What Argentinians think about each Americas country

What Argentinians think about each Americas country.
Why is [...]?

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here's a polanchart



we dont give a fuck about other countries nigga

Seems that the guy who has created the map is based in memes and internet language.


We don't give a fuck about you, yet you create hundreds of memes about us :3

Your hatred towards us is based on 'argies believe...' while we truly couldn't care less about you unless you start talking shit about us


oie no seas butthurtsillo

You've created an unreal persona about us based on memes, so don't cry when we don't play into your retarded country roleplay thingie

>what are the most intimidating languages/accents?
Idk but Argentineans are bros, I'm probably going there again soon. Bonus points for the meat (it could be more salty though)

we don't care.

But what we think?

Brazil: vacations
Uruguay: a province
Paraguay: chipa and mazons
Chile: those guys that hates us
Bolivia: slaves
Peru: nice food
Colombia: drugs
Venezuela: chavez

And nothing more.

Pretty much video related, although they are from Uruguay, you can use it with Argentina.


>cuarteto de no
oh god... Any other shitty band to make a point?

It is nice to see that you are keeping all those shitty musicians in your country (like ikv and autenticos decadentes)

nothing at all

I mean I kinda agreeged with him till he said something like "in Colombia they thought I was German" then I looked up a picture of him and he looks literally like the garbage man of where I live. I hope this song is just joke type of thing kek

Uruguay: province
Brasil: vacations
Paraguay: slaves
Bolivia: slaves
Peru: slaves
Chile: electronics
Ecuador: literally who
Colombia: drugs
Venezuela: no toilet paper
Guyana: hellholes
Suriname: hellholes
Guayana francesa: hellholes

Ignore the "agreeged" I can't into English

we dont give a fuck about other countries nigga

I don't like them. And most people probably don't know about them here.

About the other musicians, I don't like music in Spanish, desu, so I wouldn't know.

The song is a satire.

We are a scapegoat. Latinamericans put their negative sides onto us so they can forget about their own problems/insecurities. So when you talk about Mexico's drug problem for example (which whether you like it or not, you should admit it's kind of a problem), they can easily deviate their discussion into 'nah, argies say we have a drug problem, so it must be a meme, you shouldn't trust them'.

Every group needs one, but no one is as strong as us to take the burden.

all are shit except uruguay and brazil

Makes me proud to watch my son so developed and the fucking chad of his group

Colombia; hot latinas*


>just generic poor
Thank you I guess.

Sabe? jajaja

Based argies

Paraguay makes the best yerba mate tbqo