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>file not found
what happened to it

I wonder

Going outside lads



>going outside

It's like you want to be a normie

i just found a box of the non-improved Shapes at woolies and fuck it feels relieving not to be eating the shitty sweet-as-fuck new ones

Need to go show that i am still a retard so i get the bux



Spooky post, good digits

Pisk nx, aborigenas

Specters are misunderstood creatures. They're good people like horses.

I miss the mouthfeel of the old cheese dots

is anybody excited for cod4 remastered


no its not even that old

I only pray Crysis warhead.

have you ever played cod4


Yes. Didn't care about it and can't remember anything about it. CoD 2 is much more memorable because I played it with my friends.

haha hey Sup Forumsros *fistpump* haha im new here what does newfag mean
t. friendly neighbourhood Sup Forumsro haha

I'm also new. whats a you,. i need to get the hang of this board or "Sup Forums" as you all call it , haha

Being a farmer looks comfy, besides having to work far out


>t. never farmed a day in his life

One day I'll get our tractors back

Had an uncle who owned a farm, he struggled but he was doing well for himself. Not saying i want to do that, just looks alright


No you won't


this 5chan guy ,. relly bamboizles me haha its jimmying my rustles haha im a memer xdd

He says the #truth tho.


truth is for pussies, cod 4 is best haha xd did i rustle you

haha man you got me, i declare a spiderman thread. Isn't that what all the cool memesters are doing XDDD

I miss spainlad

those are some meta polandballs you got there.

Thoe arent pooland balls. Some spainland came and drew things for us.

memecenter watermark haha well memed mate haha xd xD XD X'D

Thank god he's gone.


All of his drawings were shit

Do /balt/'s celebrate victory day or do you hate it

Cancer shit I hope Victory Day never existed.

Balts were on nazi side 2bh.

But they beat the NAZI's

>It's a browse Sup Forums for five hours and feel irreparably worse than ever before episode

Who the fuck cares? Atleast nazis didn't go full genocide against us(lol jews) but commies did.

Dont even try it. Its fucking cancer and only the only people who celebrate it are russians. Literally the celebration of rhe ocupation of Baltic states.

>playing real racing 3
>last nascar race in the series
>9 laps
>20 ai players
>rolling start at the back of the pack
>can't win because they block the entire track and ram me and spin me out when i try to overtake

i was being sarcastic btw

>tfw you can never be as good as rednecks at driving NASCAR cars

Good chum

Will you be hearing the russians celebrating at night.

fuuugitidooodle doooo pooooopeeeeehhhh wheeeeeeeeeeyyyyyhhhhhh da da da zzzzz yeee yeeee mitititittitititititititititi beeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeee

Ur face is shit >:^(

Can I post in here now? A girl posted in /cum/ and now shes all I can think about when I post there

>victory day

did you CUM hahahahaha xdd

thirsty fuck

hahaha no but thats a good one

i cant remember the last time I talked to a girl that wasnt family

fuuugitidooodle doooo pooooopeeeeehhhh wheeeeeeeeeeyyyyyhhhhhh da da da zzzzz yeee yeeee mitititittitititititititititi beeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeee

Imagine a Victory Day 2020 where Europe is liberated from the EU, and this time no shenanigans

Girls actually post here, they're just very modest
t. A girl

It would be the happiest day of my life :'^)

no but a girl without a penis posted in /cum/

o shit waddup!!!!!

Spider pls

>t. A girl
well im actually 2 girls

I'm a girl too
t. A girl

So much better now, innit?

me too haha xDDDDD
We're all girls here :P

I knew this would happen, oh well. Here's a (you)

will u be my gfs?

Girls don't exist on the internet, dweebs. It's all a conspiracy.

This is a no girls club, get out now

lol homo xdd

haha right..Don't even know if they're better off, aren't there birth rates as low as the west


If the first thing you thought of when seeing this was boipuccy, then you are degenerate. That's all

>What do I do if I'm not a fa**ot and not a degenerate but love anime?

What did he mean by this?

hmmmm indeed

hehe i hate periods
wow a (yew), i wish that made up for the wage gap!!!1!
misojenistic pig

good digits

good posts

I've got the flu :(

Be a tough guy and don't take antibiotics. Just lie in bed and drink water

must have got it from your mum

after i gave it to her when we fucked


I've got some lemon drink here, working wonders.

So you've got the flu too?
sucks doesn't it.

shaking my head

^shaking his head


death to weeaboos

You're not a real balt if you don't drink kvass.

haha I used to drink a bit in our late night classes. Is that yours

just ate some pretty fucking good chilli dark chocolate

hows shit going lads?

I want to be dom'd by a Baltic qt girl