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crayon pop


Just listened through this for the first time. What should I expect?


yasuho hirose

visiting my parents for the weekend


amin yashed

cold out

no dignity



Infringes on a trademark I've owned for 5 years now. I expect a full cash settlement no less than 6 years of the groundskeeper's salary or I'll sue you for everything you've got.


Did you listen to it on mute?

Things I don't really like lately:
Basic white bitches
People who complain about every little thing


Whys is Middlesbrough full of paedophiles and not just the pakis?

should be doing work stop distracting me lads :///

we wuz kangs n sheeeiit

might sleep on the balcony tonight lads

realised a lot of my friends are actually pretty awful people

*waves arms in front of you*

Virus do not click

gonna take up golf so i can go golfing with my grandad lads

had the same realisation

i want to make new friends but you never make friends like the ones you made in school/uni

it's a catch 22

good lad

me getting arrested


oink oink

slipped into something more comfortable

Landlord's going to get an earful lads haha

Just got a shock trying to wipe the water away with a teatowel, arm is killing


he's such a massive cunt

Anyone up for a game of tennis?

>We think Britain can be a lot better than this
Ah yes, by being racist and bigoted. Very good, yes.

now to wait

it's going to get better :)


i play racketball lad, i can't play tenn

did you just cum on the sockets?


get out

if you look at that right it looks like a small metal dick ejaculating blood



anyone got that 'anti-homosexuality medicine' comic? can't find it on google

What's funny is that it's clear that Zac Goldsmith is not even an Islamophobe.

His dog whistle campaign was clearly orchestrated by others.

florence looks about 50 but shes still like 20 wtf

to think some unlucky guy actually pounds that multiple times a week

Nah lad the heavens have just opened up in the last hour
Got lightning and all sorts

nothing to explain. scotland is a leftie shithole that would be sweden 2.0 if they had their own way.

Who is he?

going to find a grime gf tonight lads

>mfw someone throws me off centre and cuts through my peace

at least he knows what pussy feels like, unlike me


>make my character as girly as possible whilst still being male
>run around naked with a rapier and kill everything
feels good

just had to kill a pigeon lads

>tfw reversal ring doesn't change the voice

might do ya mum

What you playing lad?


haha Katie Hopkins never holds back and says what everybody is thinking!!!!!!!!

haha her or Clarkson should be PM :D

Love Leicester me

a good lad

Fucking love tights desu.

>tfwfw no brit fucktoy

I think the similarity is intentional.

>asterisk posting on twitter

would wank very hard to katie hopkins putting a sausage up her bum

Gonna play the banned-on-Twitch waifu kill simulator

Why are French people such massive faggots?

Fuck off back to r/Islam you paki cunt

starting to thunder lids


i love dicks desu

>tfw aldritch ate both priscilla-chan and amazing trap

yank get off that fucking proxy and leave

>turnout was 130%

Not entirely sure I believe that

katie hopkins is well fit an I wouldn't say no to her

Because they love dick

i consider the ring cheating because i want it to be still kinda obvious that the characters a dude but you have to look a bit hard
dark souls 3 m8


Is the Sershposter dead?

became a normalston

bit rude

executed the little runt personally

>he's defending the frogs

non-brit paki detected

>i just watched a video about Black People in France vs Black People in Germany XD
im so good at procrastination grin emoticon

Shit normies say via PM on facebook

I know!!! Katie Hopkins tells it like it is, she's the only honest commentator left.

haha i wish we had more people like Katie!!!! :D :D

nah this is him

Had an hours trial as a waiter at a busy restraunt. Never done it before.

Probably made a fool of myself.

Never doing that again.

ring does shit all actually, just changes your stance a bit

>Nigga what's up, long day?

shit white white people say via PM on facebook

Summer is over lads


how do i achieve this look?


>sierra nevada beer