Cute British anime girl named Karen Edition

crayon pop





Excellent post.

Just had a wank


How much did your current outfit cost lads? Here's a breakdown of mine (lazing about at the moment):

>M&S cotton trunks
?? £5 ??

>made-to-measure grey flannel trousers

>made to measure white silk dress shirt

>bottle green velvet smoking jacket

>bottle green velvet slippers

Would add up to about £1000.

I wore a £2000 suit and £400 shoes to church this morning though.

how common is it for girls who have dogs to have at least tried putting its willy inside them

Evening lads.

sad and lonely...

>creating the thread so you get in first

Poor sportsmanship lad.


check the IDs idiot

Not seriously tried, but tried to mount whilst playing I guess would be pretty common.

Housemate in uni admitted she once tried to wank her dog off after the Rebeca Loos pig thing

Why do people like k-pop again? The whole thing is more artificial and forced than even our pop music culture and that's saying something.

cats really get the short end of the stick in the willy department compared to dogs

you too!

you're a big guy

reposting cos new thread
I'd just have to hope i never see him on campus then

How do you do that without them being told screenshotted?

Think i care?

might do that desu

It's not just girls lad *winks*

real nu

At least you're white.
And fluffy.

The music is shite; we only like the women.

sliding this image right into my karen folder

Not sure. I've let my dog shag me 4 times, it's quite an experience.

My sister may have tried it at some point, she has weird fetishes.





not even lying, I'd love for my gf to shag our dog in front of me.

>Sadiq Khan



check the IDs idiot

bath is really overflowing


but will everything be okay?
you don't know that for a fact, do you?

how do you know your sister's fetishes

You can't make that shit up

>newfag doesn't know what IDs are

>flannel, silk and velvet in this heat

I've seen through your charade

good post

that's a long dog.


it be the white male's fault. they be keepin the black man from lernin t sweem


How do I work out the percentage of two numbers if they ware worth different amounts of the final number?

For example, 52 is 60% of the total, and 35 is 40% of the total?


fuck off

*kisses u*


I'm a lad

Was fixing something in her room a while ago and found a load of bondage gear. Gags, latex, chokers, odd dildos.

That tub is too full the waters going to overflow everywhere

did you sniff the dildos?


it grows on you

*Punches you in the throat*

It's only 12 degrees here in Golspie.


i dont like how pepe has been normieised 2bh by making cute pics of him such as:

i'm going to tell you something you don't want to hear

I used them kek, used to be pretty into incest then but I grew out of it.

This dog doesn't make sense


>ywn have a gf to watch anime with
>ywn have a gf to take to San Diego comic con
>ywn race your gf to complete your pokedex on Pokemon
>ywn have a gf to hold you and tell you she loves you when you want to kill yourself
>ywn have a gf to play Vidya games all day with
>ywn have a gf who forces you out of your comfort zone to cosplay with her

Why should I even continue living?


>my ankle is a knee your argument is invalid

just opened the shed and saw this.

what the fuck do i do?

so how do you know your sister has tried to get your dog to shag her

what the fuck did your parents do to you as kids

Actually quite fascinating

please delete this

need a dog bf

i don't like you at all you greasy fat fuck

Karen is asleep lads, keep it down please

mental illness

Has science gone too far?

would literally get the shotgun

Aerosol + lighter on that bad boy, it's the only way

that's a big spider

your posts are honestly the worst I've ever seen

fucking stop, now.

I was wondering where he had got to

nice temporal dubdubs

there's plenty of them on /brit/

I will fucking end your life if you make another post at this atrocious level

nope you should definitely kill yourself

>dogs browsing brit

don't believe you desu

Get me a gf and I'll never come back here again desu

australia i know you want to be part of the gang but hating on me is old.

for you


Didn't say I know did I?

Oy vey

it's only old because you can't take the fucking hint

tell me where to meet and ill drive down the m4 and batter the living shit out of you, you irritating cunt



fuck off tripfag nigger
don't know how sad your life must be to crave celebrity status on Sup Forums

oh how the runts squeal...