feels as well, especially the last few missions
Yup, they made a special build called VBS1, which was used by Muhreens.

The thing they especially did well was night. Never, even in later ARMA games was night THAT scary. Especially in the missions where you are guarding installations and face Spetznatz attacks. Or all the Night ops missions with Gastovski. It was really something else. Also some graphical effects still look so good to this day. Especially flares and stuff.

If they ever make an Arma 4 I hope they ditch the future shit and either go 90s - 2000s. They desperately need to get rid of the cancerous scrolling wheel action menu as well and more free movement. Also wish they'd put in more weapons and vehicles. Operation Arrowhead put in a fuckton of stuff for Arma 2. Hope they also improve audio and effects, explosions sound and look like shit.

Can you get Muhreen Arma somewhere?

Why were PC box arts so fucking absolutley shit??

I love cold war gone hot so much

it is a shame only naval sims seem to exploit it

>tfw Northern Inferno for CMANO

watching the soviets maul radar and airbases in scotland with nuclear cruise missiles then being placed in command of HMS Ark Royal's carrier group on a suicide mission to glass Murmansk and drop a few cheeky 200kt warheads on Backfire staging airfields felt better than losing my anal virginity and cumming hands free t b b h w y l

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Also, for all of you Cold War gone hot fags, you might get some satisfaction out of Wargame Red Dragon if you're into RTS games.

I had fun with my DDR German kampfgruppen.

>OFP campaign remake.
>Forest escape mission
fuck that faggot forest and fuck that bmp ghosting me.

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yeah, i remember that as well, top of my list for atmosphere. I recall driving around at night in some missions and feeling my sphincter clench not knowing what was around the next bend.

I would give my left testicle for an Iraqi Freedom ARMA game. The terrain is pretty barren, but with some variety like marshland. The map could be sufficiently big enough for exploration and more varied sandbox type levels PLUS aesthetically and technologically you have that late 90's look without things going too crazy like drones

the only game recently that came close was Kingdom come deliverance. It would give you the explanation of what to do and you had to go about it however you see fit.

I've watched playthroughs of missions I've done 10+ times and seen a new way of doing it. But it also makes sense.


I hate 'near future'. I want 80s cold war.

This guy gets it.

Only other times I've seen it is Wargame and World in Conflict.

It seems like an untapped genre.

Those are fine but I want to be part of a West German AT crew on the ground, guarding a forrest passage for example.
>you hear over comms the Soviets are getting pissed
>this goes on over weeks
>during this time you continue your normal exercise
>suddenly a panicked fire order from hq tells you to engage any armour heading down your protected passage
>comms go off
>you hear T72s in the distance

the original wasn't much better really, i replayed the Steam version a few weeks ago. and I had to resort to the skip level cheat since it's so maddening.

I did get that feeling from KCD as well. In some ways it makes sense because when I was playing OFP in 2001, I was also playing mafia, which was designed by the same guy who created KCD. In a weird way it comes full circle

Was there ever a moment in vidya history that is as fucked up and panicky as the second mission of OPF when you take that village and Papa Bear tells you to fuck off right out of there coz Rusky armor is coming to make mincemeat out of your bois?

Or the retreat from Everon/get to the extraction point mission?

I vividly remember seeing a car coming down the road so I hid in the bushes, and when they came near I stepped out and hosed the driver and occupants down. Took the car for myself and drove all the way to the extraction point grinning like a Cheshire cat. As soon as I got to the village i was blown the fuck up by a T-72. Can't ever remember a recent game that gave me a feeling of complete hope then utter despair when my best plan literally blew up in my face. The best thing was the game never told you what to do, there wasn't a tutorial that popped up in a box in your hud that said "you can steal cars to travel faster" or some bullshit. It encouraged experimentation and rewarded failure with swift and glorious death.

I don't even remember how I passed that mission. I know I had a method that worked as a kid, but holy shit that was trial and error as fuck.

i vaguely remember sticking to forests and speeding up time a lot when running. once you realize patrols mainly stick to roads and figure out where the checkpoints are it's pretty easy.

i loved this game

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What was the hardest mission in OPF? I remember Red Hammer being really hard in some parts. The one mission that sticks out is a black ops mission where you have to blow up some hinds. I remember the Shilka missions as well but in the end I was so good with the LAW I could snipe them pretty easily from far away which made the missions a lot easier.

