I'm on my first playthrough and so far it seems like NSF are the good guys standing against plutocracy...

I'm on my first playthrough and so far it seems like NSF are the good guys standing against plutocracy, I feel like I should side with them. I also noticed you can find soy food randomly scattered around. I have a theory about what's going on in Deus Ex world and will find out if any of it is true once I finish the game.

The Jews and Anglos castrated the society with soy products turning them into docile sheep that won't object to plutocracy being installed, the police mechs we see are a first step in creating sex bots that will make organic partners obsolete and addict people to robosex like to a drug, the organization you're in (UNATCO) stands for United Niggers Attacking Christian Orfices and are secretly aligned with the Jews and Anglos and that's the only reason they fight NSF (No Soy For us) who are the good guys, the decline of christian values via fedora propaganda allowed people to turn to a new relligion -consumerism.

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You are pretty close, do you have anything to back that up?

NSF are domestic terrorists. They bomb shit and kill civilians. Do you really think good guys would resort to terrorism?

What did they bomb?

To be super good at the game like I am, you have to pick up all the soy food and use it in place of medkits. Not even kidding, it heals more than any soda or candy bar, I would carry 10-15 at a time and whenever I take damage I can heal 50-75 damage with soy food.

Of course, the IRA did it and everything turned out just fine

Deus Ex truly is prescient.

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freedom fighters always use terrorism, it's for the greater good

They bombed the statue of liberty.

You're not killing them are you? It was a pain in the ass not accidentally having one of them splattered in the second mission. Had to restart it several times.

Deus ex is great, continue playing

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They didn't, those are UNATCO lies.

Deus Ex itself is propaganda

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false flag, wake up sheeple

NSF has good guys and bad guys.
NATCO has good guys and bad guys.
The Illuminati has good guys and bad guys

kys for taking Deus Ex and pretending its your average capeshit tier story

>The Illuminati has good guys and bad guys
nice try Nigel Goldstein

deus ex is literally JC being sucked into an illuminati power struggle.

your mom is literally about sucking black cocks

Can some illuminati supreme enlightened tell me when it became the hip and cool thing to zealously defend the religious and where the meme conspiracy of invading fedora atheists came from? It it just because ten years ago the whole "Youtube Atheist" thing made not being religious so popular that hipster anons swung to the other side so they could feel special again regardless of what they actually believe?

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Pardon me, but back in Alabama,

I knew it. I have seen it since I was a girl. The plotting and scheming of corporations to make bots criminals. I'm a Frenchman.

Should i use any mods on my first playthrough?

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only deus exe

No. The only exception is Kentie's launcher. Anyone who gives you any other answer is a faggot.

NSF are the alt-right

>full blown pol autismo
fuck off

If I'd have to eat one in excess, I'd much rather eat soy than red meat.
One gives you (alledgedly) man breasts.
The other gives you kidney stones (proven).

If wanting to avoid organic shurikens in my urethra makes me less of a ""man"", then so(y) be it.