Britain, Ireland, America are all majestic and strong

>Britain, Ireland, America are all majestic and strong
>Australia is a high quality fuck up that could ruin your day

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oh shit i forgot about you entirely haha does this happen often?

Whats canadas one? It looks like a rat

the mighty beaver of course, its buck teeth makes them feel a little better about their massive fucking teeth.


Where are New Zealanders? Kiwis are powerful, majestic creatures.

>Where are New Zealanders?
thats the joke lol

kiwis are cute, CUTE!

Holy shit thats the first live one I've seen, they look weird

Beavers, unlike lions and eagles (which only regulate the population of some large and small mammals), unlike kangaroos and deer (which are fucking pests) are ecosystem engineers, who build dams creating biological niches for both plants and shitload of other species of animals.

African ecosystem would do just fine without lions
Eagles are replacible by plethora of large predatory birds out there
Kangaroos >implying
Deer are pests in areas without large predators like wolves

While beavers are irreplacible by any other animals

Which Power Ranger would you be?

How often do you see Kiwis (not the people obvs) over there?

The big black one.

Go back to Katyn.

>tfw America isn't a turkey
>Canada actually has a larger bald eagle population

>Go back to Katyn.
ur just mad because a beaver is more entitled to a title of an "engineer" than your neet ass.

We all know the real answer.

I don't study engineering, I'm studying law, so yes u r correct, Ivan.

Yeah but Canada also has more Canadians

Are those things like really mean? How do they survive in the wild?

The Founding Fathers chose the bald eagle because it looked cool.
Only Based Benjamin was against it, because he knew that bald eagles acted like niggers.

Damn right

Yeah, well, he also caught syphilis from French whores.

You dodged a bullet there. Nobody would respect a country with a Turkey for its national animal.

>pole's favourite animal is one that works in water drainage systems
What a surprise.

But what if the country ate millions of their national animal in celebration?

well, you'd be patriotic

Does that mean I have to stop eating bison now?

>his favourite animal is a useless jobless cunt that people shoot at
just like a paddy

>his favourite animal is a euphemism for a cunt

The beaver is the ultimate symbol of masculinity and nobility.

>his favourite animal is the origin of the word "cuck" in all european languages


>it took almost 1 hour for a retard to take your bait
must have been worrying there, sheamus.

The reason it's our national animal is because of their importance to our early economy (Fur trade shit).

But honestly beavers are shit, yeah. They are pests that block up rivers. My friends and I used to always have to tear apart their dams because they kept flooding my Uncle's crops. We shot dozens of them but they just kept fucking coming back and can rebuild their dams in an unbelievably short amount of time

It's called having fun.

>when a potato nigger says something


>But honestly beavers are shit, yeah.

Honestly fucking kill yourself.

>Britcucks literally have a national animal that doesn't exist in their country
>Britcukcs LITERALLY have a national animal that's from AFRICA

>Scotland's national animal

Why is Ireland some random deer? Irish Wolfhound would be a better mascot.

That's the cuckoo you dumb plumber.

Matches the status of their country quite well.

It's a symbol of British Empire's superior power, much like the bald eagle is a symbol of American freedom. But of course you knew that already.

A beaver cuts a tree down with his teeth, creates lakes and politely gives no shits.

I don't know but our Animal should be the polar bear. Of the worlds 22, 000 polar bears, Canada has 15, 000 of them.

>muh national symbol plz don't insult

Have you ever had to personally deal with beavers other than just sightseeing them?

They are annoying faggots. They are impressive, but still annoying faggots

>Yeah but Canada also has more Canadians

I dunno about that.

>Trivializing the beaver because they trigger him because he's a lowly farming peasant

Poland, our greatest ally.

We'll have your back in the great banter wars Poland.


they're making things up for that, that's why they are importing ahmeds and jamals by millions: asiatic and african lion, now it makes more sense

Good idea. Ours is the grizzly bear I think but honestly that belongs to Russia so we ought to switch it to something like Saimaa seal, reindeer or swan perhaps.

Not him but they're only found in small numbers in a few areas around the country. If you live in Stewart Island apparently they're easy to see there. There's a forest in the North Island where they live as well.

Most people here have only seen them at the zoo

It did when they ruled India & Kenya

>In Western traditions, cuckolds have sometimes been described as "wearing the horns of a cuckold" or just "wearing the horns." This is an allusion to the mating habits of stags, who forfeit their mates when they are defeated by another male

Polish - rogacz
French - porter de cornes
Italian - cornuto
Russian - rogonosec
German - horner tragen
Czech - parohac
Swedish - hanrej


>It's a symbol of British "Empire's" "superior" "power"
never change finnish bongaboo

>not loving the beaver

Buncha slacked jawed faggots around here

butthurt yank always triggered by the Brits

Interesting. Though you did say in all European languages even though the english word is derived from cuckoo.

Which animal is actually native to the listed countries?


haha bénisse :DDD

> Still triggered that America will NEVER surpass Britain as the biggest empire of all time

>American emp-
oh wait no such thing ever existed

>implying there's a Union Jack on Mars

Mes Enfants. Benis La France :DDD

t. Jesus

>tfw your national animal is extinct in the wild

>African ecosystem would do just fine without lions

Someone never saw The Lion King. They are still child-murdering assholes though. Scar is most realistic lion.

Dieu te bénisse :DDDD

> conquering a territory where nobody existed.

top tier bant

fucking lmao


We have deer. They're not as populous as they were in olden times but they're still here. Like us.

The deer in question though is extinct. Google Irish elk.

>American education

They live in forests, are violent and antisocial, and make weird gobbling noises. Just like Finns.

Portuguese - corno
we use 'chifrudo' as well

>UK picks an animal they dont even have
should be a badger desu



Fucking limeys. Lions are from Africa and Asia. Brits are ugly looking weaklings with horrible teeth.

or a pole

dropped video


Irish elk went extinct thousands of years ago. The one in the pic is a regular deer.

The lion/leopard goes back, way back. Heraldry and shit.

Britain's true animal.

I think it should be the English bulldog
Both are ugly, fat, constantly pass gas and think they're tough

forgot pic

Ours and UK is based, everything else is shite.

Border collie is best British dog. Britain has lots of great dog breeds to be honest.

t. Rasheed and or Quebec

>that fucking stance whilst its powerwalking
what a fucking badass

Even looks kinda like Churchill.

Based Poland

After the oil wars and collapse of industrial civilization, the beavers will inherit the earth

Oh yes.

one bit me as a kid theyre fucking shit tier

You were probably a little cunt, and no doubt still are.

I hope it hurt you tiny little insect