he imagined himself saving that girl in school from danger

> he imagined himself saving that girl in school from danger

Ichi is that you?

>he imagined himself killing his whole class partners with ar-15 and 12. gauge shotguns

>he imagined himself as a superhero with powers

this tbqhwyl

delet this

>he imagined himself having friends

>he imagined himself disabling a bank robber

>he imagined himself playing his favorite rock song in front of his middle school during the yearly talent show

>he was the lead guitarist and singer

>his crush was in the front row

>he imagined himself stabbing the security gaurd and then setting the dinner room on fire whilst his classmates were locked in and then stabbing the rest of students


>he imagined the girl he liked trapped in whatever video game he was playing and that he had to use his epic in game skills to save her
>he still imagines this

He imagined himself being successful! HAHAHA WELL MEMED

>he imagined being in a country that is relevant


(Just kidding but I wanted to beat a few to death)

>he imagined himself clearing his home and shooting burglars


>she imagined

>he imagined his life as a movie and he was the main character

I fantasize dying for someone else. I just want to feel needed and not some useless NEET. I couldn't care less if it cost me my life

There's nothing wrong about wanting to help others. But when you started asking something in return, it becomes a different story

>he imagined himself stumping his neighbor's dog to death

Being a hero is a common male fantasy. You are all normal and there is nothing wrong with any of you.

>he imagined a hero coming to save him and to take him on a grand adventure like in his fantasy books



Every time I do this, I wonder who would watch such a boring movie.

>he even imagined his eyes being the camera and filming things from his perspective

>tfw the memes weren't real and we never had a school shooter
>i never got my chance to catch him off gaurd with my ninja skills
>i never got rewarded for saving countless lives
>i was never that qt's hero

Autists on Sup Forums

>he wasn't the school shooter to make user's dreams come true

>he imagined himself poisoning the drinks at that douchebag's party

>he imagined himself as a member of The Kids Next Door

>he imagined talking for once and being liked by his peers

>He wanted to play the role of the hero instead of the villain

I've always imagined myself as the super villain though

>he killed his dog and lied about it to his parents for 4 years straight but then blurted it out when he came home drunk

>his inner monologue always sounds so smart, but when he tries to speak, he sounds like a stammering retard

I imagined her saving me from ending myself

say for yourself! I saved the day of my "school shooter" after someone called the cops on him. I take his gun and put on my backpack. When the cops came after him, he didn't have nothing and the guy who called it get in trouble with school counselor and police, while the guy was just ok and harmful.

I was hoping for him to shoot some fuckers from my class, but after it he just gave up... sad shit

i wonder if they caught the chicoms that made it unsafe

>people imagine this things
What in the fuck is up with you psychos?

Were you raped by your father when you were 5?

>he's a 25 yo friendless autistic virgin failing at a shit career in uni

>tfw I sometimes fantasize about a military attack against Finland
>tfw it'd make me worth something
>tfw I always was a better soldier than a civilian but didn't realize this until I became a NEET

ITT: projection.

>he imagined having weapons and a Gods blessing from Runescape and fighting crime

>he imagined himself breaking into someones home wearing a scary mask and slaughtering everyone inside

>not providing logistical aid to another martyr

wasted your entire lfie

>he imagined himself with a father

I wish my father was present when I had 5 yo

I had these thoughts til the end of high school

>he imagined he wasnt a stammering retard and she went to to homecoming with him

>ywn be in a situation were you can sacrifice your life heroically to save lives

It was set during the Sichuan earthquake in China. May 12, 2008

sometimes I hope there's another major war so I can sign up and get killed in action and my mom will think I died a hero.
I just want her to finally be proud of me for something and I don't want to off myself because it would kill her despite me not wanting to be alive

>he imagined he could stop time and have his way with his classmates on a daily basis to the point where he couldn't even look them in the face without popping an erection

>he imagined himself killing the school shooter and saving everyone before committing suicide
>he couldn't live in a world where anyone but him is the school shooter

