Parasite Eve

Happy 20th anniversary

What would you like from the next game?

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>next game
user please

More Tits & Ass

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It would be nice to get a game that plays closer to the first one.

>What would you like from the next game?
Do a Remake of the original, but keep it to the original.

First off, I'd like an HD collection of the first two games. (you can keep third birthday).

Second, maybe see if there's more source material to work with? I guess it might be hard since there's only one book.

Thirdly, do what and asked. Gameplay closer to Game 1, and don't skimp on the sex appeal.

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More parasite even ayayo personality and less third birthday bs. A harsh grounded rookie cop personality is so much better than "muuh husbando" trash got 3rd birthday was and is (i finished it yesterday) un fucking bearable.

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I liked Nomura before he went too far with the belts and chains.

And i want more PE 1 combat/while 3rd birthday is okay too but no PE2 trash Cyka Blyad

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>next game
Congrats OP, you pissed me off more than I wish to admit.

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>but no PE2 trash Cyka Blyad
Thread going to die soon because it will bound to end up like some dumb thread with people only talking only about single installment. In this case i'm glad PE died.




I don't want more games. First game is excellent, second game is alright I guess, third is a dumpster fire. The book is very good

>What would you like from the next game?
Less Tabata/Toriyama for one.

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Parasite in City 2 never

Why live

that was a reaction to the pic
of course I prefer PE1 like a cultured man of culture that I am

>not liking the gun phallus

A remake. No changes to game or systems. Just new engine and fully redone graphics.

Sign me up for a remake as well.
PE1 is a fucking masterpiece and the other games are kinda shit

Wait did Nomura draw this?

At this point just make an official h-game and put it to rest.

Good excuse to start a replay. It's been way too long since I played it.
It was one of those PS1 imports I paid top dollar for back in the day.

No idea who nomura is but this looks kinda official. Some user posted it a few days ago

how the fuck do you browse a weeb video game image board and not know who tetsuya nomura is?

get out

>Us le epic 4 channers xDD
shut your mouth bitch of another man

When will Square bring Aya back?

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but also more the feeling of unavoidable dread that humanity is gonna evolve soon and leave a lot of people behind by doing so

I like the novel

That was just a phase. He doesn't really do that any more.

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I bought a 12-pack of soft pretzels the day I played 3rd Birthday.
Now every time I see Aya I just want to eat pretzels.


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he is one of the (if not THE) most famous japanese video game artists out there.
also what the fuck kind of insult was that? p. sure that didn't even make sense.

What is your favorite parasite eve enemy? I liked the rat mutations and the infant stage of the endboss in PE1.

>It would be nice to get a game that plays closer to the first one.

Square Enix will never do ATB ever again.

I feel bad for my girlfriend, honestly I do, all her favorite game series will never get a update (dragons dogma, blood borne, spiryo the dragon and parasite eve) what's worse is parasite eve 3ed birthday was so fucking bad I wish it never even came out, she was depressed for like a week thanks to that.

so ya, user, please.

not a bad idea.


i would love a remake of the first game. that shit would be amazing.

He was a character designer for all the games, mostly on 1

More Aya, more gameplay like Parasite Eve 1 with the ability to customize your weapons with tools, bring back Yoko to do the soundtrack and have NG+ with another true final boss once you beat an optional dungeon. Get Nomura to do the designs too.

Also I haven't played 2 since it looked a little off in terms of the ascetic and presentation of the original. Is it worth giving a shot?

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Guessed so weeb faggot dont shittalk me with you fucking artists ever again

>he wasn't here for BELTANZIPPAR

fucking redditors i swear

>First off, I'd like an HD collection of the first two games
Fucking this. Just do remakes of the first two. Put some minor quality of life improvements in the games and you'll be gold.

1-3 as an HD collection for PC

Never beaten it back in 03

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>sucked each other off about some trivial irrelevant shit
>mentions reddit

>(if not THE) most famous japanese video game artists out there.
Nah. Kojima is way more prolific to non-weebs. Nomura is known for KH and that's it. And while KH is really popular, it doesn't have the same level of cult following that MGS/KojiPro does.

Kojima is known as a director/writer not as an artist user.

What a shit thread aya deserved better die fucking weebs saged

He's talking about videogame artist, not director
>Nomura is known for KH
His FF designs are probably more popular

>Square Enix will never do ATB ever again.
Good, ATB sucks

Parasite Eve is a weeb game though, kind of contradictory statement to make user.

I appreciate you shitposting to keep the thread alive though.

For things to go back to crazy mitochondria and shit

>Also I haven't played 2 since it looked a little off in terms of the ascetic and presentation of the original. Is it worth giving a shot?

PE2's core assets were made by Resident Evil and Einhander staff. So if you like classic Resident Evil, chances are you will love it.

I assumed by artist you meant creator. If you mean literal artist then you're still making a fuss over nothing. No one cares about artists, least of all normal fags. To say any video game artist is famous is really stretching the definition of the word.

>His FF designs are probably more popular
With groups that care? Probably. But FF as a whole, and Nomura's FF in particular, hasn't/haven't attracted as huge of a following as KH has managed.

>nude mod
>garbage nipples

talk about shit taste.

For it to not exist.
Because it won't be what I want because I want something right from the 90s and we're not in the 90s anymore. Rather than get new liberties taken with the series like with 3rd birthday (which I actually liked despite the issues it has) I'd rather they just stop where it is.

The fact that people are talking about Nomura as an artist in this very thread proves you wrong.

People talk about Shad as an 'artist,' does that make him famous outside of NEET communities like this one?

I would sometimes just get into a battle to listen to this.

PE had really amazing music.

Only first game is good.

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The fuck kind of argument is that? We were talking about famous vidya artists, the fact that you don't know about any doesn't people don't care about them.
You're the one that's out of the loop in this conversation.

>retard doesn't know who Nomura is
>acts like its a badge of honor


You can't just act like someone is famous because you or I know about them. Maybe Japan cares more about vidya artists, but we're (now I'm assuming on your end) not Nipps. The onus is on you to prove something to be true, not for me to prove it to be false, that isn't how these things work.

where are all these new animations coming from? is that guy finally working on the sequel or what?

god i want to see her get raped