Haven't finished the game since....2006? But I remember a lot of the tank missions being a pain in the arse. Some of the aircraft missions were cheap too. The one that takes the cake for me was the last mission and scud hunting

I played this game for the first time like a month ago and my heart was in my mouth the entire fucking mission.

>Sneaking out of forest
>Go prone when I notice an entire squad of soldiers sweeping the opening in front of me
>Wait for them to pass and crawl to the closest bush
>Notice car somewhere downhill
>Too afraid to go and get it because it's right next to the forest and I know the Russians would be combing that area
>Mfw it's at this moment, amongst hostile soldiers, roaming tanks and APCs, that a Hind decides to over by

Crazy how a game with such basic graphics can be so damned immersive.

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this guy's right. Once you played enough and worked out how to cheese it, many missions became easy. But anything involving tanks was hard.

Fuck no. Arma 3 campaign felt like a CoD campaign compared to OFP. OFP's campaign could had been the best in the FPS genre if it actually works.

Well I guess you can only do so much. I think much of the enemy movement is predetermined and scripted and they did a good job. It's normal you kinda find loopholes and learn the patterns after you played it for a while

haha. it really does feel like you're surviving and using only your wits. especially when one shot can kill.

I agree about the immersion, and I still think it's crazy that a game that old conveyed the feelings it did. Looking back that era in PC gaming (1998-2008) for me was definitely the most interesting. It's quite sad how the industry has traded that feeling of "being there" for pure popcorn cinema with no soul.

yeah, I suppose that's how I meant to 'cheese it'.

I remember one mission finding a BMP with the crew in a relax stance so they were open top. I fired one LAW at them, killing them and taking the BMP for myself.

The marketing around the game was always 'once you see the flash - it's already too late'

>Arma 4

Arma will never be good again, they wen't full Jew with 3, requiring 50 dollar dlc expansions for shit that should have been in the base game

what a fucking disaster of a game, fuck that slav jew company

>DayZ standalone

the better question is who will take the reigns that Arma dropped?

Anybody knows if I need anything else besides base ARMA 3 for the OPF remake mod? Do I need Apex and that shit?

>hey wen't full Jew with 3
so much fucking this. they obviously make a ton of money from govt contracts with VBS, why the fuck would they need to nickel and dime us like that?

>better question is who will take the reigns that Arma dropped?
i'm this close to petitioning Warhorse Studios to make an arma type game


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i hated this, sometimes i just tried to tell myself that they are out of signal reach, but deep inside i knew....

>not the Ural truck with a ZU-23 on the back

I played through the entire series a few summers ago.
arma 3 has
>more fun sp missions, some let you free roam (no unforgettable shit like lmao ure downed find ure way using starsu lmao or lmao everyone is ded time to evade tanks and choppers innawoods tho)
>tiny bit less clunky
>better graphics, bigger worlds, more detailed worlds, more detailed vehicles, more detailed acoustics, more detailed ballistics, more in depth inventory and customization system, underwater combat, better nighttime combat, much better AI with better tactics
basically everything has been improved insanely but the setting is not as interesting.
arma series is just one series that gets better every installment while remaining faithful.
Only real complaint is that they should get rid of the scroll menu and replace scroll, convo and orders menu with a pie menu with pie submenus like battlefield. It is objectively better in every single fucking way

>full Jew with 3
BI has the best fucking dlc model of any game
>DLC is always a major update that updates the entire game and engine
>Everyone gets the engine and gameplay improvements with each dlc
>everyone can play together wether they have DLC or not
>people who dont get dlc cant use any of the DLC content and then only thing is they have a icon on their screen saying they cant use it but they can buy it

>autismal fags upset because theres an icon on the screen when they pick up dlc shit and want to corradooty
even expansions like tanoa gave everyone an fucking engine update

BI is goat with dlc. Stay mad autists

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Oh definitely, back in Harpoon days was awesome too - setting up multi-axis backfire/badger raids on an american CVBG, then laughing with glee as they go to engage and your actual strike arrives from a oscar to the west and a 500kt Kingfish slams into a Nimitz class