>listen to a song
>imagine myself playing it perfectly at the high school talent show and getting a qt gf from my performance

>he imagined himself being a crazy hobo shouting at cars while carrying an empty coke bottle

>he imagined getting captured by terrorists, breaking free, sneakily killing them all, and becoming a national hero

I still have those thoughts at age 20

>he imagined what it would be like to live in an anime

>he imagined himself being anything other than a 26 year old loser that spends his entire day posting cartoon frog images on an imageboard

is this place just /r9k/ with flags?

ever since /r9k/ got destroyed due to the shooting causing a mass influx of normies, yeah

r9k is shit, it's not what you'd think it is imo

Sometimes, most of the times it's /vg/ with flags and /s4s/, Sup Forums with flags. Sometimes Sup Forums's also /soc/ with flags.

>tfw you imagine yourself dying and how said everyone would be
>tfw if you died now no one would care


it's like 80% retarded racebaiting shit, some ""trap"" threads, and an ironic crossover with Sup Forums

I saved a guy in school from danger

r9k got better after that
it's like more people are depressed on there and it's more chilled out

Sup Forums's core posts in the cancerous generals.

90% of the other threads are just crossboarding shitposters.

>He dream himself as a war hero doing heroic shit with epic music in the background

>he imagined himself being interviewd by the tv after a tough match against Brasil where you scored 2 goals taking the team to Víctory but you were very humble and gave all the crédit to the rest of the team


>tfw you imagine yourself with a qt gf that loves you
>tfw you imagine her saying cute things to you and narrate her actions in third person

>he passed time in class by ranking the girls in it by order of sexiness

>he is in highschool crossposting between Sup Forums, Sup Forums, /r9k/ and /s4s/ on his smartphone while the teacher talks about intellectually stimulating topics
>he pretends to be a right wing trumptard for the memes but is an edgy socialist hippie IRL
>he discovered Sup Forums on KnowYourMeme in 2014
>he posts in a thread where you pretend you are an adult thinking back to being a teenager but you're actually a teenager

>he imagined he could stop time and have sex with a girl in class

>this fucking guy used to imagine kissing her after showing off his godly dance moves at the school dance

>he creates a fantasy world in his mind where he happily lives with his favorite cartoon characters

>this guy was probably in diapers when I started posting on Sup Forums

>tfw ran out of money
>tfw depressed
>tfw had to survive with less than 5usd until ,may 15
>tfw my mom gave me 70usd and wasted 30 in cigs and beers

>he imagined himself in the Yu-Gi-Oh universe dueling people

i was the danger

These imaginationings were the best

>tfw i will never live with ma niggas tom and jerry


>he imagined himself as the Prince of Saiyans

ok stop

>he used to imagine himself as a character from Dragonball Z while playing with his friends at the park during middleschool

>tfw you can't tell if everyone is just an American proxy or we all aren't that different after all

>he imagines himself in a singing contest every time he sings songs on the radio

Villains are the heroes of their own stories

>he imagined himself as the lonely wolf badass guy but everyone saw him as a sperg weirdo

m8 everyone fucking did that

my friends used to pretend we were WWF wrestlers and literally dropkicked each other in the face for fun

>he imagined that the perfect friend was sitting in the other chair all those times he played checkers by himself in the basement when there were other kids just outside

but did imagine yourself as
fuck i can't stop cringing just remembering
did you ever imagine yourself as sonic during primary school?

>he pretended he had a functional family with two parents that cared about him and wasn't insanely jealous of his friend's families
>he didn't have both of his parents in prison at some point
>he wasn't in foster care
>he didn't have to bathe himself with water from a jug because the waterbill wasn't paid
>he didn't grow up to be a jaded loser that hates the world and blames all his problems on everyone but himself but in reality knows it's his fault

There's a reason ISIS has such a huge following.

>NEETS and disenfranchised muslims that want to be part of something bigger

>he imagined himself as a dictator of his country