Post where you are right now

Post where you are right now

Don't have a camara, but I'm sitting in my homemade Anderson Shelter replica.

parents' living room
your pic is unrelated?

are you middle eastern? you don't look white

Pic is me

I'm white. Just pretty tan from being outside often.

You have man feet

Most guys should if they've hit puberty

you must be a woman or a man whos shaving his legs

has to be a man, look at that big toe.. paint him green and he'd be shrek.

Very feminine legs. Are you a trap?

This is pretty revolting right here dog.
Where's your pants at though

>not being skelly

This is a safe for work board

>in a bathtub with no water

>hey dudes I'm a girl please respond
Are some people that desperated for attention?

It's 3:20 am. I'm in my bed, but I can't manage to fall asleep so I'm listening to music and browsing chans on my phone. It was a really beautiful day today, and Paris was pretty empty because it's a long weekend. Went for a pretty long walk, helped out lost Japanese tourists, ate lunch in a bistrot with them, came back home, went to swimming pool for two hours, came back home again, played vidya until 9 pm, ate a salad with cold chicken, watched a music TV show so that I can say I've watched it Monday, played vidya again. Went to sleep at 1 am. And now I'm here.

Overall, pretty comfy.

shut the fuck up retard

shut the fuck up retard

>hey dudes I'm a girl


post more of cat

also timestamp

>with these feet
>with those calves

Nah. He's got great legs tho.

>showing your hair

dont take this the wrong way but your are very attractive

how could that be taken the wrong way?

you aren't fooling anyone you attention seeking whorebag with a dick

>he likes compliments



Pretty nice out this evening desu


haha epic gun just like america hahaha ur such a cool guy user!! hlolLOL

You've got money for peacocks but no one can pave the roads, right? Ok Georgia.

Here. I'm to lazy to stand up for a timestamp.



Chilling here.

wat the shit is that on the right of your desk

it's where i am as i was when i clicked the thread.

>shaving your legs

nice pube legs


nice boipucci, britqueer

In my room kickin it. Drinking shit beer to get drunk.

not apropos

qt, what's his name?

On your own?

>shaving your legs

pick 1

Just pretty gay

On the toilet, taking a shit

no need to tell me user, i know you're a dangerous guy who needs a gun at any moment but not shoes or socks

ally with GB

nothing wrong with that

looks like a futuristic prison cell

i read the definition and still dont understand what apropos means
feels QED man

On my couch.

Nah, I'm gonna ally exclusively with Poland Lithuania and hopefully we can split Europe amongst us two

post shit when done, I'll rate.

You're placing that gun wrong. Put the barrel in your mouth.


i'm a NEET who didn't finish school so that's ok, friend.

Not really. I've done it a few times and I've just ended up being sad. You need to really socialise when you're drunk

That's some nice lighting


this picture made me realize I'd kill myself if I was brown

r u a grill?


No. It's not very good

>Playing worst Total War game.
God Empire had so much potential. Only real fun I had on that game was a Maratha campaign.

I'm just about to wipe the Ottomans off the map, we've been off and on war for the last 40 years


Yes, actually.

i just like guns and gear and militaria. I don't have fantasy about ever actually using mine.

you better run along now you gotta make sure there aren't any sticks in your yard.

Total war is OK for me, if there was a remastered total war empire, one that includes South America, China,and Africa, ID get it in a heartbeat


>evergreen trees
That narrows it down. Close to the west coast and by a lake.
Angkor Wat?


Really glad I got it. LED light strips, bunch of different colors to switch between. Cheap on amazon, and you can chain strips together like I did

so you're not actually a dangerous cool guy at all? you're just a shoeless nerd who wanks over guns?


In a room used as a sort of storage room with a comfy pajama



yeah right, no one in brazil can afford that.

t. timestamp or not your picture

>Birds been chirping since 2AM
I'm done with summer already.

>being a trap

do you wear shoes in the house? sounds uncomfortable.


Close, Washington State my friends, good times.

is it opposite day today

post your m39


>Angkor Wat

about to go to bed, getting an early start

At a friend's, smoking and watching movies

No, that's private. You can have a cat instead.

Are you also a nigger like your friend?


Just like my kitty! :3

Birman I assume?


Post moar :3

why the fuck do you all have cats

Well meme'd, friend.
Don't you think it's about time you got a real bed though?

Cigs or Marie Jean?
There are a lot of Asians here, it can be like Cambodia at times