Be my dad

>be my dad
>feel like pulling a prank
>have intercourse with my mum
>she gets pregnant
>I'm born
>he passed on the small penis gene


You better get good at eating the cunt.

Penis size is passed down through mother's side

Could be part of the prank?

My dad has a small penis I have one so do all my uncles and my brother so explain that.

How do you know that?

Your mom and aunt come from families with small penis size also. Also there might be other factors that affect penis size other than genetics alone.



Define small penis how many inches are we talking about here?


>brother and I have small penises
>our cousins both on mother and father sides have huge penises
Fuck genetics

And all the women in your family will pass on the little dick genes to their sons. You better marry into a family with big penis genes.


>implying a girl will ever stay with someone who only has a 4 inch dick

fucking hell mines a solid 4 when 100% flaccid
i'am sorry mate

Are you a chinaman?

My dad is hung like a horse, and I have a little pindick

Turns out my mom passed on the little dick gene as well


I used to be a huge fatty, but lost weight around end of 2014 - start of 2015, and I my dick actually became like an inch longer

>the little dick gene continues to exist
>generations of tiny dicked men before you managed to reliably have sex with their little pickers
>you think you have a right to complain because you've spent so much time looking at cocks

Literally me

The worst part is my sister's boyfriend has a massive cock so she's gonna do this to someone else.

How the fuck do you know everyone else's dick size?

>he doesn't look around on penis inspection day

Pretty fucking weird knowing how big your dad's dick is.
I have 4 brothers and I've never seen their dicks.

I ask because I'm not an insecure faggot around my family.

Comes off more gay than anything else desu

Yeah man asking your own father about his penis size is gay so gay what kind of family do you come from lol.

Why do women select for men with big dicks if it's their responsibility?

Useless cunts desu

One where you're not insecure about your dick size so you have to compare with others to make yourself feel better.

having a huge dick fucking sucks

girls always stare and bite their lip sometimes

>make yourself feel better

more like wanting to know if I had something wrong with me or if it were genetic.

>not complaining about bending your dick on her cervix

small cock detected lmoa

I have small benis :(


my cock is so huge it reaches your mother as I type this post

It's not because of your small penis, it's because of your shit defeatist attitude you pathetic fuck.

my dick is so big it stretches from A to Z on the keyboard :DD

>this thread
so awkward

You're that Chilean girl aren't you

do westerners always compliment each other by dick size?

i don't get white culture at all

I carry the small dick gene, don't even think about it.

Westerners worship the benis.
In America, our greatest national hero is George Washington, the founder of our country.
So, naturally, we immortalized him as giant benis in our nation's capital.

anyone here have a small dick and been with girls?

Well you guys all have small dicks, so it's different here

what's the use of having a dick despite its size if you would stay a filthy virgin for the lifetime?

>He doesn't give a mutual handjob to his best bro
It's only gay if you cum.
Knew it was you. You type like a girl.
S a n t i a g o

I get having a small dick is shit in life but there are guys on Sup Forums who have 7 inch dicks and are virgins it's all personality and confidence in the end.

>muh dick thread
get over it you cry babies

Hey if your PoS dad can do it, you can get laid too. Good luck little guy.

Actually I'm just a guy with a big dick pretending to be a girl carrying the small dick gene :^)
But yeah, I'm in Santiago

t. zang

you obviously have a good size dick so you have no idea how it feels.

>tfw grower not shower

My gf when she first saw me flaccid couldn't stop laughing


I fluffed myself the first time a girl saw my dick, because I got from a fucking inch long to an average 6.5 inches. It's really miraculous, but that flaccid stage is fucking embarrassing.

Same. I have like a one inch cock when flaccid. 6 inches hard so luckily I'm average. I've had a girl call it cute when it was flaccid.
Just thought I'd call you out for some reason, I'm not one of your autist stalkers or anything :^)

look, if you have 5 inch long dick erect, then you're pretty normal in size only irregardless of girth. it's all about the technique, in fact, all you need is stamina and practice kamasutra and you're going to be the talk of the town

now shut the fuck up or just get an operation involving about the length of your penis

>tfw massive penis
>tfw I have to use lube for regular intercourse
>tfw the 'vagnas don't stretch' meme is completely false because it gets way, way easier with the same girl after a few times

>tfw get held back for a underdeveloped dick on inspection day

I'm sorry op.

theres a lot of women who dont like taking baby arm sized cocks you know

>I have huge fucking balls
>When I'm not cold my balls hang like huge grandpa balls with lots of skin
>It's slightly uncomfortable to walk
>No one even cares if your balls are huge

eh pretty sure surgery does not work and the risks are crazy there is truly nothing they can do for men with small penises.

You can kiss my beard if you want user, it smells like blonde tobacco and wood.

The problem is that most girls get scared af, they love looking at it but get scared when the drilling starts.

Saggy grandpa balls kek.
First post to make me laugh tonight

>tfw no bitch to see me hard or small

i am pretty sure your dick is 5 inch long when erect. you really should stop crying about penis size

Since i have a average penis size. I can calm you down with the following words.
Hope this make you feel better.

Why would you want a barbarically large penis?

have you seen it?

Post your boy clit already faggot.

>creaming a girl

i dont even want to know how many illegitimate kids i've "accidentally" made

>the 'vagnas don't stretch' meme is completely false
no shit.
babies come out from there

Who /smallpenispride/ here? Large penises are bigger and only for the uncivilized brute.

>mfw small dick
>mfw fucked girls
>mfw took photos of them sucking my dick
>mfw whenever they tell their new bf i have a small dick i send them photos of her sucking my dick
>mfw i say she's cheating
>mfw i do this to every new bf

Hospitals mostly. In china girls come from trash cans.

Then you woke up.

if this is true you've made me feel better kek

I'm my ex-gf got drunk and texted me to tell me she accidentally laughed during sex when her new bf asked if he was hurting her because he was so much smaller

you must date whores.

I have a tiny penis BUT I settled for a 4/10 who does everything for me. Could be worse I guess

>Dad is half black
>mom is white
>Born with a mediterranean look and a big dick

Feels good man

nope, she was actually a very shy girl. I was(and still am) the person she's closest with/shares everything with.
I'm happy for you, user. Being able to settle is one of the more important things in life.

Isn't that what someone with a small dick would do though?

Be insecure?

I'm hoping to find a slightly weird chick who is decent looking but just doesn't know her potential.

if i can't win than nobody will

>tfw my balls don't hang

I rate anywhere from 6 inches to 7 inches depending on how horny I am.

It's funny because I'll probably never use my penis to penetrate a vagina. So I'll probably die a virgin. Hehe, life is great isn't it?

kill me

I wonder what it feels like to be a shower. Seems inconvenient for sports or fighting.

>mfw 22cm mega-cock