Modern day colonies


i just don't understand

why does france still own french guiana?

why does spain still own remnants of one of their african colony??



Without French Guiana, France will be never able to go to space.

In French Guiana, crime.

>US owns Puerto Rico and random islands in the Pacific
>confused as to why other countries still have theirs

das it mane

Colonies nowadays are unfashionable. Now are called "states" ("satellite states") and "Self-Governing territories" to look more "modern".
> New Zeland, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands cough cough

Ceuta and Melilla are not colonies you ignorant fat fuck.

>Say the imperialist country who own many Pacific Islands and who don't give statehood to Puerto Rico.

The first two are independent sovereign states and the last one is a UK overseas territory

PR votes against statehood repeatedly because they'd have to pay Federal taxes.

France does not "own" French Guiana, French Guiana is just another department of France just like Alaska and Hawaii are another states of the United States, or how Okinawa is just another part of Japan

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>new caledonia will reject france and embrace australia as its mummy within my lifetime
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>Australia will be nuked in my lifetime
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>why does spain still own remnants of one of their african colony??

Those date back to the Reconquista, not the second age of colonization.

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Based naval warfare against the French again

>naval warfare
Why not just nuke each other into oblivion ?

where would be the fun in that?

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>not malvinas


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We've learnt in school that French Guyana was just kept so France could launch attacks on the British Antilles


We also never heard anything about a place called Canada.

2bh I was giggling at myself imagining your reaction when I pressed submit. Now I feel bad. Sorry.

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It's not a "colony" it's a d├ępartement of France much like any other. It's Corsica only a little farther away into the sea.

- It's right on the equator and bordered by an ocean on the east so it's the perfect spot on Earth to launch spacecraft (which we do all the time, plus we sometimes let the Russians or you use it for a fee).
- There's gold there. GOLD!
- EEZ for fishing and someday polymetallic nodules and other sci-fi oceanic stuff
- Military base, which can also be useful someday
- It's a scientist wonderland because of the biodiversity. 90% of all insect species in Europe live there in Guyane.

Also, Mercator map makes it look tiny but actually it's the size of Austria, and larger than half the EU countries.

And it's far from being our only overseas territory, there are many more.