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Shipwreck sorry - Kingfish are air to surface

I miss the multiplayer

>use gamespy arcade for once to check out the multiplayer
>no idea wtf im doing
>join a server
>there's like 30 people in the lobby
>get into the game after downloading a big ass map
>get assigned to a pilot role
>suddenly we're all in a plane with Purple Haze playing
>cuts to my guy fucking sky diving along with 29 others
>holy fuck this is awesome
>try to land with the rest of the group
>there's a bunch of crates with weapons in them
>load up and follow the team who are assaulting some castle (those ruined ones from the campaign)
>we take it
>we're told we have to split up into groups
>1 takes some jeeps to a tank base to grab some decommissioned armor, another proceeds on foot to a checkpoint where they have to wait for said armor and the last group (the one im in) head to an abandoned airfield to get some choppers
>on the way there a fucking bmp sees us and kills 2 of my squad
>airfield has 2 russians patrolling
>kill them and get a warning that more are coming and we have to be quick
>there's a blackhawk and a few cobras
>refuel the blackhawk and take off while my other squadmate takes a cobra
>told to fly to the checkpoint and pick up stragglers along the way
>some people actually got separated in the initial parachute phase and lit off flares/map markers so i could pick them up
>meet up at the checkpoint and pick up the rest
>need to drop off rpg guys in specific spots so they can take out air support
>my job after that is basically fly around the massive town we have to take and provide air support/pick up wounded
>plan goes to shit when a shilka that was supposed to be taken out shoots me and i crash in a blaze of fury
>turn into a white pigeon and get to fly around and spectate the other players

it was a wild ride

makes me so sad that no one plays arma2 anymore
and arma3 is just koth and roleplay servers
I wish arma2 would get players back and servers back again because I still enjoy arma2 more than 3 if there were actually anyone playing 2

>they obviously make a ton of money from govt contracts with VBS
Pretty sure the simulation wing is a completely different entity these days, they're based out of Australia while normal BI are still Czech

Haha shit was cash.

>Join some server
>Get assigned as Machine Gunner
>We land with a choper and jump into a ditch
>A guy sneaks up to a Russian tank for literally 20 minutes
>We sit and watch
>Tank turns around and blasts the guy
>Random gunfire
>I start spraying with the M60
>Cease fire! Cease fire!
>Tanks start rolling towards us
>Squad lead in the chat: "Are you satisfied now Rambo?"

>find a copy of ArmA 1's gold edition in a bargain bin as a kid
>have no idea what I'm in for
>good thing I liked oldschool Tom Clancy games
>autistically screw around with all the vehicles and guns, gradually learning the level editor
>eventually create ridiculous huge night combat scenarios with tank columns and helicopter insertions lit up with stupid amounts of tracer fire and explosions

i miss those days

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I mis /a3g/ lighthearted yet tactical gameplay without armchair commanders

fucking public servers are cancer
>find empty insurgency server
>grab my shorts, straw hat, lbv, m14, acog, bipod and
>go hit a enemy base
>slowly kill them off one by one by using superiour positioning, manouvering and not doing anything stupid
>a clanmember of server joins, hangs out with me, gets killed constantly os has to be saved by me constantly
>rest of his clan joins
>mfw I'm approaching from a hill that gives me lots of good rocky cover and clearing enemy out step by step
>mfw they approach from a field below 10 men in a tight buch
>mfw the forest surrounding the field is filled with AI and AI machinegunners
>mfw they get cut down to a man 4 times before they clear the field
>mfw i get the flag
>mfw their 12 year old armchair co is furious with me for "my unproffessional attire" and bans me
most a3 groups even those who think theyre hardcore shit are just bunch of braindead fucking retards without a single tactical thought in their entire family tree

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What games have playable NVA (Nationale Volksarmee - East Germany)

I only know that they are featured in Wargame: Red Dragon

>Bought this new OFP game when i was 11
>Finish every mission with a negative score
>'well its just a score'
>Got fired from an army 14 missions later
>'What a shitty ending man'
Never finished it since then

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Arma 2 is king desu, futuristic shit sucks