Be american

>be american
>cant even drink in public
you cant make this shit up man

Define "public"

Anywhere you can walk a dog

Depends on what you mean by "American" here it's perfectly legal to not only get smashed in public, but DUI's are not enforced.

Depends on which city. Only homeless people get drunk on streets anyways.

Drinking a beer in the park is hardly getting drunk.

You can do that in America. Just dont be retarded/get shitfaced.


Also, be white... so sorry Brazil

>virgin islands

is that just south of neckbeard bay? lol

Wow, that's some shitty attempt at banter.

Back in Florida I'd drink in public all the time, you just needed to conceal the beverage and not act like a fucking idiot.

I'd like to interject for just a moment, what you're referring to isn't the virgin islands, but the US+Virgin Islands, or USVI.
>I'm not going to finish the stupid pasta, sue me.

Muh banter

I can walk a dog in my house. Stop living in a 200 sqft cubicle.

Also in before >le wooden """ house""" meme

>be Finnish
>be alcoholic
>be depressed
>try and numb the pain with more alcohol
>realize death is inevitable and that there's no hope to be found in your frozen hellhole
>put a gun in your mouth
>tears start falling from your face
>you know nobody is going to miss you but you still cling to the hope that maybe, just maybe you'll find a reason to live
>look outside
>it's already pitch black at 2 pm
>you have no one
>no kids
>no wife
>no family
>push the gun deeper into your mouth
>breathe heavily in and out
>this is it
>pull the trigger and paint the wall with your brains

Such is life in Finland

>le wooden """house"""

>americorn """"""""""banter""""""""""

well that was a lengthy bitter response

>be Brazilian
>have the IQ of a monkey, because you're a monkey

>conceal the beverage
top kek
tell me more about my country

Fucking dark to be perfectly desu

I lived in England for some time as a contract engineer at a gas turbine plant in the north. As fun as it may be to drink a can of beer on the high street at 11 am from time to time, fucking chavs passed out on benches of parks and pavements covered in vomit before the sun goes down is pretty degenerate. Nothing good comes from it as far as I can tell.

But then again, the English are binge drinkers.

>be americletus
>have your entire biofluids composed of a dozen differents artificial sweeteners, because you are a lardass cunt
>get shot
>instantly devoured by ants

with your shoes on of course

Yeah, wrap it up in a paper bag or a cozy.
I think it's pretty reasonable, of course I prefer the way things work here though.

>18 is old enough to join the military and die in some godforsaken Third World shithole
>18 is not old enough to buy a six pack of beer for the weekend

I'm gonna kick your ass with my shoes on.

Better get a passport first

loving every laff

Of course. What if I accidentally step in dog shit?

is old enough to join the military and die in some godforsaken Third World shithole
Please, we just go outside if we want to get into a gunfight

Just make sure you're wearing your shower shoes

omw bitch ass hoe

>18 is old enough to join the military and die in some godforsaken Third World shithole
we don't need to travel to get shot and die in a third world shithole


uhuhuhuhuHuhuhHUhuHuhH woo woo auhuHUHUhuhuh

>white dude in oversized nigger shirt

yeaaaahhhh i'd fuck u up dawg sorry

>he owns a shirt that says niggers in old English font


>cant even drink in public
>cant even be naked in public

Is there anything to do in Finland other than drink and drive rally cars?

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If they weren't so drunk they wouldn't be sitting less than sixty meters away from each other, so that's nice I guess

not really

There are lots of cities that allow public drinking. New Orleans, for example.

>muffled peregrine falcon screech superimposed over footage of a bald eagle in the distance