>Ah yes, a Sup Forumstard that doesn't understand sarcasm.

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>starts brit thread
>is a yank

crayon pop


>still no sara gf

why even live?

it surprised me that 'hipster musician struggling with the impersonal anonymity of the rich inner city while relying on the activity to feed his creativity and using it to bolster his leftist politics' was such a widely experienced cliche

seems rather specific

IR student meme: Economics is a field of study that has been dominated by reptiles since the mid 70's

tom bf when

Lol pretty much enarly every erasmus student i know with a bf is or has cheated on him here in the UK. Feel bad for cucks in long distance "relationships".

Ever since i got clean though all i'm thinking about is snow though, haven't masturbated in nearly a year because i just cant think of girls.

>he did international relations

Think I did a better map of the races of the world desu lads

i NEED to lick her fanny and worship her eeeee

Can you say "a cramped shirt"?

Or "cramped jumper" or whatever?

>that strip going all the way to eastern russia
just why


No mate. It's tight, not cramped

Do you mean it's tight (cramped generally meaning lack of space in a room for example)?

O do you maybe mean crumpled / wrinkled (as in messy and un-ironed?


bit exaggerated by colonialism. shouldn't really play into when considering whether each race "originates "

thinking of hiring a nice car for a week to show off lads

there is no real need to cut spending in the UK right now

Frankie Boyle was shit on HIGNFY

Tight can be good.
Cramped can't.

>Do you mean it's tight
I mean "overly tight". Tight in a bad way.

underrated post

what a pleb thing to do

mass green belt building when


Okay, boys and girls...

ends up in some bretty gool jobs if you actually get a job related to the field 2bh. a m8o 2 years above me who did same course works for DFID now, he's kinda family as well so i'm hoping to get work experience there

i'll be out of spain by the time i'm whining on here about no job prospects so you'll never know :)

your house should be yellow m8 lol

Still wrong, Rasheed.

had lunch at the table next to him in glasgow

fixed it for you


We'd still say tight.

Too tight

this is paki tier, if you aren't rich then don't try to pretend you are.

consumption doesn't account for technological process. consumption is merely a function of income.

We just got into FIFA lads

Has anyone here never been abroad?

good shout

abolish those too

Which one of you was this?

"A too tight shirt" doesn't sound right.

"An overly tight shirt" sounds snooty.

>Fifa elects a black woman
>first act is to let the rock monkeys in


Samuel Huntington got nothing wrong


I prefer this cheeky banger desu

is this the guy who shot up cumbria

nah i've been to birmingham mate

congrats see you at the next world cup

Are you a monkey?

That's where white Russians live

Decided on a modern day one desu


How so, Rorke?

"The/My/Your shirt is too tight"

MASSIVE poo coming out

Islam will dominate the planet

that was a meme comment of you. kys predictable cunt

giving it a watch momentarily

are you gay?



unlucky on the quints miss lad

they're all mongloids on the whole eastern side

Fun fact

Christianity was brought to Scandinavia in the 8th century whereas the Sami people in the north were unconverted from Shamanism till the 18th century

bloody 'ell lads, me trousers are bloody cramped today they is

cause panic, we said it before
it leaves you left like a rag to the drawer
cause panic, said it before
beeline here, a hundred percent brawl
cause panic, we said it before
c4 hitting and killing the dance floor
cause panic, said it before
like swat team kicking off a crack house door


Cramped refers to people and rooms
>this living room is cramped with 20 people in it
whereas with a shirt you'd say it's too small or too tight
>this shirt is tight on me, better get 1 size larger

underrated post

>Christianity was brought to Scandinavia in the 8th century whereas the Sami people in the north were unconverted from Shamanism till the 18th century

>has children

probably like a wizards sleeve down there m8 give it a miss

have forgotten what I'm even supposed to be giving a shit about ...

genuine suggestion: elect politicians the way we hire anyone in civil service or local government.

So you'd say "a too tight shirt"?

And they say cramped about shoes too for instance, gets thousands of hits on google.

Harry Enfield's impression of Prince Charles is fucking bang on.

Lads is it normal for an ex to text you drunk apologising about everything? What is she after? I'm sure she got another bf

You're saying it wrong.

"A tight shirt, the shirt is tight" - straight adjective and noun.

Too/overly is an adverb, so it changes the structure of the sentence, you say "the shirt is too tight" or "the shirt is cramped". You can no longer put the adjective first as it no longer makes sense.



that refers to your toes being cramped

A group of things get cramped together

two normies are kissing and touching each other quite heavily near my window lads

English grammar and regressive taxes. Riveting stuff for a Friday night.

>sri lanka
>southern vietnam
>western new guinea
>east turkestan

All wrong desu

that's why he included the strip

descendants of european russians live within that strip whereas the tribes and natives live within it and mostly outside of it

he has done the same for australia

very good map

get your machine out

everythings gone tits up with her new man and she's realised she needs a nice guy like you

don't give her the time of day though


But "a tight shirt" can be a good thing.

Cramped just refers to "that which suffers/induces cramps".

shout free palastine and throw something

How are your daughters? x

literal angel

so glad i managed to leave school right before internet memery became mainstream (2009). cant imagine how cringe going to school nowadays must be.

this is my last ever post on /brit/


why are you all taking about tight shirts

are you poofters or something?

ty xoxo

Well, you're clearly the expert on English, Poirot


fuck off underage

>But "a tight shirt" can be a good thing.

So? There's no single word commonly used in English to mean what you want to say. I'm sure cramped fits a dictionary definition but nobody says it and you'll sound like a retarded JF.

>people are still discussing the grammar of "a cramped shirt"


looks like she fell from heaven and landed on her face

tfw no bf

was a no-wiper


is this a meme or does it just sound like one