Do you think this depiction of Samus is embarrassing?

Like, she looks like old fashioned Barbie.

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And that's a bad thing.

Neogaf is calling you ba...oh wait


absolutely embarrassing. there is nothing less attractive than an attractive girl

>abluu bluu pretty people are bad because I'm ugly and can't relate to them!!!
massive bombing in america fucking when

How is she attractive?

This desu. Women fetishist are douchey and gross.

I'm responding to bait, but Samus was always a barbie doll under her suit. At least the zero suit makes more sense than a bathing suit or a tank top.

How many of these have you made? and have they stopped banning you for this?

Barbie has no ass.

I think she needs some changes to her shithole.

No, but my penis thinks it's pretty hot. My penis is usually right about such things.

There needs to be some remodeling.
I'm not sure what area should be first.

I like sexy girls, but that it a pretty brainlet way of going about things.

>I like sexy girls, but that it a pretty brainlet way of going about things.

Watch out guys, we have a rick and morty fan on our hands

*drinks soy*

If you only ever judge things on how they make your dick feel, you're gonna be sifting through trash all your life.
It is literally the lowest common denominator possible.
When you just slap tits and ass on something, it will appeal even to the dumbest gutter trash, no need for actual quality or substance.
Saying "if it has tits and ass, I'll like it" makes you a bit of a moron, to be quite honest.

user, the topic is about 2D girls.
Whatever helps you feel better about yourself though.

We're specifically talking about her body design though, not the game.

i can't tell if this is your bait schtick or if you actually feel this way.
seems fairly effective, regardless.

Too much flesh.

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She does, but it's not rotund like Samus's

Where is the fat-butt user?

She wasn't. Once upon a time, she looked like an amazon.

Jesus christ...

She is supposed to be super tall, but she looks like a short girl in this pic.
She looks like she's 1.60 or something when she's supposed to be over 1.90.

Is her plugsuit supposed to look like a thong?

This game is from a different time when the trope hot anime girl was still pretty garbage. This body type only appeals to Japs